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2012 Via Bona Awards

IN MID April the Pontis Foundation handed out the 13th annual awards for companies doing businesses in a responsible way.

IN MID April the Pontis Foundation handed out the 13th annual awards for companies doing businesses in a responsible way.

There were seven categories in the 2012 Via Bona Slovakia Awards, reflecting the continuing development of corporate responsibility and corporate philanthropy in Slovakia. The aim of the awards is to give public recognition to companies and entrepreneurs who support corporate social responsibility and corporate philanthropy in Slovakia.

The foundation accepted 65 nominations for the 2012 Via Bona Slovakia Awards, from which individual juries then selected the winners.

Main awards:

-Main Award for a Responsible Large Corporation, for a non-discriminatory and non-corrupt approach to business based on equality of chances, many volunteering activities and cooperation with schools in the region went to Embraco Slovakia. The company has been operating in Slovakia for 15 years and has consistently helped the Spiš region where it is based.

-Main Award for a Responsible Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise went to ABB, which was credited with being devoted to ethics in business, protection of employee health, the environment and cooperating via non-profit organisations with local communities.

The jury also gave an honourable mention to the Manna agency for its inspiring approach to the employment of medically handicapped people. Manna, which is registered as a sheltered workplace, produces and sells confectionery products, and organic and fair trade goods.

Other awards:

The jury did not grant the Green Award for 2012. Instead it granted an honourable mention to Kosit for its complex and sustainable approach to processing waste and for its efforts to process waste as effectively as possible.

The Award for Excellent Employer went to the paper mill Mondi SCP for its project Three Generations, which represents an integral system of benefits not only for employees and their families but also for former employees and the community in Ružomberok, where it is based.

The jury also granted an honourable mention in this category to IT company T-Systems Slovakia for supporting creative activities for employees outside their work, and for work-life coaching.

Tesco Stores SR was chosen as the Pro-consumer Firm of 2012 for its project Potraviny Domov (Tesco Groceries Online). Via this innovative service people who for various reasons cannot go out to do their shopping, can order it online.

Corporate philanthropy:

Embraco Slovakia also received the Supporter of Volunteering Award. The firm’s volunteering team has engaged in long-term cooperation with the Spišiačik association of parents and friends of children suffering from diabetes.

Retail chain Drogerie Markt (DM) received the Good Community Partner Award for its project Veselé Zúbky (Happy Teeth), a campaign to teach children and their parents how to clean their teeth.

The Pontis foundation also selected two companies to represent Slovakia in the European CSR Awards in Brussels, the first ever pan-European Award Scheme to inspire CSR excellence in multi-stakeholder projects. Slovakia’s dominant power producer Slovenské Elektrárne advanced to the European contest in the category of partnerships by large companies for long-term support to solve the issue of homelessness in Slovakia. Apart from the Depaul Slovensko shelter for homeless people it also supports Divadlo bez Domova, a theatre of homeless people, and the civic association Proti Prúdu, which publishes the street magazine Nota Bene.
SK_NIC will also go to Brussels, based on its project Ľudia Ľuďom which won in the category for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. It created the Ľudia Ľuďom website, www.ludialudom.sk, via which people can support people in need, non-profit organisations, artists, foundations and others.

The winners will be announced in Brussels on June 25.

Source: Pontis Foundation

Topic: Corporate Responsibility

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