Cypriot recipes: Louvana – Yellow Pea Soup (video included)

Ingredients and preparation.

Ingredients: 250g yellow split peas; 2 stock cubes (chicken or vegetable); 1 mug full of long grain rice, washed; 1 onion, peeled and sliced finely; a little olive oil to fry the onion; lemon juice; salt and pepper.

Preparation: Simmer the peas in plenty of water in which you have added the 2 stock cubes. Add the rice 10 minutes before the peas are tender. While the rice is cooking, fry the onion slices in the olive oil until golden brown. Add salt and pepper to the soup, along with the lemon juice. When the rice has cooked the soup is ready. Louvana can be served very soupy, or more like a risotto, depending on your preference.

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