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“We need a president who will not be the lesser evil.”

“We need a president who will not be the lesser evil.”

Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) leader Richard Sulík, speaking about his party’s nomination of SaS MP Peter Osuský as its candidate for president.

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Enough of Smer, people chanted in streets Video

Government resignation is not enough, the crowd called for early elections. This is how it looked like in Bratislava on March 16.

Fico fell. These are good, not perfect, developments

Unlike Kaczyński’s case there are two other parties in the coalition with Smer who can still bring the government down at any time.

Blog: Slovakia needs its Macron

"For a Decent Slovakia", where next ? Reflections from a Brit living in Slovakia.

For Decent Slovakia, protest in Lučenec on March 9.

Media are the ultimate frontiers in defending freedom in society today

Miklós Haraszti’s keynote speech at the Budapest award ceremony of the European Press Prize, March 14, 2018.