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"They bribe in the courts, universities, hospitals. We mustn't be afraid. But instead, we pull inside our snail shells, go into a bar and start crying after four shots of borovička and say that the biker with the moustache [Dzurinda] is to blame for everything.

Prime Minister Mikuláš Dzurinda, speaking to students about corruption

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Slovakia commemorates the 1968 invasion. Here’s what it looked like Photo

Anniversary of the Warsaw Pact troop invasion that ended the Prague Spring.

Garth: We need a deal that will benefit both

“When I talk to the Brits living in Slovakia, they are quite relaxed about things,” UK Ambassador to Slovakia Andrew Garth says about the Brexit-related concerns.

UK Ambassador to Slovakia Andrew Garth

“Natural police” to protect nature and animals

Those who commit crimes against the environment should watch out.

Illustrative stock photo

Regional authority stops money for school that warned against fascists

Though there is no obvious link between the criticism and the decision to scrap the subsidy, there are some indications.

Marian Kotleba