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THE GUEST performance of the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra (Jugendorchester G. M.) from Vienna is one of the highlights of the Slovak Philharmonic’s season. The concert will take place on March 21 at 19:00 in the Reduta building (in Eugena Suchoňa Square 1) in Bratislava, and will feature two of Beethoven’s works, Concert for Piano and Orchestra No 4 G Major and Symphony No 7 A Major, as conducted by Herbert Blomstedt. Tickets cost €13 and can be purchased through or through

Livin’ Blues – The 21st year of this music festival features performers like Jyp Tím Ban, K.K. Soletky, CsukaMájOLaj, Rolling Stones Blues Cirkus 50 (all Slovak), Frank Morey trio (US) and Mississippi Big Beat (HU).
Starts: March 23, 16:30; DK Lúky House of Culture, Vígľašská 1. Admission: €12 (in advance), €14 (at the door). Tel: 02/6383-5404;,

Rómeo a Júlia – The world-famous 2001 musical adaptation of Romeo and Juliet by Gérard Presgurvic (originally titled Roméo et Juliette, de la Haine a l’Amour) comes to Slovakia, and is choreographed and directed by Ján Ďurovčík and performed by dancers of the Nová Scéna theatre.
Starts: March 21, 19:00; Divadlo Nová Scéna, Živnostenská 1. Admission: €14. Tel: 02 /2048-8510; www.nova-scena. sk.

Hudba duše / Soul Music – The Russian Centre of Science and Culture brings together writer Anna Bakanova-Podurec and soprano Julia Arapov to deliver a literary-musical performance combining the poems and literature of the former and the music (from Russian and Ukrainian folk songs to the classical works of Verdi, Gounod, Staruss, Kálmán, Lehár and Rossini) of the latter.
Starts: March 19, 17:00; Ruské centrum vedy a kultúry / Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Fraňa Kráľa 2. Admission: free. Tel: 02/5262- 5981;

Feng Shui, Balance of Life – The Chinese National Circus is touring Europe with its brand new programme, with a stop in Slovakia. In addition to acrobatics and performing animals, the performance features the music of Konstantin Wecker and an original story.
Starts: March 20; Aegon Arena (NTC), Príkopova 6. Admission: €22-€36. Tel: 02/ 4920-9888 (tickets 02/5293- 3321);; www.

Thursday Art Talk – The “Blood” exhibition can be explored with a glass of wine, with its curator Dušan Buran as a guide.
Starts: March 21, 19:00; Slovak National Gallery, Ester-házy Palace, Ľ. Štúra Square 4. Admission: €4.70. Tel: 02/2047 -6270;

Ponte Pardo – The Bratislava-based flamenco band plays a new style, “Flamenco Nuevo”.
Starts: March 23, 20:00; Hlava 22, Bazová 9. Admission: €7. Tel: 0948/327-333;

Living Colour - The UK band fmaous for its fusion of hardrock, soul, metal, funky and jazz elebrates the 25th anniversary sinmce their debut album "Vivid" was released with a tour that makes a stop in Bratislava.
Starts: March 19, 20:00; Ateliér Babylon, SNP Square 14. Admission: €20-€25. Tel: 02/2090-1900;

Mardi Gras BB – This German band plays “vintage music”, bringing the music and atmosphere of 1940s New York to Bratislava.
Starts: March 21, 21:00; Majestic Music Club, Karpatská 2. Admission: €16. More info:

La Gioia – Three singers (Peter Ďurovec, Peter Ševčík, Matej Vaník) perform pop opera, which combines popular music and classical opera.
Starts: March 23, 19:00; House of Culture, Námestie slobody. Admission: €13 (in advance) - €15 (at the door). More info: www.ezahorie,sk,


Folklore to Jazz – After the capital, this project merging Slovak folklore with jazz, involving several musicians, such as Benito Gonzalez from Venezuela and Essiet Okon Essiet from the US, will visit other cities, including Žilina.
Starts: March 18, 20:00; Tosca café & restaurant, Štú-rova 2. Admission: €5.
Tel: 0905/381-465;

Veľká noc na dedine / Easter at the Village – The Museum of Slovak Villages has prepared a demonstration of Slovak folk customs and ritual music and dances connected with the coming of spring and Easter.
Starts: March 24, 10:00 -16:00 (with a Roman-Catholic mass at 13:30); Múzeum slovenskej dediny, Jahodnícke há-je. Admission: €1.50-€2.50. Tel: 043/4239-491;

Banská Bystrica
THE EASTER Concert in Banská Bystrica, organised by the local State Opera, will feature Mozart’s Requiem as performed by Chryso Makariou (soprano, Cyprus), Alena Hodálová (mezzosoprano), Dušan Šimo (tenor) and Ivan Zvarík (bass), and conducted by Marián Vach. Tickets for the concert, taking place on March 23 at 20:00 in the local Cathedral of St Francis Xavier in SNP Square, cost €6 and can be obtained through

Banská Bystrica
III. Jam Session – The third edition of the Jam Session event features Martin Uherek Quartet (Martin Uherek - saxophone, Peter Palaj - guitar, Peter Korman - double bass and Samuel Juráš - drums).
Starts: March 19, 21:00; Jazz klub 12, Horná 12. Tel: 0905/548-100;

Rimavská Sobota
Divočina v obrazoch Václava Šilhu a Rostoslava Stacha / Wildlife in the Pictures of Václav Šilha and Rostislav Stach – These two professional photographers are at the top of their field, having garnered awards like the Czech Press Photo Award, among others, and published in BBC Wildlife Magazine, National Geographic, etc.
Open: workdays 8:00-16:00, weekends 9:00-16:00 until March 31; Gemersko-malohontské múzeum, M. Tompu Square 5. Admission: €2. Tel: 047 / 5632-741;


Krížová cesta / The Way of the Cross - Milan Sládek is a famous mime of Slovak origin who currently lives and works in Germany. His performance evokes the mystery of Easter and is accompanied by the music of Marcel Dupré.
Starts: March 21 (18:00, Greek-Orthodox Church of St John the Baptist), 22 (19:00, St Nicolaus’ Cathedral), 23 (in Košice). Admission: €5. More info: 051/3100–125, City Information Centre/MIC,

Kamenný herbár / Stone Herbarium – An exhibition of plant and animal fossils.
Open: daily, 9:00-15:00 until April 1; Botanical garden of P. J. Šafárik University, Máne-sova 23. Admission: €1-€2. Tel: 055/2341-667; www.upjs. sk/ pracoviska/botanicka-zahrada.

eduMEMA - The famous Russian pianist Alexey Lubimov will play works of Mzart and Schubert - within the last event of the Central-European Music Academy, eduMEMA, and also to open the 37th Poprad Music Spring festival.
Starts: March 19,18:00; Theatre Hall of the House of Culture. Admission: €3-€6. More info:

Mix Blood – This exhibition presenting the work of four young artists, all of whom are post-graduate students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Basnká Bystrica (Ján Frančák, Ján Kostolanský, Peter Valiska–Timečko and Juraj Toman), shows what you get when you mix four different artistic mediums, methods, perceptions and strategies.
Open: Tue-Sun 10:00-18:00 until April 7; Eastern-Slovak Gallery, Alžbetina 22. Admission: €2. Tel: 055/6222-647;

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