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Spectator on facebook

Quote of the Week:

"The arguments that Mr Fico stated in his last extempore are so momentous that

they really must have come out of a big brain. Mr Fico, doesn't your brain nip sometimes?"

- Vladimír Mečiar, the chairman of the opposition Movement for a Democratic Slovakia

Top stories

Slovakia threatened with returning funds for dual education

The system is still not running as it should, and if the country fails to meet goals, it may be asked to pay back the money allocated from EU coffers.

Blog: The wanderer returns home

The places you visit, people you befriend, experiences that leave their mark, they all become a part of you.

Trams will test renewed tram track in downtown Bratislava on Friday

Originally, the tram track should have been put back in operation on November 15

Top 3 news from Last Week in Slovakia Video

EMA will not relocate to Slovakia - Job ads will have to state actual payrates - Trnava factory to produce electric cars

PSA plant in Tranva.