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(Source: Courtesy of SPP Gallery)


SLOVAK artist Nikolaj Feďkovič has started exhibiting his work in Slovakia again after spending the last 20 years living and working in Germany. An exhibition of his work, inspired by 17th-century Dutch painting, Gothic stained-glass, the Leipzig art school and Russian miniatures and icons, is called Tarot and can be seen in the Galéria SPP / SPP Gallery, on Mlynské Nivy 44/C in Bratislava until August 30, on weekdays between 12:00 and 17:00. Admission is free and more information can be obtained at 02/6262-4203; or www.spp.sk/kontakt/kontakt-galeria-spp.

Noche Flamenca / Flamenco Night - Flaco de Nerja Ensemble will perform with special guests Jorge Pardo Huellas Trio from Madrid, playing a fusion of flamenco and jazz.
Starts: Aug 18, 19:00; Main Square. Admission: free. Mo–
re info: www.bkis.sk/kultura-v-
bratislave/kulturne-leto-2013/ aktuality/noche-flamenca.

The Japanese Embassy to Slovakia organises its annual week of Japanese culture, with a rich programme including demonstrations of kendo, džódó and iaido (in Hviezdoslavovo Square); lectures on Japanese architecture and urban projects by Osama Okamura; a culinary demonstration of “Kaiseki” by embassy chef Naoki Eguchi; two performances of traditional Noh theatre at the Bratislava Castle; and a piano concert by Motoki Hirai .
Starts: Aug 14-17, various sites. Admission: mostly free. More info: 02/5980-0100; www.sk.emb-japan.go.jp.

Bratislava Cantat 2013 – The 1st International Festival of Choirs combines concerts with public competition performances, with choirs from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Lithuania and Estonia.
Starts: Aug 15-17; various sites across Bratislava. Admission: free. More info: www. choral-music.sk.

Pony Express – The legendary wild west mounted messenger service will be re-enacted, starting at a Pony Express post office in downtown Bratislava, continuing in the direction of Železná Studienka and Klepáč mill, with a country music concert, before heading to Žilina.
Starts: Aug 17, 12:00 (Main Post Office, SNP Square) – 18:00 (Klepáč). Admission: free. More info: www. kamdomesta.sk.

TOkiMONSTA – Supported by local electronic musician Pjoni, this US musician will perform his brand of “new sound” and “chillwave” in the Slovak capital.
Starts: Aug 15, 21:00; Nu Spirit Club, Šafárikovo Square 7. Admission: €10. Tel: 0905/865-566; www.nuspirit.sk, www.ticketportal.sk.

Let’s Swing It! – This evening of live performance and dancing in the style of the 1930s and 1940s revives the atmosphere of the US at this time, as well as the socialising role of music.
Starts: Aug 15, 20:00; Swing Café, Vajnorská 98/H. Admission: €4-€6. More info: www.swingcafe.sk.

Grand Noche Cubana – The 3rd year of “Cuban Night” offers Čistychov, Marchcella Conguera. Dreamdancers (fireshow) and Bailadora (dance performance) as well as DJs.
Starts: Aug 16, 21:00; beach under the UFP (SNP Bridge). Admission: €3.50 (in advance info@formusic.sk) - €5 (at the site).

Diplomovky / Habitation Theses – The theses of 2012/13 graduates from the Department of Architectonic Creation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava are presented in this exhibition.
Open: Mon- Fri 11:00-17:00, until Aug 23; Union of Architects of Slovakia, Balassa Palace, Panská 15. Admission: free. Tel: 02/5443-1078; www.sasarch.sk

Marianske hudobné leto / Marianka Musical Summer – This festival of classical music offers a vocal concert, as well as performances of organ and Baroque music and a concert by music students.
Starts: Aug 14-17, 18:00 (on Aug 14 and 17), 19:00 (on Aug 15 and 16); various churches in Marianka and Záhorská Bystrica. Admission: free/€2. More info: www.citylife.sk.

6. festival mladých umelcov / The 6th Festival of Young Artists offers concerts and a photo exhibition in Piešťany, featuring the creations of young Slovak and Czech artists.
Starts: Aug 12-18; various sites in Piešťany. More info: www.pic.piestany.sk/en


VI. Stredoveký deň / The 6th Medieval Day – This Friday will feature medieval duels, fencing, torture, a witch-burning, a fire show, a medieval fashion show, period dance and more.
Starts: Aug 16, 12:00-22:00; Mariánske Square. Admission: free. More info: www.stredovekyden.sk.

Banská Bystrica
Rockscape – The new rock music festival offers bands and performers like Chili Liki Tu-a, Čad, Grabstein (a Rammstein tribute band), Collegium musicum, Brothers Rasputin (UK), Tomáš Sloboda & Sounds Like This, Walter Schnitzelson and more, over two music-filled days.
Starts: Aug 16-17; Fort Geronimo, Vlkanová. Admission: €10 (for both days). More info: www.www.rockscape.sk.

Banská Bystrica
Jozef Kostka – Klasik slovenskej sochárskej moderny / Classic Modern Slo-vak Sculpture – Kostka, a native of Stupava, was a sculptor who influenced visual art at a national level, both through his work and by tutoring young artists at the academy, and also by connecting Slovak art with 20th century modernism.
Open: Tue-Fri 10:00-17:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-16:00 until Sep 1; Central-Slovak Gallery / Stredoslovenská galéria, Bethlenov dom, Dolná 8. Admission: €0.50-€1. Tel: 048/4701- 613; www.ssgbb.sk.


LETO v parku / The Summer in the Park project offers the re-opening of the recently reconstructed Kasárne Kulturpark cultural hub, transformed into a refreshing city-oasis of culture and relaxation. Summer in the Park is held from August 3-25 at Kukučínova 2 in Košice. The weekend of August 17-18 brings a range of events and performances, including workshops for children, puppet theatre, ethnic and world music by the Pressburger Klezmer Band, modern classic music by the Quasars Ensemble and Dalibor Karvay, ethno-jazz by Iva Bittová & Čikori as well as a Traffic Light Party for singles and couples.

Jazdecké hry PKO / Riding Games of PKO – The competition in show jumping and western style riding include the barrel race (timed racing around barrels), bending (timed slalom competition) and show disciplines.
Starts: Aug 18, 13:00; Pohoda Ranch, Kúty 6/A, Prešov. More info: 0905/787–477, www. rancpohoda.sk.

Spišská Nová Ves
Cirkus Metropol – International programme includes dressage and performances by artists, jugglers, clowns and more.
Starts: Aug 14-18, various times; OC Madaras shopping centre. Tel: 0904-290457; www.facebook.com/cirkusmrtropol.

Spišská Nová Ves
ight tour of the Markušovce Mansion, conducted in the light of candles and torches, reveals local mysteries and legends.
Starts: Aug 17, 20:00, 21:00; Markušovce Mansion, Michalská 56. Admission: €2 (children) - €4 (adults). Tel: 053/4423-757 (Múzeum Spiša, Letná 50); www.muzeumspisa.com.

The traditional Noh theatre offers two performances by the Yamamoto Noh-Gakudo company from Osaka, Japan: The Robe of Feathers-Hagoromo and The Ground Spider-Fujigumo.
Starts: Aug 20, 19:30; VHSR – former Slovan cinema, Hlav-ná 57-59. Admission: free. Mo-re info: 02/5980-0100; www.sk.emb-japan.go.jp.

Noc v zoo / A Night at the Zoo - Visitors bringing their own sleeping bags can enjoy Kavečany Zoo at night (including a dinner and a breakfast) in a double tent.
Starts: Aug 15; Kavečany Zoo, Široká 31. Admission: €15 (must be paid at least three days in advance). Tel: 055/7968-028 (8:00-14:00); marcinakova@zookosice.sk.

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