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Blog: Did we manage to change Slovakia for the better in just 24 hours?

24 hours; 621 good folk; €10,528.49 for non-profit organisations – the most successful 24-hour charity run ever.

(Source: Courtesy of kamarian photography)

Together, we can change things for the better and make Slovakia a great country.

All over Slovakia, many good and enthusiastic people are selflessly helping others and making various good deeds. Quite often do they anyhow struggle with lack of funding and only have limited resources for their activities.

That is why every single donation from the 24-hour charity run does count.

Together, we managed to make this year’s 24-hour charity run the most successful one ever and collected a wonderful amount of €10,528.49. The €1,000 bonus went to the Fair-Play Alliance, which was supported by people with a total donation of €3,368.49.

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Thanks to the generosity of everyone involved, we managed the following:

“Whenever there is a next “Váhostav-gate”, or when a Mr Harabin gets to power, we work around the clock. Thanks to the support of our donors, we will be able to bring forward a new case, which shows what all lies in publicly available information when you ask the right questions.” Fero Pauliny, Aliancia Fair-play

“The Forget-me-not House has been offering social assistance to kids and young people with a severe handicap for as many as 20 years. We are the only facility of its kind in the entire Senec district. Thanks to the €2,517.54 you donated, our handicapped clients can undergo special rehabilitation treatments, education or logopaedist, music and art therapy sessions. Regular therapies help our clients proceed, improve their abilities and enjoy the fruits of achieved results. A big “Thank You” goes to all our donors for their trust, which obliges us a lot.” Ildikó Popálená, , OZ Nezábudka

“Hidepark managed to collect €905.58 needed for sheathing the last three containers. After five long years we finally have proper facilities for our volunteers and artists. Thank you very much!” Marek Hattaš, Hidepark

“The €1,278.78 collected on donations will cover the essential study costs for several Roma children from socially disadvantaged families. We will mainly use it to pay for their accommodation, tuition fees and travel expenses. The donated funds will also help us include further children into our plan and thus help them get the chance of their life and study at high schools and universities. We are truly grateful!“ Zuzana Šáriová, Divé maky

“For three years have we now been helping poor families in Orava by providing them with animals and plants to farm and educating them. Our goal is to make them self-sufficient and help them see the value of things and finances they are able to provide for themselves. Thanks to more than €990.99 collected on donations, we can buy chickens, goats and fruit trees for further 20 families and hold two educational workshops.” Anton Michalica, OZ Misia mladých

“We are grateful for every single donation we received from everybody during the 24-hour charity run. The €1,035.28 we received will help us train 15 new volunteers in a professional training, who will start working in the Prešov region and in Plavecký Štvrtok already this October. They will give private after-school tuition to kids from socially disadvantaged families, which has proven to be the most successful and efficient method. The volunteer namely not only becomes a tutor, but also a personal role model for many kids and can help them motivate to better grades in school.” Milada Javorová, Člověk v tísni

We in the Pontis Foundation are very grateful to all our partners who helped this 24-hour charity run happen on a volunteer basis. A great thanks goes to the Adbee digital agency for their highly professional and creative approach and Expres radio for their will to help us and provide us with free time on the air throughout the entire campaign. And last but not of course not least, thanks to Táňa Pauhofová, Jarka Hargašová-Lajčáková, Janko Kuric, Tomáš Janovic and Adela Banášová for playing their part in our spots.

We would also like to sincerely thank to all of you who contributed their 5 percent for running the DobraKrajina.sk project. Your €431.83 will help a lot. All projects are provided free technical background on the website by the Pontis Foundation. We also cover all costs related to keeping the website up-to-date, the payment mechanisms, any bank and card fees, as well as all costs related to managing and reporting the public collection, via which the money was donated. The voluntary 5 percent donors can give for running the Great Country project bring us approximately €2,000 annually, used for raising the awareness of published projects, by means of e.g. this 24-hour charity run. We are able to cover most costs mainly thanks to our corporate partners.

The 24-hour charity run showed how much can be done in just one day.

Now imagine what we could achieve together in one year.

If all of us donated just €5 each month, we could achieve much more and make Slovakia a great country step by step. At DobraKrajina.sk you can find more than 50 proven projects, which bring great value to several areas and regions all over Slovakia.

Anna Podlesna, from Pontis Foundation

Note: Dobra Krajina (Great Country) is a project of the Pontis Foundation collecting and distributing donations in a fair manner.

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