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Wombo Orchestra(Source: Courtesy of KCDunaj)


THE VERY special Wombo Orchestra, a French music ensemble that plays unplugged ‘fanfare fusion’, visits Bratislava for the second time, following its successful gig on New Year’s Eve. On July 30 at 20:00, the orchestra will play in the KC Dunaj culture hub, at Nedbalova 3; tickets cost €3. More information can be found at www.kcdunaj.sk.

A Japanese Evening brings a workshop on Noh, a traditional form of Japanese theatre played in costumes and masks, plus a demonstration of sushi preparation. Both parts are conducted by experts: the former by the Yamamoto Noh-gakudo ensemble from Osaka; the latter by Naoki Eguchi, chef at the Japanese Embassy .
Starts: July 31, 18:00; DK Ružinov House of Culture, Ružinovská 28; (July 30, 19:00; Synagogue, Pri synagóge, Nitra). Admission: free (it is advisable to book tickets in advance via the embassy website). Tel.: 02/5980-0101; culture@bv.mofa.go.jp.

Tajovský ruulezz! - The theatre performance of the troupe Bridgin' Drama is their first piece, an adaptation of the Ženský zákon / Female Law, famous play by local dramatist Jozef Gregor Tajovský, adapted for the English language. Bridgin' Drama was founded by Slovak and foregin lecturers of English from The Bridge language school. Tajovský Ruulezz! - directed by Zuzana Bírešová - is meant both for tourists, foreigners, and local English-learners.
Starts: Aug 1, 20:30; Zichyho Palace, Ventúrska 9. Admission: €5. Tel: 02/5293-3321, www.ticketportal.sk, www.staremesto.sk.

Ovsepianovci – The three tenors Gurgen Ovsepian, Juraj Hollý and Martin Gyimesi sing a host of pieces, combining youth and deep artistic experience.
Starts: Aug 2, 20:20; Cen-trum hudby (Music Centre), Zichy Palace, Ventúrska 9. Ad-mission: €1-€2. Tel: 02/5443- 0615; www.staremesto.sk.

Šansón.cz - Šansón.sk – Chanson is in general any lyric-driven French (or French-style) song, usually polyphonic and secular. The University Library is organising a weekend of Czech and Slovak chanteuses: Věra Wajsarová (CZ), Andrea Zimányiová (SK) & Margot, and Jana Vébrová (CZ).
Starts: Aug 3-5, 20:30; Courtyard of the Klarisky concert hall, Clarissen Church, Klariská 10-12. Admission: free, but tickets should be obtained on July 30-Aug 1, between 13:00 and 18:00 in the Exhibition Hall, Michalská 1; or an hour before the performance in the courtyard. Tel: 02/2046-6313; www.ulib.sk, www.citylife.sk.

Branné cvičenie s nocľahom – Special ‘military training for civilians’ used to be part of school education; now, summer camps enable visitors to stay overnight in Slovak National Gallery and see things that are hidden during daylight hours. This scheme accompanies the Prerušená pieseň / Interrupted Song exhibition of early communist art in Slovakia.
Starts: Aug 4-5; SNG, Vod-né Kasárne / Water Barracks, Rázusovo nábrežie 2. Admission: €9 (booking until Aug 3). Tel: 02/0476-131 (Zuzana Pali-cová); www.sng.sk.

The Medzinárodná výstava mačiek / International Cat Show once again brings every imaginable breed of cat to the capital.
Starts: Aug 4 and 5, 9:00- 15:00; DK Ružinov House of Culture, Ružinovská 28. Admission: €1.50-€3. Tel: 02/5293 -3321; www.ticketportal.sk; www.cultus.sk.

Bratislavské motívy vo výtvarnom umení / Bratislava Motifs in Fine Art is an exhibition put together from the collection of the Bratislava City Museum (MMB). It presents, for the first time, images of the Slovak capital and changes in its visual artworks as expressed by local artists, both professional and amateur.
Open: Tue-Fri 10:00-17:00, Sat-Sun 11:00-18:00 until Sep 30; MMB, Old Town Hall, Primaciálne Square 3. Admission: €2-€5. Tel: 02/5910-0847; www. muzeum.bratislava.sk.

Červený Kameň
Ženy z rodu Pálffy / Women of the Pálffy Family – This night tour (in Slovak) takes visitors back to the times when this castle in the Small Carpathians was inhabited by the noble Pálffy family, and focuses on the fate of their women.
Starts: Aug 4, 18:30 and every 30 minutes; Červený Kameň Castle near Častá/Modra. Admission: €3.50-€7. Tel: 033/6905-803; www.hradcervenykamen.sk.

Hudba v meste / Music in the City – The 3rd year of this music festival brings mainly foreign musicians: Danny Bryant & RedEye Band (UK), Cedric Burnside Project (US), The Cell (CZ) and locals Ľuboš Beňa & Bonzo Radványi.
Starts: Aug 3, 19:00; Františkánska záhrada (Franciscan Garden). Admission: €5 (in advance, through TiketArt), and €7 (on the door). More info: www.skalica.sk; www.slovakblues.com.


Kremnický hradný organ / Kremnica Castle Organ – This year’s festival brings German organist Winfried Licht-scheidel to play Schumann, Liszt, Marco Enrico Bossi and Charles-Marie Widor.
Starts: Aug 5, 18:00; Town Castle – St Catherine’s Church. Admission: €3-€4. Tel: 0903/719-654; www.kremnickyhradnyorgan.sk.

Kokava nad Rimavicou
Koliesko 2012 / The Small Circle – The 12th year of this folklore festival brings three days of music and dance ensembles, the fujara (a traditional instrument), crafts demonstrations and a gala evening in the local amphitheatre.
Starts: Aug 2-5, whole municipality. Admission: €0.70 (for exhibitions) - €4 (for performances). Tel: 047/4293-245; www.folklorista.sk (Slovak only).

Rock Beskyd Fest 2012 – This open-air rock festival enters its 15th year and includes bands and performers like Zoči voči, Mad Frequency, Koridor, Desmod and others.
Starts: Aug 3, 18:00; Turzovka open-air amphitheatre. Admission: €10 (before Aug 2) - €13. Tel: 02/5293-3321; www.ticketportal.sk.


Alt30festival – This two-day multi-media festival brings contemporary culture from big cities to the periphery, specifically the tiny municipality of Čabiny, 10 kilometres from Medzilaborce. Apart from music by Slovak and foreign performers, the festival also brings video-art, presentations using Pecha Kucha, workshops, a designer market, street-art installations and more.
Starts: Aug 3-4; Čabiny. Admission: €12. More info: www.alt30festival.com.

Noc v zoo / A Night at the Zoo – If visitors bring their own sleeping bags, they can enjoy Kavečany Zoo at night, in a double tent.
Starts: Aug 2; Kavečany Zoo, Široká 31. Admission: €15 (must be paid at least a day in advance). Tel: 055/7968-028; marcinakova@zookosice.sk.

Koncert v synagóge – This chamber concert in the local synagogue will be performed by Igor Karško (violin) and Dagmar Duždová (piano), playing works by Mozart, Grieg and Saint-Saens.
Starts: July 30, 18:00; Orthodox Synagogue, Okružná 32. Admission: €5. Tel: 051/7721-160; www.pis.sk.

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