Spectator on facebook

Spectator on facebook

Some HR and employment agencies

- Amrop Slovakia, www.amrop.sk

- Amrop Slovakia, www.amrop.sk

- Grafton Recruitment Slovakia, www.grafton.sk

- Index Nosluš, www.indexnoslus.sk

- Iventa Slovakia Management Consulting, www.iventa.eu/SK

- Lugera & Maklér, www.lugera.sk

- Manpower Slovensko, www.manpower.sk

- McROY Slovakia, www.mcroygroup.com

- Menkyna & Partners Management Consulting, www.menkyna.com

- ProAct People, www.proactpeople.sk

- Profesia, www.profesia.sk

- Target Executive Search Slovakia, www.targetexecutivesearch.com

- Trenkwalder, www.trenkwalder.sk

Source: Book of Lists and The Slovak Spectator databases

Topic: Career and HR

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