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Jamadan to play in Poprad.Jamadan to play in Poprad. (Source: Courtesy of Jamadan )


The 3rd year of the Katedrálny organový festival / Cathedral Organ Festival in St Martin’s Cathedral in Bratislava offers, between August 9 and September 13, a host of musicians and composers within seven concerts. The festival will open with renowned Slovak organ player Monika Melcová performing works by Jacques Boyvin (1649-1706), Bach (1685-1750), and Bert Matter (20th century), Louis Vierne (1870-1937) and her own Monika Improvizácia / Improvisation (1974). Tickets for the concert on August 9, at 19:00, cost €7 and can be purchased through

Piesne a tance / Songs and Dances – The orchestra that will perform this concert is called ‘Gamelan’, which is a musical body typical for Indonesia. This Gamelan is the Gong Keybar type, coming from Bali: Keybar literally means ‘lightning’, describing its performance style. As for instruments, gongs and xylophones prevail, and as for musicians, they come from various countries and cultures, mostly playing as amateurs.
Starts: Aug 10, 18:00; arbour in the middle of Hviezdoslavovo Square. Admission: free. More information: Photo: Z. Vilikovská

To the Museum by Boat - Danubiana – The Danubiana Museum of Modern Art and its current exhibition Beautiful Art – a selection from the collection of Gerard Meulensteen, its founder – can be reached by a boat trip on the Danube river at weekends, starting from Bratislava’s passenger port. The cruise from Danubiana lasts 45 minutes; the return cruise lasts 90 minutes.
Starts: each Saturday and Sunday, boarding at 13:30-14:00, until October 28. Admission: €6-€10 (return ticket), €5-€8 (single ticket) – museum entry is included. Tel: 02/5923-2231; (Slovak Shipping and Ports).

Cappella Istropolitana & Pacora Trio – The famous chamber orchestra of the Slovak capital – Cappella Istropolitana – joins forces with the Pacora Trio – famous for merging jazz, folklore and classical music to perform works by Shostakovich, Piazzola, and Joaquin Turina.
Starts: Aug 12, 19:00; Main Square. Admission: free. More info:

Funkpunk Project - The concert of jazz grouping (Martin Valihora - drums, Juraj Griglák - bass, Eugen Vizváry - keyboard, Radovan Tariška - saxophone) brings improvisations merging seevral genres and styles.
Starts: Aug 8, 20:30; Music Gallery U Dežmára, Klariská 1. Admission: €6. Tel: 0904/638-298;

Nedeľný bazár / Sunday Market – Each Sunday, Bratislava inhabitants and visitors can sell or buy items they feel they do not need anymore, or cannot find elsewhere.
Starts: Aug 12 (and each Sunday in summer) 9:00-13:00; Žilinská open-air market. Admission: free for buyers, €8 for one stall/table. More info:

Curiosi di Tutto Orchestra – This chamber string orchestra, led by Rafael Hrdina, offers classical music for a summer evening.
Starts: Aug 12, 18:00; Slovak National Museum-Museum of Croatian Culture in Slovakia, Istrijská 68 (Devínska Nová Ves). Admission: free. Tel: 02/2049-3101(02);

Continental Singers – This Dutch ensemble, which is touring Europe, will present its most recent programme, called “Mercy Matters” and consisting of singing, dance and accompanying speech.
Starts: Aug 10, 19:00; St Vincent de Paul’s Church, Tomášikova 8, Ružinov. Admission: €3-€5. Tel: 02/5293-3321;

Medzinárodné slárske symposium / International Glassmakers’ Symposium – The international symposium of the RONA glassworks offers the works of its participants: Kriukas Remigius (LT), Petr Stanický (CZ), Laakso Joonas (FIN), Yulia Merzlikina (RUS), Angieszka Lesniak (PL), Kim Song Mi (KOR), Mariken Dumon (BE), Palo Macho (SK), Miloš Jankú (CZ), Marika Račeková (SK) and Patrik Illo (SK), as well as an honorary guest Jozef Jankovič (SK).
Open: Tue-Sun 13:00-18:00 until Sep 2; Galéria Nova, Baštová 2. Admission: free. More info:

Červený Kameň
Tajomné tiene / Mysterious Shadows – A special night tour (in Slovak) of the picturesque castle brings to life the prominent as well as lesser known historical personalities connected with it.
Starts: Aug 11, 18:30 and every 30 minutes thereafter; Červený Kameň Castle near Modra-Častá. Admission: €3.50-€7. Tel: 033/6905-803;

Jan Nowak - Túžba po slobode / Longing for Freedom – This exhibition of works by Polish naïve painter Jan Nowak was organised together with the Salesian Museum in Katowice and comprises more than 50 of his engravings made in the form of linocut and dry point.
Open: Tue-Sun 10:00-16:00 until Aug 31; Galéria insitného umenia / Gallery of Naïve Art, Malacká cesta 255, Pezinok-Cajla. Admission: €0.70-€1.70. Tel: 033/6404-035;


Banská Bystrica
Juraj Griglák & Company – Juraj Griglák (bass), Eugen Vizváry (keyboard), Rado Tariška (saxophone), and Juraj Hodek (drums) play jazz.
Starts: Aug 11, 19:00; Na Hrade pri Barbakane. Admission: €4. Tel. 048/4155-085, 0907/846-555;,

Terchovský budzogáň – The 10th year of this rock festival offers two days of Slovak and Czech bands and musicians, including Dorian Gray, Slobodná Európa, Wanastowi Vjecy, Karpatské chrbáty, Zoči v oči, Traktor, Bank of Joe, Zóna A, Iné kafe, and Arakain & Lucie Bílá.
Starts: Aug 10-11, Nad Bôrami Amphitheatre. Admission: €30 (for both days). Tel: 02/5293-3321;

Banská Štiavnica
4 živly - Four Elements - The 14th year of summer film festival has Borders as its leitmotif. Starting on Wednesday, the festival brings 26 movies on literla as well as symbolic borders and the way they divide us.
Starts: Aug 8 - 12; various sites in Banská Štiavnica. Admission: €2 (one screening)-€18(whole festival).More info:

Te prindžaras amen / Let us Know Each Other – This exhibition within the Museum of Roma Culture in Slovakia presents folklore, traditions but also the contemporary culture and crafts of Slovak Roma.
Open: Tue-Sun 9:00-17:00; Múzeum kultúry Rómov na Slovensku, areál Múzea Slovenskej dediny, Jahodnícke háje. Tel: 043/4383-294;

Vodopád krásy - drôt a farby v rukách Remígie Biskupskej / The Waterfall of Beauty – Wire and Paint in the Hands of Remígia Biskupská – A representative selection of the works – jewels, drawings and pastels – of artist Remígia Biskupská, who this year celebrates her 85th birthday, showing her love for the Slovak countryside, her native Liptov region and folk architecture.
Open: Tue-Sat 8:00-16:00 until Aug 25; Slovenské národné literárne múzeum / Slovak National Literary Museum, M.R. Štefánika Street 11. Admission: €0.50-€1. Tel. 043/4134-036;


CONCERT:The African Jamadan Drums Show brings Bratislava-based band Jamadan to Poprad’s central St Aegidius Square. The band focuses on West African rhythms, and plays together with local musician and singer Zbyňo Džadoň. The open-air concert on August 10, at 18:00, is free of charge.

Leto v parku 2012 / Summer in the Park 2012 – The fourth edition of the popular summer festival moves to the Ryba Anička lido complex, as the traditional venue (Kasárne/Kulturpark) is reconstructed. The crowd-puller of the festival will be famous Bosnian-Serbian director/actor/musician Emir Kusturica, who will play with his No Smoking Orchestra, as well as German musician and composer Nils Frahm, but also famous local names like Jana Kirschner, Tatabojs, Le Payaco, and Puding pani Elvisovej. Events include DJ afterparties, theatre performances, film screenings (mainly of Kusturica’s films) and more.
Starts: Aug 6-Aug12; Ryba Anička, Pod Šiancom 5. Admission: €2.50 (for one day, without evening programmes) - €24 (for the whole festival, including evening programmes). More info:

Hľadáme múzy v botanickej záhrade / We Look for Muses in the Botanical Garden – This ‘Festival of Creativity and Relaxation’ offers workshops in crafting natural materials, a workshop of macro-photography, a ‘tea-nursery school’ and the Brazilian martial art capoeira.
Starts: Aug 12, 10:00-16:00; Botanická záhrada UPJŠ, Mánesova 23. Admission: €1-€2. Tel: 055/2341-667;

Burza starožitností a zberateľstva / Antiquities and Collectibles Exchange – Euro Galéria organises an exchange for collectors and the wider public, every second and fourth Saturday in the month.
Starts: Aug 11, 8:00-15:00; Stará sladovňa, Štúrova 33. Admission: €0.60 (for members of the public). More info:

Bardejovovské Kúpele
Within the 58th International Musical Summer, Dagmar Duždová (piano, SK), Pavol Farkaš (piano, SK) and Svetlana Beriša (host, SK) present works by local composer Béla Kéler.
Starts: Aug 9, 19:30; Spoločenská sála (Social Hall) of the Astória Hotel. Admission: €1.50. (???). Tel: 054/4774-000,,

Rock pod kameňom / Rock under the Stone – The Snina Open-Air Festival presents musicians like Arakain & Lucie Bílá (CZ), Kabár (CZ), Zóna A and Tublatanka (both SK), plus Finland’s Korpiklani and Eluveitie from Switzerland.
Starts: Aug 10-11, Snina ponds. Admission: €15 (one day) - €24 (both days, in advance; €27 on the spot). Tel: 02/5293-3321;

Tuning zraz Svidník 2012 - This year will welcome thousands of adapted cars, many competitions, but also disco and much fun.
Starts: Aug 10-12; Svidník airport. Admission: various. More info:

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