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"All of a sudden, lights started falling and the walls started shaking in the Office of Government. I had to shout at Brigita Schmögnerová in a way that ill befits [a man talking to] a lady."

Prime Minister Mikuláš Dzurinda recalling in a newly-published memoir how he dealt with resistance from his former Finance Minister to an economic 'austerity package' introduced in May 1999.

Top stories

The Bratislava airport has competition in Vienna

The airport in Vienna, only about 60 kilometres from the Slovak capital, gains 17 new low-cost airliner flights.

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Surcharges for night, weekend and holiday work will go up in two phases

Social partners agree upon a compromise solution.

Royal chocolate made by Slovak Photo

Some of the chocolate art pieces are decorated with gold or silver.

Giving a voice to those unheard

The Sme daily celebrates 25 years since its founding. It is of immense importance that it remains independent and free, writes its editor-in-chief.