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Some IT companies in Slovakia

-Anasoft, www.anasoft.com-Asseco Central Europe, www.asseco-ce.com-DATALAN, www.datalan.sk-DELL, www.dell.sk-ESET, www.eset.com-Gratext International, www.gratex.com-GTS Slovakia, www.gts.sk-HP Slovakia, www.hp.sk-IBM Slovensko, www.ibm.com/sk-Microsoft Slovakia, www.microsoft.sk-Ness Slovensko, www.ness.com/SK-SK-PosAm, www.posam.sk-SAP Slovakia, www.sap.com/sk-Softec, www.softec.sk-Soitron, www.soitron.sk-Tempest, www.tempest.sk-T-Systems Slovakia, www.t-systems.sk

-Anasoft, www.anasoft.com
-Asseco Central Europe, www.asseco-ce.com
-DATALAN, www.datalan.sk
-DELL, www.dell.sk
-ESET, www.eset.com
-Gratext International, www.gratex.com
-GTS Slovakia, www.gts.sk
-HP Slovakia, www.hp.sk
-IBM Slovensko, www.ibm.com/sk
-Microsoft Slovakia, www.microsoft.sk
-Ness Slovensko, www.ness.com/SK-SK
-PosAm, www.posam.sk
-SAP Slovakia, www.sap.com/sk
-Softec, www.softec.sk
-Soitron, www.soitron.sk
-Tempest, www.tempest.sk
-T-Systems Slovakia, www.t-systems.sk

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Giving a voice to those unheard

The Sme daily celebrates 25 years since its founding. It is of immense importance that it remains independent and free, writes its editor-in-chief.

The Sme daily celebrates 25th anniversary

The newspaper, which was established as a protest against autocratic power, has been published for 25 years.

The first issue of Sme in own printing house; publisher Alexej Fulmek (C) with chief editor Karol Ježík (R).

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