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THE AWARD-winning Slovak film Môj pes Killer / My Dog Killer, directed by Mira Fornay, has picked up gongs at film festivals in Rotterdam, Vilnius and Pilsen. On May 18, it will be screened with English subtitles at the Lumiére cinema, Špitálska 4 in Bratislava. Tickets cost €4; for more information call 0917/105-882 or visit

Trio Fatal – This musical grouping puts together female musicians specialising in Argentinian music, mostly tango composed by Astor Piazzolla.
Starts: May 16, 20:30; Hlava 22, Bazová 9. Admission: €5. Tel: 0948/327-333;

Nikolaj Nikitin - Birthday Concert - Slovak saxophone player Nikolaj Nikitin celebrates his 30th birthday with a cocnert, inviting people he has played with recently to join him: Erik Rothenstein Milo Suchomel, and Dušan Húščava (saxophone); Sisa Michalidesová (flute), Michal Motýľ (trombone),Matúš Jakabčic (guitar)and pianists Ľuboš Šrámek, Michal Ragač and Gabriel Jonáš. In the second part, singers will perform with Nikitin: Karol Csino aand Samuel Hošek, as well as Hanka Gregušová and Anita Ribar.
Starts: May 16, 20:00; V-club, SNP Square 12. Admission: €7. Tel: 02/2047-1217;

To by som aj ja spravil… a lepšie – I Could Do That, Too… and Better – The third edition of this project by the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and the elledanse dance school/ thea-tre is a multicultural event comprising visual art, fashion design, contemporary dance and a concert.
Starts: May 18, 20:00; elledanse, Dom T & D, Miletičova 17/B. Admission: €5 (students free). Tel: 02/5541-0716; www.

Romanticism – The Demanding Viewer Association has organised a chamber concert of works by Schumann, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Liszt, Saint-Saens, Schubert, Strauss and Brahms, performed by Andrea Stankovská-Hallon (piano, flute) and Dušan Stankovský (piano).
Starts: May 16, 18:00; Pálffy Palace, Zámocká 47. Admission: voluntary. More info:

Hudobné kakao / Musical Cocoa – This project is aimed at introducing the world of classical music to children in a vivid, playful way. This one is meant mainly for children in the first to fourth classes at elementary schools.
Starts: May 18, 15:30; Design Factory, Bottova 2. Admission: €3. Tel: 02/5020-1717;

Milá míľa / The Nice Mile – The 18th year of a popular race meant for both keen runners and beginners, for children and veterans.
Starts: May 19, 10:00; Gamekeeper’s Lodge, Horský Park. Admission: €2/5 in advance; €3/6 at the start. More info:

Concert for Visually Impaired - The Slovenský komorný orchester Bohdana Warchala / The Slovak Chamber Orchestra (SKO) of Bohdan Warchal with Serenaders Sisters and Dodo Kuriľák (vocals)offer the works by Bach, Beethoven and several famous songs by Czech compsoer Jaroslav Ježek who gradually lost his sight and described his plight in his song Tmavomodrý svět / Dark-blue World.
Starts: May 19, 16:00; Small Concert Hall, Reduta, Eugena Suchoňa Square 1. Tel: 02/2047-5233;

Pavel Janek - Flashback – This exhibition at the Central-European House of Photography (SEDF) looks back at 50 years of the artist’s creations, comprising portraits of female models as well as experimental artistic photos and Bratislava scenes.
Open: Tue-Sun 13:00-18:00 until May 26; SEDF, Prepoštská 4. Admission: €1. Tel: 0905/127-185;

Tradičné ľudové umelecké remeslá – The fifth edition of the annual Traditional Folk-Art Crafts event will bring 150 folk craftsmen from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Serbia and Macedonia, interspersed with folklore performances, concerts, and puppet theatre.
Starts: May 17-19, Spa Island. Admission: free. More info:


Pódium 2: Multiplace – A performance on the Jakub Kopec Stage in the city’s newly-reopened synagogue art space will explore the history of Slovak electro-acoustic music, including a live music-dance performance, and the Distributed Presence installation.
Starts: May 18, 18:00; New Synagogue, Kuzmányho 1. Ad-mission: voluntary, donations go towards the synagogue's reconstruction. Tel: 0907/137- 145;

Noc literatúry / The Night of Literature – The third year of this nocturnal adventure, following in the footsteps of contemporary European literature to some odd locations, was initiated by Czech cultural centres in several countries; this year it offers readings in a church, a local theatre, an artistic studio, and elsewhere.
Starts: May 15, 18:00-22:00; various sites. Admission: free. More info:

Banská Bystrica
Andrea Miltnerová - Tanec magnetickej baleríny / Dance of a Magnetic Ballerina – An audio-visual movement performance shows the body moving in the context of image and sound; it was selected by the international network Aerwaves as one of 20 priority performances for 2013.
Starts: May 15, 19:00; Záh-rada – centrum nezávislej kul-túry, SNP Square 16 (Benicz-kého pasáž). Admission: €3-€5. More info: www.

Banská Bystrica
Grilliada – The only gastronomy festival in Slovakia focused on barbecues and grilling offers famous chefs with secret tips, a programme for families, and more.
Starts: May 18-19; Námestie slobody. Admission: free. More info:

Banská Štiavnica
Donskí kozáci – The Don Cossacks Choir is an ensemble of 50 renowned singers founded in 1981 that performs religious songs, operatic arias and Russian and Ukrainian folk songs. Thirteen of its members will perform in Banská Štiavnica.
Starts: May 18, 19:00; Cultural centre, Kammerhofská 1. Admission: €9.90 (in advance) -€11.90 (on the door). Tel: 045/ 6949-653; www.


KOŠICE’S Cassia theatre, at Masarykova 2, is staging the hit musical Pomáda / Grease in Czech (in cooperation with the Prague-based Kalich Theatre), starring, among others, Nela Pocisková, Roman Pomajbo and several well-known Czech musical artists. The piece, originally written by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, is being choreographed and directed by Ján Ďurovčík in Slovakia. Tickets for the performances, on May 16-18 at 19:00, cost €27-€30 and can be purchased through or

Najkrajšie ľúbostné listy / The Most Beautiful Love Letters – The Art Academy presents a selection of love letters in English and Spanish with the 5 Harmonies vocal band, directed by Tatiana Husárová.
Starts: May 17, 19:00; Hou-se of Culture, Štefánikova 99/ 72. Admission: €4 (from the Christiania bookshop, 052/772- 2944). Tel: 0914/105556; www.

Rigoletto – This three-act opera by Giuseppe Verdi premiered in 1851 and has since become a regular hit at opera houses worldwide. In Košice, its new staging premiered on May 10 and is directed by Peter Gábor, choreographed by Ondrej Šoth, conducted by Igor Dohovič, Maroš Potokár or Peter Valentovič, and stars Peter Berger, Ludovic Kendi, Michaela Varády, Lenka Čermáková, and others.
Starts: May 17, 19:00; State Theatre Košice (SDKE), Hlav-ná 58. Admission: €3-€10. Tel: 055/2452-269 (daytime), 055/ 2452-260 (evenings);

11. Národná výstava bonsajov a suiseki – The 11th National Exhibition of Bonsai and Suiseki includes lectures, workshops and a competition.
Starts: May 17-19, 9:30-22; Botanical garden of P. J. Šafárik University, Mánesova 23. Admission: €1-€2. Tel: 055/2341-667;

Spišská Kapitula
Spišský Jeruzalem – A unique space near the wal-led town of Spišská Kapitula represents the important sacral points of the city of Jerusalem where Christ spent his last days before crucifixion. Within the Terra Incognita project it brings a host of events between May 16 and May 19 to these symbolic places, including a concert by the State Philharmonic Košice performing Dvořák’s Biblical Songs on May 18.
Starts: May 18, 17:00; St Martin’s Cathedral, Spišská Kapitula. Admission: free. More info: www.

Štefan Lipták - Miesto v srdci / A Place in the Heart – An exhibition by this Košice native marks his 70th birthday and shows his perception of the eastern-Slovak city.
Open: Mon-Fri 9:00-16:00 until May 23; FotoGaléria Nova, Verejná knižnica J. Bocatia, Hlavná 48. Admission: free. More info:

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