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Capital: WarsawArea: 312,685 sq kmPopulation: 38.6 millionCurrency: Polish złotyExchange rate: €1/PLN4.134 (December 6)Earnings in the business economy (average gross annual earnings of full-time employees): €9,435Employment rate: 54.9% (second quarter 2012)Unemployment rate: 10.0% (second quarter 2012)Inflation rate: 3.9% (2011)GDP per capita in PPS: 65 (2011)Real GDP growth rate: 4.3% (2011)Real GDP growth rate: 2.4% (forecast for 2012)

Capital: Warsaw
Area: 312,685 sq km
Population: 38.6 million
Currency: Polish złoty
Exchange rate: €1/PLN4.134 (December 6)
Earnings in the business economy (average gross annual earnings of full-time employees): €9,435
Employment rate: 54.9% (second quarter 2012)
Unemployment rate: 10.0% (second quarter 2012)
Inflation rate: 3.9% (2011)
GDP per capita in PPS: 65 (2011)
Real GDP growth rate: 4.3% (2011)
Real GDP growth rate: 2.4% (forecast for 2012)

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