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"I was a member of the HZDS [current opposition party]. I left before it became a semi-mafia and terrorist organisation."

Culture Minister Milan Kňažko. The HZDS has already sued Kňažko for damaging the party's good name and image.

Top stories

Press freedom is bleeding across our borders

Critical media are always the first targets of populists and press freedom enemies.

I have met dozens of people possessed by Satan, exorcist claims

An exorcist can help a believer to escape their problems but not to solve them, psychiatrist Hunčík says.

Priest and exorcist Ľuboš Václavek consecrates the office of Erika Jurinová (OĽaNO).

End of investigative show a cause for concern

Media freedom watchdogs believe the scrapping of the only investigative show on public-service television is a threat to its independence.

Jaroslav Rezník

Slovakia is 26th on the Employment Flexibility Index

Higher work surcharges will push Slovakia down.