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Spectator on facebook

Retail chains in Slovakia

Billa, www.billa.skCarrefour Slovensko,www.carrefour.sk CBA Slovakia,www.cba-slovakia.sk COOP Jednota Slovensko,www.coop.sk Kaufland,www.kaufland.sk Lidl,www.lidl.sk Tesco Stores SR,www.itesco.sk

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The art of baking Bratislava rolls Photo

Vienna has Sacher torte, Budapest has Somlói galuska and Bratislava has rolls

Ján Šimunek loves Bratislava rolls, especially those filled with poppy seed.

Fifth ice cathedral open to visitors Photo

The ice cathedral in the High Tatras will be open during the whole winter season.

Slovak wines in museum of world wines Photo

Slovak winemakers gifted 336 bottles to the museum.

Christmas tram gets a brand new look this year Photo

Tram decorated as gingerbread house

Christmas tram