Norwegian recipes: Salmon mousse (video included)

Ingredients and preparation.

(Source: Jana Liptáková)

Ingredients: 1 package aspic, 2 1/2 dl water, 500g cooked salmon and smoked salmon, 1dl sour cream, 2 tbsp lemon, 3-4 tbsp mayonnaise, 1 1/2 dl whipping cream.

Preparation: Dissolve aspic in boiling water and cool. Mash the fish in a food processor and add sour cream, lemon and mayonnaise. Mix all ingredients and process until fine. Add the aspic. Whip the cream and fold in carefully. Place the mixture in a mould rinsed in cold water. Leave in fridge 2-3 hours. Overturn the mould and place the mousse on a plate. Decorate with shrimp, caviar and/or lemon.

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