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-Amrop Slovakia, www.amrop.sk-Grafton Recruitment Slovakia, www.grafton.sk-Index Nosluš, www.indexnoslus.sk-Lugera & Maklér, www.lugera.sk-Manpower Slovensko, www.manpower.sk-McROY Slovakia, www.mcroygroup.com-Menkyna & Partners Management Consulting, www.menkyna.com-ProAct People, www.proactpeople.sk-Profesia, www.profesia.sk-Target Executive Search Slovakia, www.targetexecutivesearch.com-Trenkwalder, www.trenkwalder.sk

-Amrop Slovakia, www.amrop.sk
-Grafton Recruitment Slovakia, www.grafton.sk
-Index Nosluš, www.indexnoslus.sk
-Lugera & Maklér, www.lugera.sk
-Manpower Slovensko, www.manpower.sk
-McROY Slovakia, www.mcroygroup.com
-Menkyna & Partners Management Consulting, www.menkyna.com
-ProAct People, www.proactpeople.sk
-Profesia, www.profesia.sk
-Target Executive Search Slovakia, www.targetexecutivesearch.com
-Trenkwalder, www.trenkwalder.sk

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Tom Odell surprised Slovak band in Bratislava Video

The British artist was wearing a T-shirt, presented to him by the Tolstoys, from start to finish at his Bratislava concert.

Tom Odell

El País: Female professor openly fights high gender pay gap in Slovakia

The major Spanish daily portrays Slovakia as one of the EU countries with the highest level of gender inequality through the story of Svetlana Fialová.

5 most significant results of the municipal elections Photo

A slightly higher turnout and more independent candidates. Some results in the municipal elections came as a surprise.