25th Anniversary – A Generation of Service and Results

Anniversaries provide a useful opportunity for reflection. 

(Source: Amrop Slovakia)

"Over the 25 years of Jenewein Group´s existence, several companies in our consulting industry, including many large and prominent ones, have come and gone. So what has been the secret of our success?

The first word that springs to mind is execution. Jenewein Group together with two other leading consulting firms, Amrop and Fipra, have earned a reputation for always delivering – there is no other similar partnership of consulting firms that can match our record of success in delivering tailor-made and innovative solutions to clients. We are well known for treating clients as our number one priority and have always worked hard to develop deep relationships that last.

Having a unique approach towards serving our clients, however, is no guarantee of continued success. To stay at the top we always need to be one step ahead, continually advancing into new frontiers as we embrace challenges to foster success. A big part of our fruitful history is our capacity to adapt to a changing environment and set new standards in the market. I am very pleased that all three companies continue to be driven by the same entrepreneurial spirit and desire for constant innovation that has enabled us to thrive and prosper for such a long time.

In some respects, Jenewein Group, including Amrop Slovakia and Fipra Slovakia, have changed beyond all recognition. But in one crucial area we remain the same – our principles and values. These fundamentals have stood the test of time and are the foundation and ultimate source of inspiration and passion for success, both for our clients and ourselves.

The past 25 years have been an amazing journey. I am sure the coming decades will be just as exciting."

(Source: Jenewein Group)

"We have a chance to become a better person every day, to be supportive and compassionate, and to benefit others and our community. Some professions (like doctors or teachers) offer this opportunity on a daily basis. Uncompromising rules and tough competition applied in business make this rare, but not impossible. I see myself as a business consultant and coach who is here to help clients to get aligned with their true self. Asking honest questions helps us finding answers that speak to both soul and mind. I am a catalyst of transformation for my clients from the inside out. We are in search for meaning, walking the path of least resistance where goals turn into expressions of their true selves. Business solutions made in this way make not only economic sense, but also benefit others. We are improving the lives of other people, we are being instead of doing. We are becoming better people.

The older I get, the more I appreciate the simple things that are proven over time. To me, Jenewein Group was always like this —trustworthy, honest and correct in every relationship they developed. Its founder, employees and associates stayed humble and competent. I have been impressed by this firm over years. Energised by the Velvet Revolution they showed great enthusiasm. Even today, after 25 years, I admire their professionalism and honesty. The story of Jenewein Group and its specialised firms Amrop and Fipra is also a story of all of us – respectable people who seized a chance and wanted work hard to get to the top, while not forgetting to stay human. For all of these reasons, I am honored to be an Ambassador of their 25th Anniversary Celebrations Campaign."


Gaining TRUST and creating VALUE the new business mantra!

Amrop continuously expands the portfolio of its Leadership Consulting Services. The most recent addition to the core services in the form of Context Driven Leadership Assessment, Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting is Talent Dynamics a business development pathway for accelerating trust and flow. Its modules at the level of the individual, team or leadership increase the growth, trust and effectiveness of cooperation. It teaches managers to take individual talents of people into consideration to create and distribute value at all levels and incorporate entrepreneurial spirit in their everyday managerial decisions. You can learn more about Talent Dynamics in the interview with Andrea Vadkerti, an acclaimed TV journalist, and also coach, mentor and certified Talent Dynamics Consultant as well as Amrop Senior Special Advisor and Ambassador of 25th Anniversary Campaign of Jenewein Group and its leading consulting firms Amrop and Fipra.

Why do you begin every conversation with a client by asking Who are you? and What is your legacy”?

I believe that as in every area of life where you focus to produce meaningful results the starting point is to get to know yourself. We pay too much interest in others and do not look inside. No matter who you are and what you achieved, one of the things that everyone struggles with at some point is knowing who they are. There is no objective standard to use. As individuals our point of view is heavily biased, sometimes towards the positive or sometimes to the negative. We ask those who know us well their opinion, but again there is the danger of a hidden agenda. Either people will focus on positives to spare our feelings, or sometimes might focus on negatives to score points. So many consultants and coaches, will turn only to analysis of the effects of your personality. The individuals that you leave impressions on the environment around you, we measure it 360 degree, the people we interact with, the choices we make. Looking inside is more effective. If we can understand ourselves, we can accurately assess our strengths and compensate for those things that challenge us so we can improve and develop.

Why do personality tests from the last century fail so often?

We instinctually need to classify and categorise. This is why in psychology there is an important difference between personality types and personality traits. Types categorise. People are either/or. So someone is either introverted or extroverted. Traits acknowledge a sliding scale. People can be place on a line between ‘fully introverted’ to ‘fully extroverted’. Because of problems with consistency and how people answer psychometric tests, personality type theories have fallen out of favour in psychology. Just for your information, MBTI is a ‘type’ instrument for example. There is another issue with this objective analysis. Ironically, we can struggle to come to terms with the idea that something other than ourselves can tell us who we are. We resist the categorisation of any instrument even if it is a ‘trait’ instrument especially if it goes against our own self-image. I believe in holistic approaches. I use all methods mentioned above, but only as a compatibility test. Talent Dynamics profiling is based on the old Chinese Zen teaching path of least resistance and the Classic of Book of Changes known as I Ching. We work with energies and talents. This model was developed and proved in Singapore, the most developed country in the world. I live there with my family, we see it working every single day. I trust it.

 You stated that "gaining TRUST while creating VALUE is a new business mantra, correct?

If you are trusted, you will be delivering value. Value is what ensures you have a place in the team, or a place in the market. As long as you are delivering value, your clients will want to buy from you and your boss will see a reason for you to be in the team! Team success is about being proactive with Trust and Flow and not reactive to market indicators. You just need to look at Apple to see how this is true. People buy products from them without even seeing them or touching them. They queue in the streets for hours to get the next new Apple product! They have a very high level of trust with their customers.

What happens when you focus on building Trust and Flow?

Productivity speeds up, accuracy levels improve, attention levels increase. This is to say nothing of how communication improves, you feel more connected to the organisation and at the end of the day you have more fun. Company results improve dramatically. I finalise every single cooperation with my clients by measuring and thus proving the significant financial impact, with measurable increase in profits.

The full version of the article and more about Talent Dynamics and Leadership Consulting can be found at

Prepared by Igor Šulík, Managing Partner, Amrop

Amrop Slovakia (Source: Amrop Slovakia)

Amrop is a leader in Executive Search & Leadership Consulting in more than 50 countries. It is a member of AESC and is its longest active member and remains the only member with a fully-fledged office in Slovakia since 1990. Our unique Context Driven approach to executive search helps our clients find Leaders for What’s Next – top talent, adept at working across borders in markets around the world.

The firm approaches consulting projects using its own model of Amrop 3D Practices based on combination of sector knowledge, functional expertise and ownership specificities of the client organization that enables our consultants effectively address even most difficult challenges and problems of Boards, C-suite managers and highly skilled experts.

Amrop delivers consulting solutions in following business areas:

  • Executive Search
  • Professional Search
  • Board Advisory
  • Leadership Services

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