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-Amrop Slovakia, www.amrop.sk
-Grafton Recruitment Slovakia, www.grafton.sk
-Index Nosluš, www.indexnoslus.sk
-Lugera & Maklér, www.lugera.sk
-Manpower Slovensko, www.manpower.sk
-McROY Slovakia, www.mcroygroup.com
-Menkyna & Partners Management Consulting, www.menkyna.com
-ProAct People, www.proactpeople.sk
-Profesia, www.profesia.sk
-Target Executive Search Slovakia, www.targetexecutivesearch.com
-Trenkwalder, www.trenkwalder.sk

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Top stories

Education minister fails to explain distribution of EU money

The opposition parties plan to initiate a no-confidence vote, the second against this minister.

Education Minister Peter Plavčan

Who will stand up for journalists in Turkish prisons?

Journalists living in countries where politicians (for now) do not send people to prison for their opinions, who only sigh in relief that they are lucky this story does not concern them, are deeply mistaken.

Protesters in front of the court building.

EU court’s advocate general proposes to dismiss quota lawsuits

Yves Bot rejects arguments from Slovakia and Hungary on the legality of the relocation plan.

Refugees at the border between Hungary and Serbia.

Daughter to father: I’m going to kill you

Children are often manipulated against their parents while authorities decide about divorces and custody.