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Žáková-Malinová to undergo further medical examination

Hedviga Žáková-Malinová will undergo another medical exam in the latest twist of a protracted criminal case over alleged ethnic violence.

Hedviga Žáková-Malinová will undergo another medical exam in the latest twist of a protracted criminal case over alleged ethnic violence.

Žáková-Malinová, a Hungarian-speaking Slovak citizen, reported that she was assaulted on her way to a university exam in Nitra in August 2006. Police concluded their investigation in September 2006, finding that no attack had occurred. The announcement was made at a press conference by then (and now current) Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák and Prime Minister Robert Fico, at which Kaliňák said that “it is beyond doubt that the case did not happen”, supporting his assertion with several pieces of what he claimed were evidence, including DNA samples. Kaliňák later went on to denounce v as a “pathological liar”. State authorities charged Žáková-Malinová with perjury in 2007. The case, which has been open since 2007, has recently begun moving again since a new prosecutor was assigned.

Now, she will again be examined as for her health condition back in 2006. The General Prosecutor’s Office issued a ruling which calls in the Košice-based orthopaedist Boris Lisanský to assess her alleged injuries from the alleged 2006 attack. The original expert opinion of the Dean of Medical Faculty of the Comenius University Peter Labaš has been found inaccurate in the meantime. The results of the new exam should be ready by December 22, the Sme daily wrote in its November 5 issue.

Žákova-Malinová’s lawyer Roman Kvasnica criticised the specialisation of Lisanský, adding that a neurologist or a traumatologist would be a better option.

(Source: Sme)
Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports
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