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"I have enough humility and experience never to underestimate corruption. But I really am experienced enough not to let myself be pressured on some topic because it happens to be in the interest of certain lobby groups... We will not allow someone to inflate such a serious matter to dimensions it doesn't have."

Prime Minister Mikuláš Dzurinda, responding to concerns about the extent of corruption in Slovakia.

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Meucci: Italy is not going through a catastrophe

Gabriele Meucci has been serving as the Italian Ambassador to Slovakia since January this year. Coming from a posting in Kosovo where he headed the major EULEX mission, he says that Slovakia is a haven for Italian…

Italian Ambassador to Slovakia Gabriele Meucci

Unique discovery proves contact between Great Moravia and Orient Photo

Arabic coin was found at the hillfort of Neštich.

Bratislava marks birthday of its unique character

Schӧner Náci has a life-size statue in the city centre.

The sculpture of Schӧner Náci

Discussion about road project becomes emotional

Analysts want more alternatives for the road from Zvolen to Košice to be assessed

The protest at Soroška