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Quote of the Week

"Robertson is right that we have to vote with our eyes open. I will even take my glasses to the ballot box so I don't vote for anyone from the current governing coalition by mistake."

Vladimír Mečiar commenting on advice from Nato Secretary General Lord George Robertson that Slovaks carefully consider who they vote for in next year's parliamentary elections.

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Námestie Slobody gets facelift Photo

The architectural tender will gather ideas for the redesign of the biggest square in Bratislava

Námestie Slobody will be redesigned into a kind of living room in the city.

When the state can’t keep a secret

A selective leak has tarnished President Kiska’s reputation. But he must continue to speak out about corruption.

President Andrej Kiska

Fundamental values explored at Divadelná Nitra 2017

This time round, the Slovak, European and US ensembles at the theatre festival focus on #fundamentals, i.e. basic values and the essence of all things.

Nature Theatre of Oklahoma: Pursuit of Happiness

Foreign rocket engines for North Korea: Why?

For Russia, the path to a weakened China could be through a major nuclear accident in North Korea.