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Martin Benka's painting Past and Present, 1952,Martin Benka's painting Past and Present, 1952, (Source: Courtesy of SNG. )


The Thursday Art Talk, a guided lecture in English, this time focuses on Interrupted Song: The Art of Socialist Realism 1948-1956, an exhibition at the Slovak National Gallery (SNG), Rázusovo nábrežie 2. On September 13 at 19:00 curator Alexandra Kusá will explain the exhibition in more detail. Tickets cost €4.70 and can be booked by calling 02/2047-6270, via, or bought on the door.

The Saxophonic band (saxophone, piano) focuses mainly on easy jazz, especially slow ballads ideal to accompany dinner or drinks.
Starts: Sept. 15, 21:00-24:00; LemonTree restaurant & bar, Hviezdoslavovo Square 7. Admission: free. Tel: 02/54411244,

Slapstick Sonata - Cirk La Putyka – This original project from Prague offers a unique performance combining Mozart sonatas, circus art, dance, live music and slapstick comedy. This particular show includes Finnish guests Juho Rahijärvi and Tuomas Norvio, aka Circo Aereo.
Starts: Sep 13, 19:00; City Theatre of P.O. Hviezdoslav, Laurinská 19. Admission: €12-€14. Tel: 0917/379-438,

Junior Boys – This Canadian duo (comprising Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus) return to Slovakia with their melancholic indie-pop after a successful gig last year.
Starts: Sep 14, 21:00; KC Dunaj, Nedbalova 4. Admission: €12 (in advance) - €15 (on the door). Tel: 0904/330-049;

River Park Night Run 2012 – The fourth year of this popular night run, covering 9,000 metres, begins and ends at the River Park complex on the Danube. Registration of runners has now closed, but spectators are still welcome.
Starts: Sep 15, 20:00-21:30; River Park, Nábrežie arm. generála L. Svobodu. Admission: free (for spectators). More info:

Dave Herrero and the Hero Brothers Band – Within the Rock v múzeu / Rock in the Museum series, this US blues band plays in the unique space of the Museum of Trade, amid the exhibits.
Starts: Sep 12, 19:30; Múzeum obchodu, Linzbothova 16 (Podunajské Biskupice). Admission: €17. Tel: 02/4524-3167;

Davis Cup Slovakia vs. Portugal – Slovakia is pitted against Portugal in this match to decide who gets to stay in the 1st Euro-African group of the Davis Cup tennis tournament.
Starts: Sep 14-16, 15:00; Aegon Arena (NTC), Príkopova 6. Admission: €5-€10. Tel: 02/4920-9888 (tickets 02/5293-3321); (

Dni európskeho kultúrneho dedičtsva / Days of European Cultural Heritage - The Europe-wide event aimed at making accessible cultural monuments and heritage not normally available takes place also in Slovak capital. On Saturday morning, it opens the doors of Bratislava Castle and Secondary Grammar School in Groesslingova; and in the afternoon, important sacral spaces (tower of St. Martin's Cathedral, St. Catherine's Chapel, St. Jacob's Chapel) will be made accessible. On Sunday, Jewish monuments including the Mausoleum of Chatam Sofer, Orthodox cemetery and Synagogue in Heydukova Street will be open up.
Starts: Sep 15, 10:00-7:00; various sites in Bratislava. Admission: free. More info: (in Slovak).

Dobrý trh - The "Good Market" is a local event, bringing together buyers and sellers of used books, original designer products, antiquities, exotic food and items, multicultural programme, and this time also opening of the Bratislava Photo-marathone, Slow Food tasting, and more.
Starts: Sep 15, 10:00-16:00; Panenská Street. Admission: free for buyers. More info:

Find Yourselves /Nájdite sa - The event that strives to match shelter dogs and cats with their prospective owners is repeatedly organised by the Bratislaba Old Town / Staré mesto mayor Tatiana Rosová and a wider team. The sixth edition has attracted animal rescue shelters from all over Slovakia.
Starts: Sep 16, 10:00-14:00; Gamekeeper’s Lodge in Bratislava’s Horský Park. Admission: free. More info:

Pocta Haydnovi / Tribute to Haydn – The Trnava Quartet with soloist Zuzana Grejtáková (oboe) host a concert aimed at commemorating the 280th anniversary of the birth of composer Joseph Haydn, known as the father of the string quartet.
Starts: Sep 11, 19:00; Mirror Hall (Zrkadlová sieň) of the Ján Palárik Theatre, Trojičné Square 2. Admission: €3 Tel: 033/3236-440;

Festival židovskej kultúry / The Festival of Jewish Culture - The festival which has been organised since 2007 lasts from Sep 4 to Sep 23 this year - with a host of events taking places at various sites of the town. On September 13, the Philantropy Band (an informal troupe) will play its repertory consisting of famous hits, prevailingly rock ones. The gig in Šaľa will be special in offering also Jewish tunes. Members are: US Ambassador Theodore Sedgwick (keyboard), Greek Ambassador Nicolaos Kannellos (double bass), Romanian Ambassador Florin Vodita (solo guitar), political analyst and IVO head Grigorij Mesežnikov (rhythm guitar) Banská Bystrica mayor Peter Gogola (drums), economic analyst and INESS head Richard Ďurana (rhythm guitar), translator and third-sector consultant Janet Livingstone (vocals).
Starts: (Sep 4 - Sep 23) Sep 13 for the concert, 18:00; Don Galvan Restaurant, Hlavná ulica / Main Street 33/36. Admission: voluntary. Tel: 031 / 7714-415;,


Gajdovačka 2012 – The 13th year of the international Bagpipe Festival is the culmination of a summer of local folklore events, bringing with it a photo exhibition, workshop, commemorative mass for deceased pipers, a competition, and of course a procession and gala concert.
Starts: Sep 14-16, 17:30, various sites in Oravská Polhora (and the Museum of Orava Village in Zuberec). Admission: free. Tel: 043/5864-928;

Fanfare III – Studio Dan (Austria) and Michel Doneda (France) make a special type of performance in which the 15 members of this ensemble from Vienna play music to the improvisation of French saxophonist Doneda.
Starts: Sep 14, 20:00; Stanica Záriečie, Závodská cesta 3. Admission: €3-€5. Tel: 041/5005-064;

Banská Bystrica
Radvanský jarmok – This traditional craft market, which celebrates it 355th anniversary this year, aspires to win an inscription in the Representative List of Monuments of Non-Material Cultural Heritage of Slovakia, including the tradition of buying a wooden cooking spoon with which to slap passing girls on the buttocks. Yes, really.
Starts: Sep 13-16; various sites in the city. Admission: free. Tel: 048/4156-052;

Odkiaľ pochádzam / Where I Come From - Otis Laubert – Current works by this renowned Slovak artist and member of the Avant-Retard movement show his artistry in combining and integrating items not originally intended for artistic creation.
Open: Mon-Fri 8:00-16:00 until Sep 28; Horehronské múzeum – Meštiansky dom, Námestie gen. M.R. Štefánika 13. Admission: €0.30-€0.50. Tel. 048/6112 -453;


Prešovské Trhy / Prešov Markets 2012 marks the second year of this traditional festival. This time it includes show jumping, including the Eastern Slovak Championship for juniors and seniors, as well as musical performances by Peter Nagy, the Sabrosa troupe and Olympic Revival, and a horse carnival. The event takes place from September 13 to September 16 in the racing complex in Sídlisko III. Tickets cost €1-€3. More information can be found on

Košické slávnosti vína 2012 / Košice Wine Festival 2012 – The sixth year of this popular wine festival again combines the old tradition of winemaking and feasting with modern tasting, offering wines from Tokaj, Eger and other eastern-Slovak regions.
Starts: Sep 13-15, 17:00 (Friday), 13:00-22:00; various sites in Košice. Admission: €7, plus individual tastings. Tel: 055/6258-888;

Exot Burza – This international exchange for exotic animals and pets takes place every third Sunday in each month, offering sale and purchase as well as just an overview of a range of unusual animals.
Starts: Sep 15, 7:00-13:00; Cassosport Hall, Pri Prachárni II (near the Blšák / Flea Market). Admission: €1. Tel: 0915/856-758;

Anton Baša - Brajtončania / Brightonians – These un-arranged photos of Brighton inhabitants and visitors, made by a Košice photographer, map the ethnic, cultural and spiritual variety of this British city. The photos were taken in 2010-2011.
Open: Mon-Fri 9:00-16:00 until Sep 27; FotoGaléria Nova, Verejná knižnica J. Bocatia, Hlavná 48. Admission: free. More info:

Kamenní strážcovia - Hrady a hrádky v Prešovskom kraji / Stone Guardians – Castles and Mansions in the Prešov Region – The castles in Šariš, the region around Prešov, are among the most numerous in Slovakia and this exhibitions presents 26 of them.
Open: Tue-Fri 9:00-18:00, Sun 14:00-18:00; Krajské múzeum, Hlavná 86. Admission: €1-€2. Tel: 051/7734-708;

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