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Institutions and organisations operating in the education sector

-Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport www.minedu.skMinister: Dušan Čaplovič-Academic Ranking and Rating Agency (ARRA), www.arra.sk-Fulbright Commission in Slovakia, www.fulbright.sk-Slovak Academic Information Agency (SAIA), www.saia.sk-Slovak Rectors’ Conference, www.sek.sk-State Vocational Educational Institute (ŠIOV), www.siov.sk-Student Higher Education Council of the Slovak Republic (Študentská rada vysokých škôl), www.srvs.sk

-Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport www.minedu.sk
Minister: Dušan Čaplovič
-Academic Ranking and Rating Agency (ARRA), www.arra.sk
-Fulbright Commission in Slovakia, www.fulbright.sk
-Slovak Academic Information Agency (SAIA), www.saia.sk
-Slovak Rectors’ Conference, www.sek.sk
-State Vocational Educational Institute (ŠIOV), www.siov.sk
-Student Higher Education Council of the Slovak Republic (Študentská rada vysokých škôl), www.srvs.sk

Top stories

Šafárikovo Square will be changed into city meadow Photo

The popular square in downtown Bratislava will be turned into a park, including a terrace offering a view of the Danube river, a pavilion for cultural events, an open area for walking dogs and a playground.

New relaxation zone in downtown Bratislava

Verdict reached on attacker in the case of the neo-Nazi attack on the Mariatchi bar Video

This is the third sentence concerning the attacks in front of the bar, but the main trial still waits for expert opinion.

Memory institute struggles with communists

It is hard to rehabilitate victims of socialist crimes and even harder to punish the people responsible for them, according to the National Memory institute.

The Hartmut Tautz memorial in Slovakia

Drunken Slovak pilot pleads guilt

The judge is expected to issue a verdict in early April.

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