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Tips for events in Slovakia between July 31 and August 9, including international cat show, a lot of classical music and jazz, an organ festival, jeep rally, a summer film seminar, a beach-volleyball tournament, and more. 

Ister Felis cat showIster Felis cat show (Source: Courtesy of Neuropea agency)




JAZZ: Latino and mainstream jazz are well-matched in the music of baritone-saxophonist Erik Rothenstein. Starts: July 31, 20:00; Eurovea Galleria. Admission: free. More


LIVE MUSIC: A Cappella Dreams – The 3rd year of the international music project brings a cappella singing by choirs from Slovakia (Kruhy), Slovenia (Baseless) and Hungary (Jazzation) on three consecutive evenings. Starts: July 31-Aug 2; Liszt Garden (In case of bad weather Baroque Courtyard) of University Library. Admission: free, tickets must be, however, obtained July 27-29 between 15:00-19:00 in Exhibition Hall, Michalská 1. More   


CAT SHOW: Ister Felis - International Cat Show will bring this weekend to the Slovak capital 180 cats from six countries, of several breeds, including long-haired, short-haired and semi-long haired, as well as oriental ones.  Starts: Aug 1-2, 10:00-17:00 (18:00 on Sat); Bory Mall, Bratislava-Lamač. More info.;    


ROMA CULTURE: Gypsy Fest / World Roma Festival - In its eighth year, this festival expands into a series of events spread over three days, from a closed workshop and a Roma/Non-Roma wedding for public on July 29, through a presentation event in the Main Square of Bratislava, through a musical show Gipsy Baron (with 12 performers from 6 countries), to a colourful parade  across the downtown capital, and to the Gala-evening, with Polish Richard Kwiek, Sare Roma (Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Germany and Sweden) grouping, Imperio (Czech Republic), LeRom (Hungary), and Jana and Vladimír Sendreis from Slovakia. Starts: July 29 (wedding at Nová Scéna theatre-Olympia café at 19:00), July 30 (13:00 presentation; 20:00 show), July 31 (13:00 parade; 20:00 Gala-evening); Main and Hviezdoslavovo Squares. Admission. free. More info:


HIP-HOP PARTY: Street Dance Party – This outdoor hip-hop party lures all passers-by and visitors to participate, be it actively or passively. Starts: Aug 1, 16:00; Eurovea Galleria. Admission: free. More info:


CLASSICAL/BENEFIT CONCERT: In the third benefit concert in the Slovak Radio, the Suffolk Youth Orchestra (UK), with 90 musicians aged 13 to 21, will play the works of Mussorgsky, Khachaturian, John Adams and Antonín Dvořák. Starts: Aug 1, 19:00; concert studio of the Slovak Radio, Mýtna 1. Admission: voluntary. More info, booking of tickets: short message at 0905/716-851;; or at   


JAZZ/TANGO: Festival Music Square – Within this festival, Slovak jazz group the Peter Lipa Band will perform on August 2; and the Beltango from Serbia will play tango Nuevo/modern tango on August 4. Starts: Aug 2, 4, 20:00; Main Square. Admission: free. More   


HISTORICAL FENCING, TOURNAMENT: Rytieri na Devíne / Knights at Devín – Daylong event at the ruins of Devín Castle takes audiences to the past, to the times of knights, dames and minstrels, offering tournaments, historical fencing, dancing and mounted duels, this time focused on the Middle Ages. Starts: Aug 2, 10:00; Devín Castle. Admission: €4-€6. More info:


MINORITIES’ CULTURE: Cultural Summer with Minorities – Within this festival, ethnic minorities living in Slovakia will present their music and culture: Ruthenia – music and dance of Ruthenians; songs inspired by Serbian folklore (Ad Hoc band) on August 5; modern Hungarian folklore, Rév, on August 6; Schmiedhouser, Karpatonemecký súbor, Tužina – traditional sings and dance from the Hauerland territory on August 7; Barbora Botošová and Band – Gypsy Queen project on August 8; and Kol han’shama – Jewish songs and prayers in Hebrew. Sephardim, Ivrit and Arameic languages (Jana Orlická – vocals, Petr Kořínek – double bass, Ondřej Kabrna – oud, accordion) on August 9. Starts: Aug 4-9; 17:00/18:00; Hviezdoslavovo Square. Admission: free. More info:


CLASSICAL MUSIC: Two Brothers – Vladimir and Anton Jablokov are violin virtuosos who will present their joint project in the courtyard of the old Bratislava palace. Starts: Aug 6, 20:30; Zichy Palace, Ventúrska 9. Admission: €5-€7. More info:  


ORGAN: The next concert of the 6th year of the Cathedral Organ Festival presents Willibald Guggenmos from Switzerland playing works of J. Nieland, J. Vogt, T. Hagen, E. H. Lemare, F. Liszt, E. Hovland, and M. Dupré. Starts: Aug 6, 19:00; St Martin’s Cathedral. Admission: €1-€8. More info:   


JAZZ: Peter Dobai & Nikolaj Nikitin Quintet (Peter Dobai – sax; Nikolaj Nikitin – sax; Shane O`Donovan (IR) – drums; Barry Donohue (IR) – bass; Leopoldo Osie (Venezuela) – piano) will play jazz to enhance the evening. Starts: Aug 6, 20:00; Kafé Scherz, Palisády (Partizánska 2). Admission: free. Tel: 0918/ 724-379; (


OPERA: Slovak soprano living in the Czech Republic, Simona Houda-Šaturová, in this concert of the Viva Musica festival presents a selection of arias by Mozart and his lesser-known Czech contemporary Josef Mysliveček, which also appeared in November 2014 in her most recent album Decade: Mozart & Mysliveček. The project, with original dramaturgy, presents arias by both composers produced during the years 1771-1781 and compares their works.

Starts: Aug 7, 20:00; St Martin’s Cathedral. Admission: €20. Tel: 02/5293-3321;;


JAZZ: Summer Dance Parties at Gamekeeper’s Lodge / Letná tančiareň v horárni – This edition of the summer series will bring Vlado Vizár Jazz Quartet playing music for dancing and a chill-out evening. Starts: Aug 8, 17:00; Horáreň / Gamekeeper’s Lodge in Horský Park. Admission: free. More info:   


RAGTIME/CLASSICAL MUSIC: Saxophone Syncopators – Band consisting of four sax players will play ragtime classics – as well as an original work composed for them – in unusual arrangements for four saxophones (Pavol Hoďa – soprano/alto sax, clarinet; Ján Gašpárek – alto sax; Ladislav Fančovič – tenor sax, arrangements;  Frederika Babuliaková – baritone sax). This time, they will play a rather classical repertoire, the works by Jean Baptiste Singeleé: Quartet Op.53 – Slovak premiere; Jevgenij Iršaj: Saxocracy (dedicated to Saxophone Syncopators); Alexander Glazunov: Quartet Op.109; Eugéne Bozza: Andante et Scherzo – Slovak premiere. Starts: Aug 9; Museum of Croatian Culture in Slovakia of the Slovak National Museum (MKCHS), Istrijská 68. Tel: 02/2049-3101;


CLASSICAL MUSIC: The cycle of benefit concerts by big foreign orchestras at the Slovak Radio will culminate with the Turkish national Youth Orchestra – Türkiye Genҫlik Filarmoni Orkestrasi, as conducted by Cem Mansur, performing works by Claude Debussy, Antonín Dvořák, Ulvi Cemal Erkin and Igor Stravinsky. Starts: Aug 12, 19:00: big studio of the Slovak Radio, Mýtna 1. Admission: voluntary (proceeds go to the Cancer Research Foundation), booking necessary via; or text message at 0905/716-851, or through


WORLD/LIVE MUSIC: Egyptian Project – The joint project of experienced Egyptian musicians on traditional instruments and young French enthusiasts led by Jerome Ettinger (with an Egyptian Gipsy singer on this tour) combines old and new, and brings traditional music in modern, youthful arrangements for music clubs. After the release of the Ya Amar album, a European tour has started, and now, it makes a stop in Bratislava before continuing to the Sziget festival in Budapest: Sozan Moktar – singer; Ragab Sadek – percussions; Sayed Emam – singer, kawala and percussions; Salama Metwally- rababa, violin; Jérôme Ettinger – artistic director, singer, arghul, percussions;  Anthony Bondu – drum. Starts: Aug 13, Nu Spirit Club, Luxor Passage (Štúrova 3). More info:;      


ORGAN: Within the 6th Cathedral Organ Festival, the third concert brings to the Bratislava cathedral Gunnar Petersen of Norway playing the works of Bach, K. Nystedt, E. Hovland, C. Franck, J. Alain, and L. Vierne. Starts: Aug 13, 19:00; St Martin’s Cathedral. Admission: €1-€8. More info:  


GASTRONOMY/HISTORY: Wine and Art – The summer series of events tries to revive the Middle Ages, with its art – Chorea Antica choir, Festum Aeternum dance group – and gastronomy, including wine. Starts: July 31, 19:30, Small-Carpathian Museum, M.R. Štefánika 4. Admission: €2.50. Tel: 033/6412-057;    





FOLKLORE FESTIVAL: Jánošík, the outlaw-turned-national hero in Slovakia, came from the region around the municipality of Terchová which has been organising Jánošík Days, folklore festival, for 53 years. This year, the programme includes 1,200 performers from four countries, folklore, world music, exhibitions, film screening, crafts presentation and fireworks. Starts: July 30-Aug 2; Terchová and vicinity. More info (in Slovak):

Banská Štiavnica

LIVE MUSIC: Henry Tóth: For the “Forever 27 Club” – Slovak guitarist Tóth and his guests play the music of those who died at the heyday of their glory and fame, only 27 years old: Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and others. Starts: July 31, 19:00; ERB Theatre, Novozámocká 27, more info:   

Banská Bystrica/vicinity

JEEP RALLY: The 4th International Jeep Wrangler rally pod hradom / Under the Castle offers a night mountain ride on Friday, the main programme including the Renegade Rock Festival in Podkonice and a ride through Slovenská Ľupča-Podkonice-Selce-Ľubietová on Saturday, with a day mountain ride on Sunday. Starts: July 31-Aug 2; Mníchov dvor, Slovenská Ľupča. More info:

Banská Štiavnica

FILM SEMINAR: 4živly – Zmysly / Senses – The leitmotif of this year’s summer international film seminar Senses, with guests including Hungarian director of Taxidermia, György Pálfi, Slovaks – sound engineer Dušan Kozák, editor Alexandra Gojdičová, composer Marek Piaček and light designer Laura Murguía Sanchez. Starts: Aug 5-9; various sites in Banská Štiavnica. More info:  





BEACH VOLLEYBALL: Slovanet Tatra Beach 2015- The tournament in beach volleyball is the Slovak championship with international participation. Starts: Aug 2, 9:00; AquaCity Poprad, Športová 1. More info:

Liptovská Teplička

FOLKLORE: Folkórne slávnosti pod Kráľovou hoľou – This folklore celebrates its 20th year not just with music and dance, but also traditional arts and crafts, tasting of local food in unique potato cellars, and more. Starts: Aug 1-2, 10:00; Magadzin amphitheatre, Liptovská Teplička. More info:


ART FEST: Festival súčasného umenia / Contemporary Art Festival – The event within the Prešov Cultural Summer features music and dance (Úzka krajina – The Blessed Beat: David Kollar, Simone Cavina, Paolo Raineri; COIMP – Daniel Špiner: piano; Z. Pončáková and D. Straka – dance; Inside Group – Panáčik). Starts: July 30, 19:00; PKO courtyard, Hlavná 50. More info:

High Tatras

CHILDREN’S PARTY: Medvedie dni / Bear Days 2015 – The non-traditional “bear festival” brings four days of fun, competitions and music to Hrebienok, a popular resort in the High Tatras. Starts: July 30-Aug 2; Hrebienok. Admission: free. More info:  

Zemplínska Šírava

MUSIC FESTIVAL: Amfík Šírava Fest – The revived – after 15 years – music festival brings this year to this water reservoir Slovak bands like Desmod, Heľnine oči, The Fusion and Freedeggs. Starts: July 31; Zemplínska Šírava. Admission: €6. More info: 02/5293-3321;  


LIVE MUSIC: King Khan and the Shrines – The eccentric leader of the garage-psychedelic-soul musicians, Canadian/Berlin-based with Indian roots, King Khan, performs in Slovakia with his band, The Shrines.

Starts: Aug 1, 20:00; Tabačka Kulturfabrik, Gorkého 2. Admission: €10. More info:;  


LIVE MUSIC: Leto v parku / Summer in the Park – This multi-genre festival brings a lot of music, dance, art, film screening and entertainment to Košice; and apart from local performers, also presents French star ZAZ. Starts: Aug 9, 18:30; Kasárne Kulturpark barracks, Kukučínova 2. Admission: €25. Tel: 02/5293-3321;  

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