UPDATED: Foreigners: Events in Bratislava

Tips for performances, exhibitions and other events in the capital between April 29 and May 8, including concerts, classical music, a literary festival, a run for mothers, bird watching, gastronomy events, open-air Dance Day, May-Day Festival, and more.

LIVE MUSIC: Carnival Youth (LV), Max Bazowski, Queer Jane – One of the most successful bands from the Baltic region, Carnival Youth, plays in Bratislava. They have played at the Sziget Festival (Hungary), Open´er (Poland), Great Escape (Britain) and Grape festival (Slovakia). These indie rock bands come here within their European Tour. Carnival Youth from Latvia present their new album Propeller. Starts: April 29, 19:00; Fuga, SNP Square 24. Admission: €5. More info: www.citylife.sk.

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WORLD MUSIC: Experimental Ensemble - Contemporary sounds and visuals - A group of young people who enjoy playing contemporary music and experimenting. The sound of colours and colours of sounds are the main topic of the new project Experimental Ensemble. Performers are: Pavol Štiblárik (electric guitar), Ján Tkáč (voice, objects, electronics), Fero Király (synthesizer),Michal Kubáň (violin), Martin Vyrobík (violin), Jakub Kišš (viol), Hana Juríková (cello), Daniel Herich (drums) and Erika Krkošková (piano). Starts: Apr 29, 19:30; The House of Culture Lúky, Vigľašská 1. Admission: 3. More info: www.kzp.sk.

LIVE MUSIC: Rock’n’Roll Night – Walter Schnitzelsson and Aces. Walter Schnitzelsson is a band from Bratislava that plays indie and rock’n’roll. They already made two albums, the EP Mother, and Fever. Featuring Jozef Rezník, Jakub Joštiak and Miroslav Michale. Aces is a young band interested in rock’n’roll and hard rock. Since 2011, they perform at home and abroad. Starts: April 29, 21:00; KC Dunaj, Nedbalova 3. Admission: €5. More info: www.kcdunaj.sk.

PARTY: No Identity – Andy Catana (AT) – The Austrian musician born in Romania brings his specific “deep and dubby house style” mixed with alluring techno. In 2005, he started to study in Vienna where he became a resident DJ of the MNML party which takes place in club Camera. In 2008 he set up a label Do Easy Records. Starts: April 29, 22:00; Radosť music bar, Obchodná 48. Admission: €4. More info: www.citylife.sk.

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PARTY: DNB HEADZ PARTY – Eight hours devoted to drum&bass – Neuro, deep, liquid, atmospheric and jungle will be played by DJs Huspi&Matis, Aircross and Conect. Huspi&Matis have been playing for 15 years. Aircross is the project of Djs Floydy&Steelth. In 2012, they became winners of the Signall_FM Mini Bass New Generation competition. Starts: April 29, 22:00; Klub Dole, SNP Square 30. Admission: €3-€5. More info: www.klubdole.sk.

CLASSICAL MUSIC: Berlioz, Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky – Hector Berlioz was interested in musical theatre during his composing career. He wrote grand operas, programme overtures. The second piano concert of Sergei Prokofiev has a turbulent history. The original score from 1913 burnt in a fire. However, in 1923 the composer restored it and the new piece became a reality. The Fourth Symphony by Tchaikovsky was one of his first works in tragic mood. Featuring Slovak Philharmonics, Jakub Čižmarovič (piano), conducted by Charles Olivieri-Munroe. Starts: April 28-29, 19:00, Reduta building of Slovak Philharmonics, E. Suchoňa Square 1. Admission: €13. More info: www.filharmonia.sk.

DANCE: International Dance Day – The day which connects people through dance regardless of cultural or ethnic barriers. The message for visitors is to celebrate motion, particularly dance and its unification of all forms, emphasising the ability to link people. Dance schools/groups DFS Vienok, Badd Fyah, Afro D Dancers, B - Swing, La Portella a Barbora Rakovská, TD Bralen, elledanse, Abada Capoeira, ASSOS NELUX Bratislava, DanceKids, EtnoDance, The EGZ,  Riverpark Dance School will perform. There will be also offered workshops of capoeira, dancehall, motion-dance training (Latino), Afro, B-swing (charleston, Lindy hop, boogie -woogie...), new style hustle, Oriental dance to live music, and more. A flash mob at 20:00. Starts: April 29, 15:00-20:30, Eurovea Gallery, Pribinova 8. Admission: free. More info: www.eurovea.com.

LITERARY FESTIVAL: Anasoftlitera fest 2016 – The 11th traditional Slovak literary festival Anasoft takes places over six days with authors’ readings, concerts, theatre, workshops and discussions. Starts: April 25-30, Galéria pod divadlom, bookshops Artforum, Martinus on Obchodná street, Berlinka Café, A4- Space of Contemporary Culture. More info: www.citylife.sk or www.anasoftlitera.sk.

MUSICAL/COMEDY: Mačky / Cats – The first performance of the world famous musical hit from Andrew Lloyd Webber, one of the longest-running musical comedies comes to Slovakia for the first time. Cats broke all the records in terms of time on Broadway (played for 20 years consecutively) and West End (21 years, more than 9000 shows). Cats has been translated into 15 languages and viewed by more than 73 million people. Directed by Gabriela Petráková, conducted by Ľubomír Dolný. (In Slovak language.) Starts: April 29, 19:00; Nová scéna theatre, Živnostenská 1. More info: www.nova-scena.sk

FOOD MARKET: Trh - Piac – Markt – The market in Stará tržnica offers seasonal food made and grown by famers and small producers from Bratislava vicinity. Every Saturday from 10:00 you can buy native and exotic specialities, particularly fruits and vegetables, but also meat and milk products. Starts: April 30, 10:00-15:00; Stará tržnica/Old Market-hall, SNP Square 25. Tel: 0903/707913. More info: www.staratrznica.sk.

BALLET: From Fairytale to Fairytale - This is the most famed ballet by Czech composer Oskar Nedbal. From Fairytale to Fairytale, as choreographed by Achille Viscusi for the 1923/1924 season, was the first performance for children at the SND. This time it is directed and choreographed by Jozef Dolinský. Starts: Apr 30, 11:00, 17:00; historical SND building, Hviezdoslavovo Square 1. Tickets: €6-€16. Tel: 02/ 2047-2299; www.snd.sk. 

GASTRONOMY: Račianske hody / Rača Feast – The gastronomic festival near the vineyards of the Small Carpathian mountains takes place on the occasion of the consecration of the local church to saint Philip and Jacob. Two days of local culture. Starts: April 30-May 1. Rača’s amphitheatre. Knižkova dolina valley. Admission: free. More info: www.citylife.sk or www.raca.sk.

HISTORICAL FESTIVAL: Knights’ Day – On the meeting of the Danube and Morava rivers, people can travel in time a few centuries back. Knights’ games for children, historical sword-play, historical dance and tournament will take place. All the day, visitors can try a shooting range, horse riding, or visit a torture chamber. Exotic tea house and cafeteria will be available. Starts: May 1, 10:00-18:00, Devín Castle. Muránska Street. Admission: €4-€13. More info: www.muzeum.bratislava.sk.

LIVE MUSIC: 3x instruments – Bass - Miloš Bulík, grew up in Bratislava and got his first guitar at age 16. Matej Krivánek (bass guitar) is from a non-musical family. He prefers the motto “Sometimes less is better but more is always more”. Tamás Belicza is from Hungary. He played school band, a fusion band and also in the RHCP tribute band; he works with famous Slovak musicians Miro Šmajda, Ego, Igor Baar. Starts: May 6, 19:30; Lúky house of culture, Vígľašská 1. Tel: 02/6383-5404. Admission: €3. More info: www.kzp.sk

PAINTINGS/GUIDED TOUR: Sunday Rest: Siesta in Gallery – The Netherlandish Painting - The curator of old art collection Barbora Mistríková presents Dutch paintings. Visitors can see different time periods from late medieval times until the 18th century. Sunday Rest is a new format of the Slovak National Gallery (SNG) which brings a dynamic explanation of current exhibitions in the SNG’s Esterházy palace in the English language. The interpretation is based on partial, whole or thematic analysis of paintings. Reservation is not required. Starts: May 1, 16:00. Slovak National Gallery. Esterházy Palace, Ľudovíta Štúra Square 4. Tel: 02/2041-6111. More info: www.sng.sk.

CONCERT: Ramsch & Rosen – The Austrian cultural centre offers music that connects different epochs. Among the old pictures, manuscripts and between lines of the priest Julia  Lacherstorfer and Simon Zöchbauer, visitors can hear interesting music. Featuring Julia Lacherstorfer (violin, viola, vocal, clatters, barrel), Simon Zöchbauer (cither, bugle, vocal, shruti box, electric tampura). Starts: May 4, 18:00; Austrian Cultural Forum (RKF),  Astoria Palace, Hodžovo Square 1/A. Admission: free. More info: www.rakuskekulturneforum.sk  or www.citylife.sk.

FESTIVAL: Bratislavský majáles / Bratislava’s May Festival 2016 – In the 9th year of this festival, Bratislava prepares visitors for concerts, a creative market, fireworks, trailers of unusual sports. Featuring bands and musicians The Paranoid + Bazztaarklan, Longital, Talkshow, Saténové ruky, Tóno S. & Beyuz, Swingless Jazz Ensemble, Billy Barman, Para, Paprika Korps, Xindl X, Peter Lipa, Polemic, Hex. Starts: May 5-7, 17:00, Tyršovo nábrežie embankment. Admission: free. More info: www.bratislavskymajales.sk.

UPDATED: ENGLISH STAND-UP COMEDY: The regular stand-up comedy Silné reči has always an English edition on the first Thursday in the month. Slovaks as well as foreigners living here (Sia, Michael Szatmary, Marian Psár, Martin Hatala, Tomas Hudák, Eric Lessner, Rado, Armando, Nasi) confront the image of the country and its inhabitants in a funny way. Hosted by Sia (Siavash). Starts: May 5, 20:00; Nu Spirit Club, Pasáž Luxor/Luxor passage, Štúrova 3; Admission: €11 (in advance). More info: www.nuspirit.sk; www.silnereci.sk. 

CONCERT: Hans Zimmer – The respected musician of recent times comes to Bratislava. He is the creator of music in movies such as Inception, Madagascar, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Dark Knight trilogy. Starts: May 5, 20:00; Ondrej Nepela Ice Stadium, (Slovnaft Arena, Odbojárov 9. Admission: €89-€225. More info: www.nepela.arena.eu or www.ticketportal.sk.

RUNNING: Mile for Mother – The day dedicated to mothers. This ceremony started at the break of 19th-20th centuries. The Union of Mothers’Centres celebrates this occasion since 2004. The main target is to entertain the whole families. In 2004 they came with idea of breaking the Guinness record in number of people pushing baby strollers for a 1 mile distance. The main purpose was to show the strength of motherhood which moves the world and the baby stroller is the symbol of this. Starts: May 7, 15:00-18:00, Kúpalisko Kuchajda / Kuchajda Lido, Vajnorská. Admission: free. More info: www.materskecentra.sk or www.ruzinov.sk.

FOOD: Vegan Festival – The traditional meeting of lovers of vegan food takes place. The 2nd year of Vegfest brings tasting of meals, films, lectures and concerts. The event includes a charity auction of paintings, tattoos, and a juggling workshop. Starts: May 7-8, 13:00; Fuga,  SNP Square 24. Admission: voluntary. More info: www.fuga.forumabsurdum.sk or www.citylife.sk.

OUTDOOR: Birdwatching – The traditional one-hour walking for learning about environment. CK Watching welcomes everybody interested in birds for a one-hour short trip for bird calls in the heart of Bratislava’s city forest. This trip is advisable for all age categories, as there is flat terrain (asphalt road). Public transport – bus number 47. Starts: May 7, 10:00, Železná studnička and Partizánska lúka. Admission: voluntary. More info: www.watching.sk or www.citylife.sk.

EXHIBITION: Lucia Dovičáková – Všetky dôvody k šťastiu sú nablízku/ All Reasons for Happiness are Close. The name of the exhibition is a paraphrase of sentences from Virginia Woolf, asking Why Not Be Original? Who Not Be Oneself? Dovičáková does not answer these elementary questions; rather, she presents the issue and shows that finding and preserving happiness in the exhausted era of capitalism and self-optimisation is an extremely hard mission. Open: April 29 – June 6, 14:00-18:00; Krokus Gallery, SNP Square 3. Tel.: 02/2072-8131. More info: www.krokusgaleria.sk. 

EXHIBITION: Celebration of Painting / Oslava maľby - Rudolf Fila, recently deceased Slovak painter, lecturer and art organiser, has completed many of his characteristic works throughout his long a prolific life. A set of them is exhibited in the Bratislava City Gallery, as curated by Jan Kukal. Open: Tue-Sun 11:00-18:00 until June 5; Bratislava City Gallery, Pálffy Palace, Panská 19. Admission: €4. More info: www.gmb.bratislava.sk.  

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