Spectator on facebook

Spectator on facebook

Quote of the Week:

"Too late, but at last Kaník did the right thing. He would have been recalled within two weeks in parliament anyway."

Movement for a Democratic Slovakia leader Vladimír Mečiar, reacting to the decision of Labour Minister Ľudovít Kaník to resign from his post.

Top stories

Bratislava growing high Photo

High-rise buildings sprouting up in Bratislava

Visualisation of the future skyline of Bratislava

People of Pezinok fighting against landfill again

Dispute over controversial Pezinok waste dump, which started 18 years ago, continues.

The controversial landfill site in Pezinok

Crisis ends in Danko’s defeat

Education minister steps down following Fico’s call, Danko not ruling out he might leave politics.

Former education minister Peter Plavčan and PM Robert Fico on July 24.

First Slovak woman crossed the English Channel

Before her, only six Slovak men had managed to complete the difficult swim.