Blog: What can we achieve together in 24 hours?

Can Slovakia become a Great Country? We believe it can. 

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That’s why we’re launching a 24-hour donation marathon at Anyone can join. Let’s show what we can achieve together in only 24 hours – on Thursday, August 20, 2015.

Many good things are happening in Slovakia, yet it’s hard to be informed about all of them. We’ve chosen six NGOs that continue to make Slovakia a better place for living. With full commitment and very limited financial sources, they help people who cannot help themselves, and they help in situations that are often viewed as impossible to resolve. 

You might think that your €5 or €10 contributions won’t change anything. But the Pontis Foundation will award €1000 to the NGO that collects the most money on Thursday, Aug 20 on Every euro counts during this 24-hour donation marathon – and your donation just might make the difference.

Let’s change Slovakia together. Donate to one of the following six projects on Thursday, August 20 here:

The list of six NGOs:

The Youth’s Mission (Misia mladých)

They are short of money – women who’ve lost their husbands, children who’ve lost their fathers, families with several children who’ve lost their breadwinners. The Misia mladých (Orava region, Northern Slovakia) teaches them to be self-sufficient: to farm and decrease their costs of living, while at the same time living a healthy life. These families in need learn to breed their own chickens and goats and plant their own gardens. Your donation helps to provide them with an egg-laying chicken for free – to overcome a difficult period in their lives.

The Fair-Play Alliance (Aliancia Fair-play)

The investigators from the Aliancia Fair-play advise journalists, blog, speak, run campaigns, and disclose the misdeeds of politics and jurisdictions. They award individuals who bravely stand up for the public with a White Crow award. Donate and support their efforts to make Slovakia a better and fairer country.

The Forget-Me-Not (Nezábudka)

Families with severely handicapped children live rough lives. The parents of these families must go to work, while the possibilities of caring for their children are very limited. Nezábudka is the only house in the Senec region available for the 44 handicapped kids and teens who visit on a daily basis – for the majority of them, it is their only possibility to participate in any kind of social setting. Therapy and education provided by skilled specialists help these kids progress significantly. With your help, every child can get tailored and professional care, depending on his/her disability.

The Wild Poppies (Divé maky)

Help talented Roma children to develop their abilities. The Divé maky grantees are teens with the talent, motivation and ambitions to fulfil their dreams. However, they come from socially-disadvantaged environments where they are not able to fully develop their potential. Your donation will help pay for dormitories, teaching aids and summer camps for these children so they can better cultivate their talents.


In Nitra, a group of volunteers from Triptych, a citizens’ association, transformed an illegal waste dump into a park with playgrounds and a garden, which they’ve named Hidepark. Now, they regularly organize cultural events there. Help them build an indoor recreation facility in their cultural centre. Help Hidepark change Nitra into a more active and mature city.

People in Need (Člověk v tísni)

Help children from Roma villages receive tutoring. Člověk v tísni provides education to volunteers and pedagogy students who become individual tutors for Roma children from disadvantaged environments. They visit Roma families to assist children with learning and managing life outside of school, and they also work with the children’s parents. This is a chance for Roma children not to be resigned to the fate of their parents, but to live a more meaningful life.

Anna Podlesna, from Pontis Foundation

Note: Dobra Krajina (Great Country) is a project of the Pontis Foundation collecting and distributing donations in a fair manner.

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