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Cvernovka should return to “town in a town” concept

THE ZONING plan (ÚPN) Cvernovka in the Bratislava borough of Ružinov should at least lock onto the original concept of Cvernovka as “a town in a town”, architect Peter Žalman proposed.

THE ZONING plan (ÚPN) Cvernovka in the Bratislava borough of Ružinov should at least lock onto the original concept of Cvernovka as “a town in a town”, architect Peter Žalman proposed.

Žalman is preparing for the city borough a zoning plan of the locality Cvernovka, a former yarn-producing factory dating back to the break of the 19th and 20th centuries. The plan concerns the locality between Paričkova Street, Dulovo Square, Mlynské Nivy and Svätoplukova Street.

Žlaman reminds that the area of the former yarn factory was originally built with this concept, as a complex ground with many functions – not just production.

“There were places for sport here, and for housing of its employees,” Žalman told the TASR newswire. Thus, he recommends that the new concept tries to keep the continuity and the principle of “a town in a town”.

“To create a new hybrid – poly-functional complex without production, but with many new functions and buildings, partially reconstructed,” he suggests.

The ÚPN zoning blueprint should be debated by the Ružinov council in February. This year, according to the preliminary schedule, the concept and the blueprint of the ÚPN zone should be processed and beginning in spring 2016, the Ružinov council should tentatively approve it.

“The plan is to regulate the area which should get clear rules concerning what can and what cannot be built on the due area,” Ružinov spokesperson Miroslava Štrosová said.

One of the goals of the zoning plan is the solution for the national cultural monument, a former spinning factory, which lies in the complex of the former yarn factory. This issue was highly publicised in 2012 when the developing company Hamilton Group carried out the demolition of this part, planning to build new flats, a senior’s home and a park in this area. However, the demolition – which included also one protected monument – met with strong resistance of civic activists. They claimed that the investor acted without valid permission.

Police also dealt with the case, as it received several criminal complaints concerning suspicion of public threat, environmental damage and unauthorised waste disposal. However, the suspicions of crimes were not confirmed, police say.

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