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Business environment deteriorating

THE BUSINESS environment in Slovakia worsened in the third quarter of 2012, the Business Alliance of Slovakia (PAS) reported.

THE BUSINESS environment in Slovakia worsened in the third quarter of 2012, the Business Alliance of Slovakia (PAS) reported.

The current value of the Business Environment Index stands at 79.1 points, which represents a 3.73 percent decline in the quarter-on-quarter comparison. The index is calculated by surveys conducted by PAS, which is a lobbying group representing businesses.

Behind the deterioration lay impending increases in taxes and levies, and changes to the Labour Code.c The evaluation of legislation concerning taxes, fees and investments declined by a record 11.1 percent against the previous quarter, to stand at 77.3 points. Other items that declined in the third quarter include law enforcement, the functioning of the justice system, the effectiveness of the state’s economic management and the availability of state aid, as well as equality before the law.

The only recorded improvements were those concerning businesses’ own operations; out of 33 assessed items, 6 were positive, according to PAS: information openness by companies; their stance towards the environment; handling of business partners; systems of management and human resources management; technology levels; and production quality.

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