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Sme: Kaliňák’s advisor, former police chief, resigns after reports of alleged mafia links

The former vice-president of the national Police Corps, Stanislav Jankovič, resigned as an advisor to Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák on May 1, the Sme daily reported.

The former vice-president of the national Police Corps, Stanislav Jankovič, resigned as an advisor to Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák on May 1, the Sme daily reported.

Sme wrote that Jankovič and Kaliňák both announced the move after investigative journalist Tom Nicholson (a former editor-in-chief of The Slovak Spectator) published on his blog a transcript of a wiretapped conversation between Jankovič and alleged gangland boss Libor Jakšík. The transcript is part of a police file on Jakšík’s gang, which is being investigated for blackmail.

In the transcribed conversation, the pair address each other by their first names and arrange to meet. Jakšík also indirectly hints that he faces problems with police departments which are under Jankovič’s control. However, Jankovič reacts that these are not his departments and that he is responsible for the traffic police. Jankovič also sent a short message “Our buddy is now at the P. G.”, the transcript of which is also part of the file. Sme writes that the dialogue was wiretapped based on the approval of the Specialised Criminal Court in Banská Bystrica in June 2010.

Kaliňák said he did not know about Jankovič’s alleged contacts with the underworld. He insists that the police have properly investigated the Bratislava-based Jakšík gang during his tenure as minister.

Sme reported that Jankovič did not deny contacts with Jakšík, saying that they have known each other since the latter was a policeman. Jankovič also admitted meeting controversial businessman Marián Kočner on several occasions. Nicholson alleges that Jakšík also has contacts with several top police officials and prosecutors, and allegedly held phone calls with current deputy head of the SIS intelligence service and former regional police head in Bratislava Ľudovít Mihál. The SIS told Sme that the allegation was an attempt to discredit Mihál.

Source: Sme

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