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Countrywide events

Tips for events taking place in Slovakia between September 25 and October 4, including charity events, flying kites, an autumn traditional gastronomy festival, a lot of music - also modern classical combined with VJing and dance, fairy tale on ice, and more.  

Carmen á la Gypsy Devils - Zuzana Čorejová is the flamenco expression of Carmen in SNDCarmen á la Gypsy Devils - Zuzana Čorejová is the flamenco expression of Carmen in SND (Source: Mako Hindy)




JAZZ/LIVE MUSIC:  Mr. Moon – The music band (Ďuro “malýBesy” Veselický – drums; Tomáš "puky" Lukáč – guitar; Radovan Činčura – bass, double bass;  Dominika "shade" Zdražilová – vocals) plays funky groove that is distinctive and characteristic. Starts: Sep 25, 20:00; Hlava 22, Bazová 9. Tel: 0911/193-382; www.hlava22.


LANGUAGE DAY: European day of Languages 2015 hails foreign languages and cultures – 24 official languages in the European Union, and more than 60 regional and minority languages. The programme includes music, dance, film screenings in Mladosť cinema, including Hosanna by Katerzyna Gondek. Starts: Sep 25, 9:00; Hviezdoslavovo Square. Admission: free. More info: www.citylife.sk.


SPORTS: Box Gala Evening – Within the Ružinov (a Bratislava borough) Harvest Feast, the Box gala Evening will feature the 3rd year of international matches in Olympic boxing. Starts:Sep 25, 18:00; DK Ružinov (Ružinov House of Culture), Ružinovská ul. 28. Tel.: 02/4333 0523, www.inba.sk.      


CLASSICAL MUSIC: Autumn Schubertiade – The Slovak string body, Hilaris Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Czech Marek Štilec and young Japanese pianist Kasumi Barouch will play the works of Mozart, Schubert, Grieg, Dvořák, and contemporary Slovak composer Vladimír Godár. Starts: Sep 25, 19:00; Dvorana music hall of the VŠMU Academy of Performing Arts, Zochova 1. Admission: €5-€10. More info: www.citylife.sk.    


CHARITY/MARKET:  Radničkine trhy – The 15th year of this event offers, as always, the chance to buy items from handicapped people and for them to present their work, their workplaces and offer consultancy for employers. Accompanying events include musical, folklore performances, workshops and a competition for the best handicraft products. Starts: Sep 25 (11:00-17:00)-26 (9:00-17:00); Primate’s Square, courtyard of the City Hall. Admission: free. More info: www.citylife.sk.    


BALLET/ROMA CULTURE: Carmen á la Gypsy Devils – The famous work by George Bizet, Carmen, has got a new form thanks to the adaptation by Ernest Šarközy and the performance by the Gypsy Devils band, the ballet of the Slovak National Theatre (SND) and CreDance group. The famous tunes by G. Bizet will be all sung in Roma language in this premiere. Starts: Sep 26; 19:00; historical building of the SND, Hviezdoslavovo Square 1. Admission: €14-€39. Tel: 02/2049-4290 or www.snd.sk.  


ORIENTAL DANCE FESTIVAL: Pressburg Dance Fest 2015 - This is a festival of Oriental dance that has grown in a few years into an international event comprising three days: on September 25, workshops will take place, led by Slovak and foreign choreographers (Zaghareet, Rozalia Walocha, Mohamed El Hosseny, Christine Yaven, Dahabeya – Elena Eleftheriou). The next day, the festival culminates with an international competition – of individuals and groups, amateurs, semi-professionals and professionals – and a Gala Show. On September 27, workshops will be organised. Starts: Sep 25-27; DK Lúky House of Culture, Vígľašská 1. Admission: €10 (in advance) for the Gala Show  - €12 onsite); all day Saturday €12 in advance and €15 onsite. More info: www.pressburgdancefest.sk; www.kzp.sk. 


LIVE MUSIC: The guitar concert presents Uruguayan soloist Alvaro Córdoba. Starts: Sep 26, 18:00; SCKaV, Zichy Palace, Ventúrska 9. More info: www.inba.sk.


TANGO: Spoznajte argentínske tango – Get to Know Argentinean Tango – A free-of-charge seminar and mini-course led by the Tango Abrazo. Starts: Sep 26, 19:00; the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Hodžovo Square 2. More info: www.inba.sk.   


CHARITY/SPORT: Na kolesách proti rakovine / Wheeling against Cancer – The charity sporting event strives to bring people in motion on wheelchairs, bicycles, scooters, inline skates, skateboards and anything that can move; to collect money for the tissue micro-analyser and to point to this crucial device of oncology patients. Starts: Sep 27, Main Square. More info: www.nakolesach.sk.     


CLASSICAL MUSIC: Musica Poetica da camera / Unknown Visitor at J.S. Bach’s – Ján Francisci – The event named after classical study by Ernest Zavarský explores the personality of less-known Banská Bystrica composer Ján (Johann) Francisci (1691-1758) via his autobiography and his rarely performed works for keyboard instruments as compared to those of his contemporaries. The project organised by Andrej Šuba and Miloš Valent will be performed by the Solamente Naturali ensemble (Miloš Valent – violin, viola, artistic director; Rita Papp – cembalo; Marek Špelina – Baroque flute, fipple flutes; Stanislav Bartko – baritone; Andrej Štafura – organ; Ľuba Habart – violin; Peter Vrbinčík – viola; Michal Sťahel – cello). Starts: Sep 27, 18:15; Slovak National Gallery, 1st floor, Esterházy Palace, Ľ. Štúr Square 4. Admission: €2-€4, More info: www.sng.sk/sk/uvod/sprievodne-programy/verejnost/hudba/musica-poetica-da-camera


GASTRONOMY/FOR CHILDREN: Chute Japonska / Flavours of Japan – Practical gastronomy workshops for children older than five, with Natsumi Kakita, chef of Japanese Ambassador to Slovakia Mr. Egawa, is part of the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava 2015. It will teach them to make rice ball onigiri and Japanese ice-cup. Starts: Sep 27, 15:00 (16:00 second batch); Kunsthalle House of Arts, SNP Square 12. Admission: free (€1 for the BIB exhibition), but reservations have to be made at 02/5980-0100, or culture@bv.mofa.go.jp by September 21. More info: www.citylife.sk.


OPERA: Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari – Jewels of Madonna / I Gioielli della Madonna – The opera in three acts, in Italian language, premiered recently in the Slovak National Theatre (SND), conducted by Friedrich Haider, directed by Manfred Schweigkofler, with cast including Miroslav Dvorský / Kyungho Kim; Jitka Sapara-Fischerová / Denisa Šlepkovská; Adriana Kohútková / Natália Ushakova; Daniel Čapkovič / Sergej Tolstov; Ivan Ožvát / Igor Pasek, and others. Starts: Sep 29, 19:00; new SND building, Pribinova 17. Admission: €8-€30. Tel: 02/2049-4290; www.snd.sk.


TANGO: A “Camerata Tango” musical evening with Ana Carolina Diz (Spain, vocals), Slovaks Vladimír Harvan (violin), Roman Harvan (cello) and Dušan Sujan on piano. Starts: Sep 29, 20:02; Art Club Kafé Scherz, Palisády (Partizánska 2). Tel: 0918/ 724-379; www.kafescherz.sk, (rezervacie@scherz.sk). 


LIVE MUSIC: Dan Bárta & Illustratosphere – Outstanding Czech singer/composer/musician who performed with many famous celebrities, including Bobby McFarin, celebrates the 15th anniversary of his band, Illustratosphere.   

Starts: Sep 30, 20:00; Ateliér Babylon, SNP Square 14. Admission: €16.80-€25. Tel: 02/2090-1900; www.atelierbabylon.sk


MUSIC FESTIVAL:  Waves Bratislava – The third year of two city festivals of “new European” music, Waves Vienna and Waves Bratislava joined forces – again – to offer the Waves Central Europe event, including a conference for professionals and a host of concerts in both capitals, by Austrian, Slovak and even Baltic performers. Starts: Oct 1-4; 13 venues in downtown Bratislava. More info: www.wavescentraleurope.com/category/wavesbratislava-en.   

The Technik STU choir will perform, in the festive environment of the Nedbalka Gallery, the works of Nikolaj Kedrov, Josep Vila, Aguigar, Morten Lauridsen, Alejandro Yagüe, Knut Nysted, Georgi Dimitrov, Peter Bagin, Peter Breiner, Ivan Hrušovský, Ján Rozehnal (re-arranged folk song), Miroslav Šmíd, and Peter Cón

(re-arranaged folk song). Starts: Oct 1, 18:00; Galéria Nedbalka, Nedbalova 17. Admission: €5. More info:  Facebook.com


BALLET:  Midsummer Night’s Dream / Sen noci svätojánskej – The ballet choreographed by Yuri Vamos to the music of Mendelssohn-Bartholdy is inspired by the world-renowned comedy by Shakespeare, directed by Yuri Vamos and danced by Andrej Szabo/ Dominic Ballard/ Peter Dedinský, Chelsea Andrejic/Viola Mariner/Kristína Luptáková, Yuki Kaminaka/Juraj Žilinčár, Davide De Biasi, Sakura Shojima/Isa Ichikawa, Sumire Shojima/Romina Kołodziej, Samuel Price/Andrej Kremz. Starts: Oct 3, 19:00; new SND building, Pribinova 17. Admission: €8-€17. Tel: 02/2049-4290; www.snd.sk.    


EXHIBITION OPENING: Rastislav Podoba – Umelé kvety / Man-made Flowers – The works of Slovak painter Podoba oscillate on the margin of realism and abstraction, and this exhibition is a selection of his most recent works. Starts/open: Oct 1, 19:00 (open Monday-Friday 15:00-19:00 until Nov 6); Krokus gallery, 1st May Square 3. Admission: free. Tel: 02/2072-8131; www.krokus-galeria.sk.   


OPERA: Live from the Met – Il Trovatore – The famous opera will have a star casting in this live broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera, New York: conductor Marco Armiliato; director Sir David McVicar; choreographer Leah Hausman; and performers – Anna Netrebko (Leonora), Dolora Zajick (Azucena), Yonghoon Lee (Manrico), Dmitri Hvorostovsky (Luna), Štefan Kocán (Ferrando). Starts: Oct 3, 18:45; Aréna Theatre, Viedenská Cesta 10. Admission: €15. Tel: 02/6720-2550 or www.divadloarena.sk.  


BATTLE/RE-ENACTMENT: Battle near Lamač 1866 – This re-enactment strives to bring back to life the last battle of the Prussian-Austrian war that took place on the outskirts of Bratislava, between Lamač and Záhorská Bystrica. It will include battles, a period fashion show, a concert of an army band, a period camp, duels of officers, and a night scene on Saturday, while on Sunday, a commemorative mass will take place in the St Margit Church on Vrančovičova Street. Starts: Oct 3 (9:00-19,30)-4 10:00); meadow in front of the crematory. Admission: free. More info: www.citylife.sk.   


MODERN DANCE: Dance theatre Bralen – The ensemble Bralen has been active for decades, coaching about 1,700 dancers, performing 60 choreographies by 22 choreographers from seven countries; and this evening is a continuation of this development. Starts: Oct 3, 19:00; Zrkadlový Háj House of Culture, Rovniankova 3. Admission: €10. Tel: 02/6381-1328 or www.kzp.sk.  


FLYING KITES: Šarkaniáda v Devínskej Novej Vsi –“Kitelyimpcs” is an event and kite flying competition, for children and adults alike. Starts: Oct 3, 14:00; Istra Centrum Glavica, Devínska Nová Ves. More info: www.citylife.sk


LIVE BLUES: Blues onboard a Ship / Blues na lodi - Sitra Achra – This grouping (comprising Boboš Procházka, Pišta Lengyel, Ajdži Sabo, Martin Gašpar and Martin Zajko) plays blues mixed with funk, soul, reggae and hillbilly, this time on a ship anchored on the Petržalka bank of the Danube. Starts: Oct 4, 19:00; Loď Café/Divadlo v podpalubí, Tyršovo embankment of the Danube. Admission: €7. Tel: 0903/449-650; www.adylod.sk.  


GASTRONOMY: Slávnosti zelá (Kapusty) / The Sauerkraut Feast celebrates the local tradition of conserving the cabbage harvest into a sauerkraut supply, together with local folklore and even comprising foreign guests from the bordering regions of the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary. Starts: Oct 2-4; Stupava village near Bratislava. More info: www.citylife.sk.    




Banská Bystrica:

MODERN DANCE: Predstavenie Vertedance: Korekce – The Korekce / Correction performance of the Czech troupe VerTeDance (with music by Clarinet Factory) has become the Dance Staging of the Year 2014. It explores the ups and downs, the pleasure and the fear connected with lack of freedom, with entrapment. Directed by Jiří Havelka, choreography and dance by Veronika Knytlová, Tereza Ondrová, Martina Hajdyla Lacová, Karolína Hejnová, Robo Nižník, Jaro Ondruš, Petr Opavský; stage and costumes by Dáda Němeček; light design by Katarína Ďuricová; music by Clarinet Factory. Starts: Sep 30, 20:00; Záhrada – Centrum nezávislej kultúry, SNP Square16 (Beniczkého pasáž). More info: www.kamdomesta.sk.

Žilina/Ružomberok/other cities, towns

CLASSICAL/LIVE MUSIC TOUR: Cluster Ensemble – Changing Parts by Philip Glass – The new project by Cluster Ensemble (Ivan Šiller – artistic director, electric organ; Fero Király – inter-media director, electric organ;

Zuzana Biščáková – electric organ; Nikolaj Nikitin – tenor and soprano saxophone; Branislav Dugovič – clarinet and bass-clarinet; Martin Adámek – clarinet; Veronika Vitázková – flute; Lenka Novosedlíková – marimba; Jakub Pišek – programming, VJing; Dance: Petra Fornayová, Daniel Raček, Radoslav Piovarči, Soňa Ferienčíková, Jana Tereková and Barbora Janáková) combines playing the Changing Parts by Philip Glass (who heard them perform it in Košice and was happy with it) with visual effects – Vjing by Jakub Pišek and dance choreographed by Petra Fornayová, in a rare rich performance that will tour six Slovak cities and towns, Dolný Kubín (Sep 24), Žilina (Sep 25), Ružomberok (Sep 27), Nové Zámky (Sep 29), Bratislava (Sep 30, garden Pod Pyramídou and again on Oct 19), Piešťany (Oct 1). Starts: Sep 25, 19:00; New Synagogue, J.M. Hurbana 11. More info: www.novasynagoga.sk/cluster-ensemble-music-with-changing-parts; www.ruzomberok.sk/sk/mesto/spravy/oznamy/jesenna-hudba-u-fullu-2015; etc.    


PHOTO EXHIBITION: Fotoforum – The 48th international salon of photography saw six Slovaks succeed – out of 854 black-and-white and colour photos by 129 photographers from 27 countries worldwide; and of these, 198 were selected for this exhibition. Open: Weekdays 9:00-16:00; weekends 13:00-16:00 Oct 3-until Oct 31; Š. N. Hýroša Square 10. Admission: €50-€3. Tel: 044/4322-468; www.liptovskemuzeum.sk





SWING: Profile concert of Fats Jazz Band brings their staple music, dating back to the 1920s-1940s in modern arrangements. Starts: Sep 26, 19:00; House of culture, Snina. Admission: €5. More info: www.snina.sk/zivot-v-meste/kultura/kam-za-kulturou/?ftshow=10#ka10.


MUSIC/DANCE: Area – This performance combines modern classical music by Peter Machajdík with dance/performance by dancer/choreographer Lucia Kašiarová. Starts: Sep 30, 19:00; Tabačka KulturFabrik, Gorkého 2. Admission: €3-€5. More info: www.tabacka.sk


LIVE MUSIC: Eros Ramazotti returns to Košice after five years, thus fulfilling his promise to come back. This time, he will present – within the Eros World Tour 2015 – his biggest hits, but also pieces from new album to appear next spring. Starts: Sep 30, 20:00; Steel Aréna, Nerudova 12. Admission: €33-€42. Tel: 02/5293-3321; www.ticketportal.sk.  

Košice (Bratislava)

ICE SHOW: Máša a medveď na ľade / Masha and the Bear on Ice – This family show merges the classical Russian popular fairy tale with a breath-taking ice show which starts in Košice on a tour around Slovakia.

Starts: Oct 3 13:30, 17:00; Steel Aréna, Nerudova 12. More info: www.predpredaj.sk; www.masamedved.sk.  

Košice/Humenné/other cities, towns

LIVE MUSIC: Alexandrovci, or Red Army Alexandrov Ensemble, returns to Slovakia for an extensive tour that visits eight cities – after Košice also Humenné, Poprad, Žilina, Trenčín, Zvolen, Nitra and Bratislava. At the first concert, they will join forces with folklore troupe Kandráčovci (who will play with them everywhere except for Humenné), Michal David and for the last concert, Lucie Bílá will join in. Starts: Sep 29, 19:00; Steel Aréna, Nerudova 12. Admission: €18-€50. Tel: 02/5293-3321; www.ticketportal.sk.    


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