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Tips for events taking place in Slovakia, with many music festivals, film festivals, art festivals (and a White Night), a yoga festival, two re-enactments of historical events, a railway and an ice show for children, and more. 

CANCELLED! Apart from merely watching art works, national offers also Talking Art event with curators and lecturers. Biedermeier exhibition - Sebastian Lohann Feitzelmeyer: Petržalka Park, 1825 (Bratislava City Gallery)CANCELLED! Apart from merely watching art works, national offers also Talking Art event with curators and lecturers. Biedermeier exhibition - Sebastian Lohann Feitzelmeyer: Petržalka Park, 1825 (Bratislava City Gallery) (Source: Courtesy of SNG)




MUSIC FESTIVAL:  Waves Bratislava – The third year of two city festivals of “new European” music, Waves Vienna and Waves Bratislava joined forces – again – to offer the Waves Central Europe event, including a conference for professionals and a host of concerts in both capitals, by Austrian, Slovak and even Baltic performers. Starts: Oct 1-4; 13 venues in downtown Bratislava. More info: www.wavescentraleurope.com/category/wavesbratislava-en.   


SPORTS: The 23rd year of the Memoriálu Ondreja Nepelu /Ondrej Nepela Trophy brings a tournament in figure skating to Bratislava ice stadium, with four categories – men, women, sport couples and dance couples – attracting skaters from all over the world, including names like Jason Brown of the USA, Gordei Gorshkov, Roberta Rodeghiero, Russians Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov, and Maia and Alex Shibutanis of the USA.  Since 2014, this competition dedicated to the late Slovak figure skater and Olympic winner is part of ISU Challenger Series. Starts: Oct 1-3, Ondrej Nepela ice stadium (Slovnaft Arena), Odbojárov 9. More info: www.nepelatrophy.weebly.com. Tickets: www.ticketportal.sk.  


CLASSICAL/CHOIR MUSIC: Bratislava Cantat – This festival of choir music brings, in its third year, choirs from Slovakia (Spážatá, Apollo) and from abroad (Unerhort- Austria, Chlapecký sbor Bonifantes-Czech Republic), A Cappella-Lithuania), Arhanghelii-Romania, Mešani pevski zbor Odmev-Slovenia) over four days filled with music in the capital’s churches, Mirror Hall of the Primate’s Palace and Clarissen music hall. Starts: Oct 1-4, various venues. More info: www.citylife.sk.


SPORT FESTIVAL: Bratislava Yoga Days 2015 – The first year of this yoga festival comprises a host of yoga lessons, a concert by German singer Janin Devi and Slovak-British duo Musica Medica (Boris and Rami), as well as a sound journey by Rami, yoga for children, Moon Sequence and more. On Saturday, October 3, the Yoga Philosophy between 13:15 and 13:45 will be in English, by Renée from Austria. Starts: Oct 2-4, Pisztory Palace, Štefánikova 25. Admission: full pass €55, Fri €15; Sat, Sun €25. More info: www.citylife.sk, bratislavayogadays.tumblr.com


HISTORICLA RE-ENACTMENT: Bratislava 1619 – The first re-enactment of a Baroque battle in the Slovak capital – which actually took place, 400 years ago – will be re-enacted close to the sight of original clashes, before the Bratislava/Prešporok (as it was called then) city walls. The main part of this historical-cultural festival revives the period camp, duels and fencing. The real battle was fought on October 14, 1619, between anti-Habsburg rebel Gabriel Bethlen and the imperial army, with the former conquering the city and the castle, while also receiving the Hungarian crown from governor Žigmund Forgáč. The event starts on Friday evening; and on Saturday, a parallel event, the Battle of Vienna 1683, will be organised. Starts: Oct 2, Oct 3 10:00 (military camp), 11:00 march (Aupark), 11:45 Militry manoeuvres and battle (Altblau Regimen and Houwald Regimen), 15:00 Main programme, 20:30 end; Sad Janka Kráľa city park. More info: www.citylife.sk


FILM FESTIVAL: Brazil Visual, the 3rd year of Brazilian movies, is presented by the Portuguese Institute, in order to show contemporary cinematography, culture, social situation and everyday life of this country. After Bratislava, it will visit Košice and Piešťany. Starts: Oct 3-13; KC Dunaj, A4 priestor súčasnej kultúry, and Foajé. Admission: free. More info: www.citylife.sk.


BALLET:  Midsummer Night’s Dream / Sen noci svätojánskej – The ballet choreographed by Yuri Vamos to the music of Mendelssohn-Bartholdy is inspired by the world-renowned comedy by Shakespeare, directed by Yuri Vamos and danced by Andrej Szabo/ Dominic Ballard/ Peter Dedinský, Chelsea Andrejic/Viola Mariner/Kristína Luptáková, Yuki Kaminaka/Juraj Žilinčár, Davide De Biasi, Sakura Shojima/Isa Ichikawa, Sumire Shojima/Romina Kołodziej, Samuel Price/Andrej Kremz. Starts: Oct 3, 19:00; new SND building, Pribinova 17. Admission: €8-€17. Tel: 02/2049-4290; www.snd.sk


OPERA: Live from the Met – Il Trovatore – The famous opera will have a star casting in this live broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera, New York: conductor Marco Armiliato; director Sir David McVicar; choreographer Leah Hausman; and performers – Anna Netrebko (Leonora), Dolora Zajick (Azucena), Yonghoon Lee (Manrico), Dmitri Hvorostovsky (Luna), Štefan Kocán (Ferrando). Starts: Oct 3, 18:45; Aréna Theatre, Viedenská Cesta 10. Admission: €15. Tel: 02/6720-2550 or www.divadloarena.sk.  


BATTLE/RE-ENACTMENT: Battle near Lamač 1866 – This re-enactment strives to bring back to life the last battle of the Prussian-Austrian war that took place on the outskirts of Bratislava, between Lamač and Záhorská Bystrica. It will include battles, a period fashion show, a concert of an army band, a period camp, duels of officers, and a night scene on Saturday, while on Sunday, a commemorative mass will take place in the St Margit Church on Vrančovičova Street. Starts: Oct 3 (9:00-19,30)-4 10:00); meadow in front of the crematory. Admission: free. More info: www.citylife.sk.   


MODERN DANCE: Dance theatre Bralen – The ensemble Bralen has been active for decades, coaching about 1,700 dancers, performing 60 choreographies by 22 choreographers from seven countries; and this evening is a continuation of this development. Starts: Oct 3, 19:00; Zrkadlový Háj House of Culture, Rovniankova 3. Admission: €10. Tel: 02/6381-1328 or www.kzp.sk.  


FLYING KITES: Šarkaniáda v Devínskej Novej Vsi –“Kitelyimpcs” is an event and kite flying competition, for children and adults alike. Starts: Oct 3, 14:00; Istra Centrum Glavica, Devínska Nová Ves. More info: www.citylife.sk


LIVE BLUES: Blues onboard a Ship / Blues na lodi - Sitra Achra – This grouping (comprising Boboš Procházka, Pišta Lengyel, Ajdži Sabo, Martin Gašpar and Martin Zajko) plays blues mixed with funk, soul, reggae and hillbilly, this time on a ship anchored on the Petržalka bank of the Danube. Starts: Oct 4, 19:00; Loď Café/Divadlo v podpalubí, Tyršovo embankment of the Danube. Admission: €7. Tel: 0903/449-650; www.adylod.sk.  

CANCELLED! Bratislava

ART EVENT: Talking Art -The series of events for English speakers, offering guided tours around the Slovak National Gallery (SNG) with lecturers or curators and a glass of wine and a little conversation afterwards. This time round, the exhibition discussed will be Biedermeier, tempting guests with a special look at what the gallerists do and how they approach the work of bringing great art and culture to their patrons. Curators Katarína Beňová and Jana Švantnerová will talk about “the era of the Vienna waltz, operettas, winter balls, travelling throughout the country and the wide world, the development of rail and steamship transportation” as they suggest. The exhibition is the first attempt to look at the period through the prism of field research in museums and galleries in Slovakia and Hungary, they add. The session will be followed by a wine tasting with Roman Válik who used to run a small wine shop in Bratislava, and although those days are over; his appreciation for wine hasn't waned a bit. On that evening he will introduce guests to six new grape varieties bred in Slovakia.  Starts: Oct 6, 18:00. Admission: €9. More info: www.sng.sk, bookings to be done at zuzana.palicova@sng.sk.


LIVE MUSIC: Ewan Dobson (CAN) – The guitar virtuoso, identifiable by his fingerstyle playing, returns to Bratislava within his Maximum Guitar European Tour 2015. Starts: Oct 7, 19:00; Museum of Trade, Linzbothova 16, Bratislava-Podunajské Biskupice. More info: www.rockvmuzeu.sk, www.muzeumobchoduba.sk.


PARTY/FESTIVAL: BACK2SCHOOL 2015 – The second year of a student festival/party offers a host of popular bands and musicians (Payaco, Hwľenine Oši, Chiki Liki Tu-A and Puding Pani Elvisovej, and a lottery in which one drawn student wins the right to be accommodated at the GOLDEN SPACE luxury room at the Mlynská dolina valley dorms. Starts: Oct 7, 17:00 Mlynská dolina (From 22:00 at Unique Club Stage, Aura Oldies Stage and Kotolna Rock Stage. More info: www.facebook.com/events/364077857080738.


FILM FESTIVAL: BE2CAN 2015 will bring to Bratislava winning films from Berlinale, Cannes, Venice festivals and other outstanding movies (Taxi, The Pearl Button, Victoria, Chronic, Dheepan and others) in a week full of cinematography. The Video-on-demand service enables couch potatoes to enjoy 18 films at home (and 92 films at Film Europe Channel). Starts: Oct 7-14, three Bratislava cinemas. More info: http://www.be2can.eu/en/program-2.  


ART FESTIVAL: Blaf 2015 – The Bratislava Art Festival (BLAF) is a festival bringing visual art to the wider population, enabling perception, experience, comprehension and debate. The leitmotif of this year is the “symbolic capital” of an artist, i.e. the potential that can, if developed properly, lead him/her to a certain social status; but also the reputation-based economy, the role of a CV – and where art has been left in this whole process. Starts: Oct 8-11, various venues and events (including Urban Art Session vol. 1: Bike Society on Oct 10 in Slowatch and Fuga). More info: www.blaf.sk/en.


WORLD/ETHNO MUSIC FESTIVAL: World of Drums – The fourth year of this festival of percussions comprises music and rhythms in their various forms, from jazz, ethno and world music to ambient music and its many fusions: Tortola Drums Markéta Mazourová (CZ), Szilvia Bognár & etNoe (HU), Banda (SK) feat. Eddy Portella on Friday, percussion workshops for children and adults on Saturday afternoon, and in the evening Acoustic Gangsters (SK), Martina and František Ďuďas (SK), Ŝanĝo (PL) and workshop of pizzica taranta (Etno Dance), Officina ZOE (I) and Afterpárty at 23:00. Starts: Oct 9-10, 18:00; Cultus Ružinov House of Culture, Ružinovská 28.  Admission (predpredaj.sk): €21 for the whole festival; €11 Friday, €13 Saturday. More info: www.shiraz.sk, www.cultus.sk.


ART FESTIVAL: White Night /Nuit Blanche 2015 – The first year of the international festival of contemporary art in the Slovak capital offers walks around Bratislava lined by visual installations, concerts, films, theatre performances, dance, literature, live performance – all at some unusual venues like courtyards, parks, bridges, stations, shopping centres, etc. Every participant gets an art map following 150 artists at 50 points in downtown capital. On the same evening, it takes place in Košice. Starts: Oct 10, 19:00-02:00; Šancová Street through the city centre to the SNP Bridge. More info: bielanoc.sk.


GASTRONOMY: Slávnosti zelá (Kapusty) / The Sauerkraut Feast celebrates the local tradition of conserving the cabbage harvest into a sauerkraut supply, together with local folklore and even comprising foreign guests from the bordering regions of the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary. Starts: Oct 2-4; Stupava village near Bratislava. More info: www.citylife.sk.  





CLASSICAL/CHOIR MUSIC: Voce Magna – The international festival of choir music presents local (Sursum Corda, Rosina; ARCUS, Žilina; La Famiglia, Žilina; Zbor sv. Ladislava, Rajec) choirs on the first day, opening concert (OMNIA, Žilina; Žilina mixed choir; Cambiar La Música, Pohronská Polhora, and Podkarpatský mužský zbor – Sub-Carpathian Male Choir from Poland on the second day. On the third day, in the evening the concert introduces foreign guests (Choir Association of Moravian Teachers-Czech Republic; mixed choir POMLAD of Nové Mesto-Slovenia; and Podkarpatský mužský zbor (PL); Paulaetus ensemble (SK) and the Choir of Slovak Teachers. The fourth day, “Singing of the Nationa” will take place in Mariánske Square and in the New Synagogue; as well as the Gala concert, by male choirs of the festival and the Slovak Sinfonietta Žilina. Starts: Oct 7-10; various sites. More info: www.vocemagna.sk.

Banská Bystrica/other cities

LIVE MUSIC: Jana Kirschner – Moruša Čierna tour 2015 – Slovak singer with international presence and collaborators (who also sings in English) presents her second album, within the second part of a bigger project, with a Slovakia-wide tour – and two concerts in Banská Bystrica. Starts: Oct 9, 18:00, 20:00, Záhrada Centrum nezávislej kultúry, (later also Žilina, Martin, Trenčín, Nitra, Prešov, Košice and Bratislava, earlier Banská Bystrica). More info: www.ticketportal.sk.





CHILDREN/HISTORICAL RAILWAY: The White Night in Košice will also include a ride with the historical engine, full of lights, a fire show, steam, sparks, and dance. Every hour, the special night train will cross the Čermeľ Valley.

Starts: Oct 3, 19:00-00:00; free shuttle bus every hour between 18:45 and 23:45 from the Námestie Maratónu Mieru. More info: www.kamdomesta.sk.

Košice (Bratislava)

ICE SHOW: Máša a medveď na ľade / Masha and the Bear on Ice – This family show merges the classical Russian popular fairy tale with a breath-taking ice show which starts in Košice on a tour around Slovakia. Starts: Oct 3 13:30, 17:00; Steel Aréna, Nerudova 12. More info: www.predpredaj.sk;www.masamedved.sk.  


CLASSICAL MUSIC: Opening concert of the 2015/2016 music season of the State Philharmonic Košice will feature the local philharmonics playing Tchaikovsky and Khachaturian, as conducted by chief conductor Zbyněk Müller, with fagot soloist Jan Hudeček playing J. N. Hummel. Starts: Oct 7, 19:00, House of Art, Moyzesova 66. More info: www.sfk.sk.  

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