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The Advent concert of the Bratislava Philharmonic Association, ZOE Christian Chamber Orchestra and the Technik STU Choir, led by Iveta Viskupová, conducted by Rastislav Štúr, and featuring soprano Jana Melišková, will present Magnificat by British composer John Rutter. Entitled Radostná adventná hudba / Joyous Advent Music, the concert will take place on December 15 in the Blumentál church in Bratislava at 19:15. Admission is by voluntary donation. For more information please contact zbor.technik@gmail.com or 0903/837-951.

Rómeo a Júlia – This neo-classical version of the famous ballet Romeo and Juliet introduces a new take on the music of Sergei Prokofiev.
Starts: Dec 11, 10:30; Divadlo Nová scéna, Živnostenská 1. Admission: €10-€11. Tel: 02/2048-8510; www. nova-scena.sk.

The Christmas Concert of the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra will offer seasonally inspired works, as performed by soloists Eva Šušková, Andrea Vizvári and Martin Mikuš, accompanied by the Ad Una Corda choir and conducted by Adrián Kákoš.
Starts: Dec 12, 19:00; Slovak Radio Concert Studio, Mýtna 1. Admission: €5-€7. Tel: 02 /5727-3624; www.slovakradio .sk, www.ticketportal.sk.

Veľký zbor donských kozákov - The Great Choir of Don Cossacks - This concert of popular choir will combine Christian-Orthodox Christmas songs with Russian and Ukrainian folklore as accompanied by folk instruments balalaika as well as some others.
Starts: Dec 16, 16:00; Big Evangelical Church, Panenská Street. Admission: €13-€17. 02/5293 -3321; www.ticketportal.sk, www.juras.sk/ars-ante-portas-o-z/.

Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar – This grouping plays lively, energetic Balkan music and comes to Slovakia for the first time ever. The after-party will be courtesy of Malalata.
Starts: Dec 18, 20:00; Ateliér Babylon, SNP Square 14. Admission: €14 (in advance) - €20 (on the door). Tel: 02/2090 -1900; www.atelierbabylon.sk.

Vojta Dyk & B Side Band – Popular Czech musician and leader of the Nightwork band Vojta Dyk has joined forces with the Brno-based B Side Band.
Starts: Dec 13, 19:30; Istropolis, Trnavské mýto 1. Admission: €20-€22. Tel: 02/5293 -3321; www.ticketportal.sk.

Ponde Pardo – This young Slovak band focusing on flamenco nuevo invites dancer Libuška “Diosa” Bachratá to combine classical flamenco with rock and pop.
Starts: Dec 13, 19:30; U Oč-ka music club, Karpatská 3. Admission: €5 (in advance) - €6 (on the door). Tel: 0910/799 -353; www.uocka.sk.

Skorý zber IV / Early Harvest IV - This “exhibition of people” leads artists and authors closer to audiences and visitors. This time video-artist Paulína Mačáková, hacktivist Matej “wao” Nemček, theatre reviewer Karol Mišovic and Boris Vitázek will focus on new media in art.
Starts: Dec 12, 19:00; A4, Karpatská 2. Admission: €3. Tel: www.mladypes.sk, www. atrakt.sk.


Banská Bystrica
Cárovič / The Tsarevich – This classical operetta in three acts by Franz Lehár is premiered at the State Opera. The libretto by Bela Jenbach and Heinz Reichert was translated by Daniel Hevier and the piece is conducted by Marián Vach and directed by Dagmar Hlúbková.
Starts: Dec 14 & 15, 18:30; State Opera, Národná 11. Admission: €12. Tel: 048/2457- 123; www.stateopera.sk.

Banská Bystrica
Animalinside – Jaro Viňarský based this contemporary dance performance on the book Animalinside by Lázsló Krasznahorkai, illustrated by Max Neumann. In this piece, which he premieres here, he tries to find out what happens if language is pushed outside the borders of its own rules.
Starts: Dec 13-14, 19:00; Záhrada Independent Cultural Centre, SNP Square 16 (Benicz-kého Passage). Admission: €4-€6. More info: www. zahradacnk.sk.

Dan Bárta & Illustratosphere and Epoque Quartet – Renowned Czech musician Bárta and his Illustratosphere play, with the string Epoque Quartet, crossover arrangements of famous songs.
Starts: Dec 11, 19:00; City Theatre, Horný Val 3. Admission: €22. Tel: 041/5623-703, 0903/510-67; www. divadlozilina.eu.


The exhibition by Slovak artist Martin Augustín presents fragile, ethereal beings in fine pastel colours and dim, reduced-colour pictures in a stylised, dreamy way. This show of his works, at the Galéria U Anjela / At the Angel Gallery in Starý trh 53 in Kežmarok, for which admission is free, will continue until January 17, 2013.

NouveauNu festival – The festival of “new”, unorthodox music that introduces novice but talented musicians, comes from Bratislava with names like Masha Qrella (DE), Le Corps Mince de Francoise (FI), and Kubo Ursiny & Provisorium (SK).
Starts: Dec 14, 19:30; Bizar-re Music Café, Prostějovská 37. Admission: €7. More info:

10. adventný concert Cameraty Academica / The 10th Advent Concert of the Camerata Academica represents the culmination of the Prešov Musical Festival and hails the 85th birthday of composer Milan Novák, as well as the 25th anniversary of the PU Chamber Orchestra in Prešov.
Starts: Dec 11 19:00; PKO Čierny Orol, Hlavná 50. Admission: €0.50-€1. Tel: 051 /7723 -741; www.pkopresov.sk.

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