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"The gentlemen thought it would be a feast with champagne."

"The gentlemen thought it would be a feast with champagne."

Pál Csáky, the head of opposition Hungarian Coalition Party, on the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. The opposition said

it would not vote for the ratification until the ruling coalition withdraws its controversial revision to the Press Code.

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Populists are more creative than liberals

The essence of creativity and good governance is about finding a coherent story. When every city gets smart, being a stupid city will be an advantage, says a strategic management expert.

Maciej Kisilowski

Slovak biathletes surprise in women’s relay Photo

Though they were not considered favourites, Slovak biathletes fought bravely for medal positions but ended fifth.

Ivona Fialková of Slovakia crosses the finish line.

Two anniversaries, one enduring relationship

Countless Slovaks and Americans continue to cultivate and renew the strong bonds of friendship between the US and Slovakia through cooperation in the business, technological, cultural, and educational spheres.

US Embassy in Bratislava

Skier Vlhová missed the medal by 0.65 seconds Photo

She competed in the Alpine Combined Slalom for the first time.

Petra Vlhová