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Slovakia may finally have home base in Sochi

SLOVAKS may finally have their own representation house in Sochi, home of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games which start in few weeks.

SLOVAKS may finally have their own representation house in Sochi, home of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games which start in few weeks.

The Hospodárske Noviny daily reported in its January 14 issue that the Slovak Olympic Committee (SOV) cannot afford to pay for the Olympic House as the rent is too high. SOV spokesman Ľubomír Souček also said there was no interest by sponsors to support the house.

The daily now writes that owners of Tatravagónka firm Alexej Beljajev and Michal Lazar intervened into the process and reportedly found the appropriate spaces. It is possible that the Slovak House will reside in the newly-built railway station Adler, Alexander Linczényi, head of Roko ad agency which will be responsible for arranging the representation spaces, told Hospodárske Noviny.

It is not clear how much space the Slovak House will use or how much it will pay for the rent.

SOV General Secretary Jozef Liba responded it welcomes the initiative of Tatravágonka and said it is willing to collaborate.

Whether the private Slovak House will also become the official Olympic House of Slovakia will depend on the final offer Beljajev will have, Hospodárske Noviny wrote. According to Jozef Orgonáš, economic analyst with the University of Economics in Bratislava, without the official Olympic brand the house will not have much effect.

Source: Hospodárske Noviny

Compiled by Radka Minarechová from press reports

The Slovak Spectator cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information presented in its Flash News postings.

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