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Quote of the Week:

"It is apparent that with the election date approaching the rhetoric will become increasingly harsher and that ways of attracting attention will be sought. This session was more or less about that."

- Pavol Hrušovský, Speaker of Parliament, reacting to the special session in which opposition party Smer failed in its attempt to recall PM Mikuláš Dzurinda

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She faced Russian tanks in 1968. Today, she protests again Photo

There are no tanks pointing at us today, says Mária Homolková, who joined protests in SNP Square once again in March 2018 to secure a better life for her grandchildren.

Thousands of people returned to the streets Photo

Though the main Bratislava protest was cancelled, people attended other gatherings, expressing their disagreement with the current situation.

SNP Square in Bratislava, March 23

Kiska appoints Pellegrini cabinet

The president approved the new government, despite some reservations. The new PM promises to investigate the murder of the journalist and his fiancée.

Peter Pellegrini's government

There is still work to be done

2018 is not a re-run of 1989, but there is a connection.

Bratislava, March 16