Quote of the Week

"Robert Fico is a modernised mutation of [former PM Vladimír] Mečiar,"

Fedor Gál, one of the main figures of the November 1989 revolution and boss of the Public Against Violence (VPN) movement, which thrust Mečiar into power.

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SaS leader Richard Sulik (centre) says government reshuffles are necessary.

End of Matovič government not ruled out as post-Sputnik crisis continues

Coalition SaS demands reshuffles exceeding the exchange of the health minister.

5 h
Ivan Korčok

Sputnik V is a tool of hybrid war, foreign affairs minister says

Some coalition partners talk about leaving the coalition.

23 h
Illustrative stock photo

New rules come into force. Check out what changes

FFP2 respirators will be obligatory, some schools will close again.

28. feb