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Exercise: Antibiotics resistance a growing danger

This exercise is linked to the article: Antibiotics resistance a growing danger

This exercise is linked to the article: Antibiotics resistance a growing danger

1. Do you ever buy or use medicines or nutritional supplements like vitamins, minerals or herbs? If yes, what influences your choice – advertisements, recommendations from friends, advice from doctors, personal experience?
2. Do you take antibiotics frequently? Did you do so as a child? In your opinion, are they still effective?
3. In which cases do you think antibiotics can be replaced by other, less invasive remedies and in which they are the only effective means?
4. Would you take antibiotics as a preventive measure? And, more generally, what is the role of medical prevention and what role could it or should it have in our lives?

This exercise is published as part of Spectator College, a programme created by The Slovak Spectator.

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