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(Source: SITA/SND)


AKRAM Khan Dance Company will offer a guest dance performance in the historical building of the Slovak National Theatre (SND) in Hviezdoslavovo Square 4 in Bratislava on September 10 (at 19:00). The piece, iTMOi (In the Mind of Igor), is the latest work of British/Indian choreographer Akram Khan, inspired by Igor Stravinski’s Rite of Spring. Tickets cost €60 and can be bought through 02/2049-4290 or www.snd.sk.

JAPANESE DANCE: The Japanese dance performance of the Sóke Kanzaki school will finish with an address by Mino Kanzaki, a prominent representative of this particular school of dance.
Starts: Sep 13, 19:00; Heineken Tower Stage, Pribi-nova 25. Admission: free (booking tickets in advance is advisable). Tel: 02/5980-0101; www.sk.emb-japan.go.jp/event_nihon_buyo2013.html.

Zrní – The Czech band that recently won the Zlatý anděl / Golden Angel award as the Newcomer of the Year plays heavy rock comparable to Radiohead and Pink Floyd.
Starts: Sep 11, 20:00; Slovak National Gallery Amphitheatre, Rázusovo nábrežie 2 (in case of rain, Berlinka Café, Ľ. Štúra Square 4). Admission: €7 (in advance – www.vstupenka,sk, Dr. Horák music shop, or SNG box office) - €10 (at the site). Tel: 02/2047-6111; www.sng.sk.

Radio KiKi – The Queer Music Festival – The KiKi music festival, targeting mainly the LGBTI community, will take place for the first time in Bratislava, offering musical performances by Panáčik (Slovak), Mušnula (Czech) and What’s Inside a Girl (Austrian), as well as visual shows and multimedia performances, followed by disco.
Starts: Sep 14, 19:00; clubs Batelier and Loft, Továrenská 14. Admission: €7 (in advance – Batelier) - €9 (at the site). Tel: 0905/426-915; www.facebook.com/radiokiki.

Sylvia Khittl-Muhr – The Austrian soprano will sing arias from operas by Verdi, Wagner and Strauss, accompanied by Austrian pianist Dieter Paier.
Starts: Sep 11, 18:00; Pálffy Palace, Zámocká 47. Admission: free. Tel: 02/5930-1535.

Crown Comedy Club organises “Original English Stand-up Comedy” in Bratislava, bringing professionals Christian Schulte-Loh, Yanni Agisi-laou and Iszi Lawrence to entertain local audiences.
Starts: Sep 12, 20:00; U Očka, Karpatská 3. Admission: €12. More info: www.cccbratislava.elasticdeals.com; www.uocka.sk.

Annual Sport’s Day of the Foreign Chambers of Commerce offers friendly competitions and a good time.
Starts: Sep 14; Sport Centre Pavla Gleska, Račianska 103. Admission: symbolic fee of €30-€170 for each team. More info: www.amcham.sk.

Open Day – After three years, the Slovak National Theatre is resuming its tradition of opening its doors to the public to let potential audiences in for a peak into normally inaccessible spaces, offering discussions with actors, a screening of legendary SND stagings, a fairy tale for children at 14:00 and two drama performances at 19:00.
Starts: Sep 14, 11:00-17:00; new SND building, Pribinova 17. Admission: free. More info: www.snd.sk.

Nové Mesto nad Váhom
Marek Walarowski Trio – The three musicians (Marek Walarowski-PL, piano; Lukáš Mužík-CZ, bass; Bartosz Nazaruk-Pl, drums) play jazz, but the lead musician/pianist brings their performances to the verge of classical music.
Starts: Sep 13, 20:00; Blue Note jazz club, J. Hašku 18. Tel: 032/7440-008; www.bluenote.sk.

Život v úli / Life in a beehive - This exhibition of Slovak beekeeping presents various types of hives, honey mills and traditional and modern tools for making honey.
Open: Tue-Fri 13:00-16:00, weekends 13:00-17:00; Dubnica manor, St Jacob Square 623/4. Admission: €1-€2.50. Tel: 042/4428-386; www.dubnica.sk/mestske-organizacie/dubnicke-muzeum-dubnica-nad-vahom.


Milan Paľa – This famous Slovak violinist will perform works by Johann Paul von Westhoff, František Gregor Emmert, Walter Courvoisier, Jevgenij Iršai, Luboš Fišer and Mirko Krajči.
Starts: Sep 11, 19:00; Stanica Žilina-Záriečie, Závodská cesta 3. Admission: €3-€4. Tel: 041/5005-064; www.stanica.sk.

Opening concert of the 40th season of the Slovak Sinfonietta – The opening of the new concert season offers works by Mozart, Eugen Suchoň, Dvořák and Milan Novák, as performed by the Slovak Sinfonietta, with Ivan Gajan on piano and Miloš Jurkovič on flute, conducted by Oliver Dohnány.
Starts: Sep 12, 19:00; Slovak Sinfonietta, Dolný Val 47. Admission: €6-€10. Tel: 041/ 2451-111; www.skozilina.sk.

Banská Bystrica
7_ choreografov / 7_Choreographers - This piece explores the motif of duets through the perception of seven prominent choreographers of contemporary dance in Slovakia.
Starts: Sep 11, 19:00; Diva-dlo štúdio tanca / Theatre Studio of Dance, Na Kačici, Ko-menského 12. Admission: €3-€5. Tel: 048/4146-540; www. studiotanca.sk.

XXV. International Ceramic Symposium Lučenec – Kalinovo 2013 /XXV - This exhibition presents the results of the oldest ongoing symposium in Slovakia and is unique in that it takes place in a natural environment of clay deposits. This year, Šárka Radová of the Czech Republic and three Slovaks – Anna Horváthová, Gabriela Luptáková and Ivica Vydrová - created artwork from clay, which will remain in the local gallery.
Open: Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00, Sun 14-17 until Sep 29; Novohradské múzeum a galéria, Kubínyiho Square 3. Admission: €0.50-€1. Tel: 047/4332-980; www.nmg.sk.


DONIZETTI’s bel canto opera Anna Bolena will be performed as a recital of arias by renowned soprano Edita Grúberová, accompanied by Jozef Benci, Elena Maximova, Pavol Bršlík and Atala Schoeck, as well as the State Philharmonic Košice (SFK), conducted by Andryi Yurkevich and the Philharmonic Choir of Debrecen, Hungary. The tragic story of King Henry VIII and his beheaded wife comes to Košice for the first time. Tickets for the concert on September 15 at 19:00 at House of Art, Moyzesova 66, Košice cost €38-€59 and can be purchased through www.navstevnik.sk or www.sfk.sk.

Happy Day – The choir Happy Day from Albrechtice (Czech Republic) will sing a medley of modern Christian songs, conducted by Gedeon Koukol.
Starts: Sep 14, 17:00; Kino Scala / Scala cinema, Masary-kova 7. Admission: free. Tel: 051/7723-741; www.pkopresov .sk.

43. Medzinárodný organový festival Ivana Sokola / 43rd Ivan Sokol International Organ Festival – The oldest organ fes-tival in Slovakia offers four concerts and four musicians (all foreign, or Slovaks living abroad). The opening evening introduces Roberto Micconti from Venice playing the works of J.S. Bach, Johann Ernst Bach, Respighi, Jozef Grešák, Johann Ludwig Krebs, Marco Enrico Bossi and Oreste Ravanello.
Starts: Sep 12, 19:00; Seminary Church of St Anthony of Padua. Admission: €3-€6. Tel: State Philharmonic - 055 /6220-763; www.sfk.sk, www.kosice2013.sk.

Lena Jakubčáková – Marseille 2010 – Photo-cycle Marseille / Marseilles is part of the Second Cities project, focusing on artistic cooperation between the European Capitals of Culture 2013, Košice, Slovakia and Marseilles, France. This exhibition offers a selection of Jakubčáková’s documentary photos.
Open: Mon-Fri 9:00-16:00 until Sep 26; FotoGaléria Nova, Verejná knižnica J. Bocatia, Hlavná 48. Admission: free. More info: www.fotoklubnova.sk.

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