Spectator on facebook

Spectator on facebook

Some IT companies providing outsourcing services in Slovakia

-DATALAN, www.datalan.sk-Digmia, www.digmia.sk-EMARK, www.emark.sk-Hewlett-Packard Slovakia, www8.hp.com-IBM Slovensko, www.ibm.com/sk-InterWay, www.interway.sk-JEREMY, www.jrm.sk-SAP Slovensko, www.sap.com/sk-SCR Techniologies, www.scr.sk-Softec, www.softec.sk-Solver IT, www.solver.sk

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EP calls for thorough investigation of Kuciak’s murder

It has raised an alarm about the potential infiltration of organised crime in the Slovak economy and politics at all levels.

European Parliament, illustrative stock photo

On killing a crab

If you eat animal flesh, you should not be squeamish about slaughtering your dinner.

Students will return to streets on Friday

They will hold up the letters of the last sentence from the last story by murdered Slovak journalist Ján Kuciak.

The April 15 protest in Bratislava

Festival aims to build trust between foreigners and natives

After having shifted the attention to new minorities appearing in Slovakia, the 13th year of the “multicultural festival focusing on minorities”, fjúžn, aims to boost mutual trust.

The Superar choir