Some companies with French capital in Slovakia

-Alcatel-Lucent, Torsion, (Milex, Liptovská Mliekareň),, Nitra, Slovakia,,, SK, Automotive, Slovakia,žinierske Stavby,, Slovensko, Peugeot Citroën, Pharma Slovakia,,á Energetika (SSE),,

-BC Torsion,
-Bongrain (Milex, Liptovská Mliekareň),
-Cesty Nitra,
-Coface Slovakia,
-Eurovia SK,
-Faurecia Automotive,
-Gefco Slovakia,
-Inžinierske Stavby,
-Orange Slovensko,
-PSA Peugeot Citroën,
-Sanofi-aventis Pharma Slovakia,
-Stredoslovenská Energetika (SSE),

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Theme: Foreigners in Slovakia

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