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DUO is the name of a ballet performance, consisting of two choreographies: Duende by Uwe Scholz and Symphony by Nacho Duato. Danced to the music of Claude Debussy (Duende) and Robert Schumann (Symphony), the works represent “clean ballet” without a straightforward plot, but rather focused on emotions and interpretation of the music. Tickets for the performance on October 31 at 19:00 in the new building of the Slovak National Theatre in Pribinova 17 in Bratislava (costing €8-€16) are available through 02/2049-4290 or

Drummers’ City – Under the slogan “Welcome to the new age”, this event tries to connect the drumming community in a professional space, launching a campaign and offering workshops, competitions, a battle of drummers and more.
Starts: Oct 29, 16:00; Stará Tržnica (Old Market Hall), SNP Square 25. Admission: free for audiences, for drummers registration is required. More info: www.novastaratrznica .sk.

Halloween Hafla – The usual meeting of dancers will be thematic. Oriental fusion in horror and fantasy style will mark this edition, presenting many dancers and dance groups form Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
Starts: Oct 2, 19:00; DK Lúky, Vígľašská 1. Admission: €6. More info:

Pavel Jakub Ryba & The Fish Men – The virtuoso bass-guitarist Ryba will play jazz-rock with his band.
Starts: Oct 30, 20:00; Rock Café, M.Sch. Trnavského 2. Admission: €5. Tel: 0911 / 806-803;

Tattoo Wars – A competition in tattooing will position Aidyl, To-mas Bodegas, Katka Mefisto, Spendlo Rascal, Daniel Dubay, George Keclik and Lenny Lenert, Bodygallery, Axli Rooster, Marek Wolf and Skit against one another.
Starts: Nov 2, 11:00; Batelier, Továrenská 14. Admission: €4. Tel: 0914/267-889;

Ľuboš Beňa and Bonzo Radványi, Filip Puchert Band – Beňa and Radványi, some of the most active Slovak bluesmen, have renewed their collaboration and are supported by the Filip Puchert Band.
Starts: Oct 31, 20:00; Hlava 22; Bazová 9. Admission: €5. Tel: 0948/327-333; www.

Mata Hari – This version of the intriguing story of a famous dancer-turned-spy who started as a “man-eater” and ended up executed, has the form of a musical and is directed by Martin Kákoš. The cast includes Sisa Lelkeš Sklovská, Patrik Vyskočil, Štefan Kožka, Jana Lieskovská and the dance ensemble of Nová Scéna.
Starts: Oct 30-31, 19:00; Nová Scéna theatre, Živnoste-nská 1. Admission: €15-€20. Tel: 02/2048-8510; www.

Musical Thursday with Marietta Trio – A nice evening at the Horský City Park is accompanied by music combining Afro-American pop with jazz, as performed by Tomas Maretta (alt-saxophone), Peter Preložník (keyboards) and Juraj Šušaník (drums).
Starts: Oct 29, 19:30, Gamekeeper’s Lodge, Horský Park, Lesná 1. Admission: free. Tel: 0903 / 710-888;

Art Brut – The works of people suffering from mental disorders are exhibited as a result of cooperation between psychiatrists (League for Mental Health), civic associations and artists, the connecting point being distinctiveness, authenticity and originality. In 1945, French artist and theoretician Jean Dubuffet called this genre “art brut”.
Open: Tue-Sun 14:00-19:00 until Nov 24; Gallery 19, Lazaretská 19. Admission: free. Tel: 02/5292-6651;

Ľudmila Štefániková Female Quartet – Female quartets are quite rare in jazz and this one is special in that it brings together Berklee gra-duates (Štefániková – vocals and MallerKat-electric vibraphone; Amanda Andrew – guitar; Christine Moad – bass , vocals; Jazz Robertson – drums). Apart from Piešťany, they are also playing in Nové Mesto nad Váhom and Dolný Kubín.
Starts: Nov 1, 21:00; Art Jazz Gallery Kursalon, Beetho-venova 5. Admission: €6. Tel: 0908/708-320; www.kursalon. sk.


Noc duchov, tekvíc a strašidiel / The Night of Spirits, Pumpkins and Ghosts – A special thematic night tour around the Strečno Castle focuses on the phenomenon of supernatural forces that awaken on this night.
Starts: Oct 30, 18:00-20:30; Strečno Castle, Hradná 1 (organised by Považské Múze-um). Admission: €2.50-€4. Tel: 041/5697-400;

Banská Bystrica
Intermedia.BB 2013 - This festival brings stories by former employees of a local culture organisation, PKO, and in the evening a free electro-acoustic avant-core improvisation by Shibuya Motors (Slavo Krekovič and Miro Toth). The festival continues on Tuesday and is accompanied by an exhibition at the Bethlen House.
Starts: Oct 28 (16:00 – narration, 19:00 – musical event); Lazovná 19 (former PKO site). Admission: free. Tel: 0907/ 628-127;

Živé šaty – Live Clothes – Dorota Sadovská – This project shows the Slovak artist in a new context, focusing on the issue of clothes and clothing – as line of creation going back to Sadovská’s very roots (she graduated from the Department of Textile at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava).
Open: Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00 until Nov 10; Turiec Gallery, Daxnerova 2. Admisison: €1-€2. Tel: 043 / 422-4448;


Prešov Musical Autumn 2013 / Verdi Gala – The concert within the 47th year of the festival of classical music hails the 200th anniversary of the birth of Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, offering an overview of his works. Singers include Anna Princeva (RU), Michela Bregantin (IT), Jaroslav Dvor-ský (SK), Marián Lukáč (SK) with Júlia Grejtáková (SK) on piano.
Starts: Oct 30, 19:00; PKO Čierny Orol, Hlavná 50. Admission: €3-€6. Tel: 051/ 7723-741;

Dan Bárta & Illustratosphere Tour 2013 – The noted Czech musician who has been awarded many prizes and who performed with world stars gives a concert presenting his new album Maratonika.
Starts: Oct 30, 19:00; big hall of the Town Culture Centre, Námestie Osloboditeľov 25. Admission: €10. Tel: 056 / 6423-502;

ISCM World New Music Days 2013 – This international presentation of contemporary classical music comes to Slovakia for the first time, bringing dozens of guests from Slovakia and more than 50 countries worldwide, as well as the works of renowned composers. A special concert takes place on October 29, dedicated to the works of American minimalist Philip Glass, as performed by Slovak pianist Fero Király.
Starts: Oct 29, 20:00; St Eli-zabeth Cathedral. Admission: free. More info: www.;

Týždeň duchov alebo Halloween v Zoo / The Week of Ghosts, or Halloween in the Zoo – This week, admission to see the zoo in its autumn atmosphere is conditioned on bringing a pumpkin.
Starts: Oct 28-Nov 3; Zoo Košice – Kavečany Široká 31. Admission: a pumpkin. Tel: 055/7968-028 (8:00-14:00);

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