Foreigners: Events in Bratislava

Tips for performances, exhibitions and other events in the capital between May 13 and 22, including a special museum night, concert, party, classical, folk and live music, a food day, swing rag day, drums, Eco Village, fashion show and more.

Emanuel Villaume ends his term as chief conductor of Slovak Philharmonics with four concerts.Emanuel Villaume ends his term as chief conductor of Slovak Philharmonics with four concerts. (Source: Peter Brenkus)

CONCERT: Prvo-sien- ka – The youth folklore band Prvo-sien- ka (children 5-17 years old) presents folk music, dance and costume diversity of Slovak regions. The band is trying to encourage the love for traditional dance and music. Starts: May 13-14, 19:00, (18:00); DK Zrkadlový háj House of culture, Rovniankova 3. Admission: €10-€12. Tel: 02/6829-9217;

CLASSICAL MUSIC: Webern, Weber, Mozart - The two concerts that conclude (together with two more the following week) the term of Emanuel Villaume as chief conductor of the Slovak Philharmonics brings the works of Anton Webern, a progressive composer of the early 20 th century, as well as Carl Maria von Weber and Mozart. Starts: May 12-13, 19:00; Reduta building of the Slovak Philharmonics, E. Suchoňa Square 1. Admission: €11. Tel: 02/2047-5233;

CONCERT: Citylights, Donnie Darko, Adelaide, Me against All – The night primarily focused on hardcore and rock’n’roll. The lead band is the Czech Citylights who present their rhythms; supported by Czech and Slovak bands. Starts: May 13, 20:00; Randal club, Karpatská 2. Tel: 02/5261-1936. Admission: €5. More info:

OPERA: Don Giovanni - Opera of the operas, experts tend to call this work composed by W. A. Mozart. The opera is conducted by Friedrich Haider, directed by Jozef Bednárik, choreographed by Jaroslav Moravčík and choirmaster is Ladislav Kaprinay. Performers are Pavel bršlík, Adam Plachetka, Jana Šrejma Kačírková and others. Starts: May 13, 19:00; SND historical building, Hviezdoslavovo Square 1. Admission: €7-€30. Tel: 02/2049-4290;

BALLET: Le Corsaire – Adolphe Charles Adam – The ballet, written by Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges, and composed by Adam is a masterpiece of the Romantic era of ballet; choreographed by Jospeh Mazilier and connected with the heyday of classical Russian ballet. The version staged in the Slovak National Theatre is inspired by the version of legendary Marius Petipa, while staged by Vasily Medvedev. Starts: May 14, 19:00; new SND building, Pribinova 17. Admission: €6-€25. Tel: 02/2047-2299;

CONCERT: Kraa! Festival skutočne súčasnej hudby/ Festival of Really Contemporary Music – For the 3 rd time the marathon of inspiring music opens the door for everyone. The festival with a bit ironical but honest name presents the crème de la crème of the out-of- mainstream music. Starts: May 14, 19:00; A4-Space for Contemporary Culture / Priestor súčasnej kultúry; Karpatská 2. Tel: 0915 794 942. Admission: €5. More info:

RAG DAY: Karloveský majáles / The Karlova Ves Rag Day. The western part of Bratislava offers an open-air day full of performances. Traditional outdoor event presents local bands from Karlova Ves, musicians, accompanying show of policemen, firefighters, craftsmen, scientific experiments. At the end of the day, Le Payaco and Viva Oldies Party round out this event. Starts: May 14, 10:00-20:00; Líščie údolie. Admission: free. More info:

FESTIVAL: The Perfume Festival – Unique experience, primarily meant for women of all ages, includes a rich cultural programme, unique exposition of historical flacons and a variety of the best brands of perfumes. Visitors can create their own scent. The main make-up artist of Max Factor will provide advice on how to choose the right perfume in regard to age, type of personality and more. The festival will be opened by Diana Hegerová. Featuring Lina Mayer and Cinnamon Band, and CreDance dance band. Starts: May 13-22, 10:00; Aupark shopping center, Einsteinova 18. Tel: 02/6826-6111. Admission: free. More info:

DOG SHOW: Ružinovský psí miláčik / Ružinov Pet Dog – The premier year of Ružinov’s day for dogs. “Man’s best friend” will be competing in five categories: the prettiest, smartest, smallest, biggest and friendliest dog of the show. Visitors can expect demonstrations of special work of rescue dogs, training of guide dogs, or scenting a hidden person, presented by rescue cynologists squad. Applicants can register their pets on the spot. Hosted by Jana Hospodárová. Starts: May 15, 15:00; Dom kultúry Ružinov / The Ružinov Culture House Cultus, Ružinovská 28. Admission: free. More info:

CONCERT: Bridear (JPN), Sweet Leopard (CZ) – The five fragile ladies who play fast-acting, fresh and energetic metal come to Slovakia. The Japanese formation Bridear will present their new album called Baryte, supported by Czech band Sweet Leopard. Starts: May 16, 20:00; Randal club, Karpatská 2. Tel: 02/5262-1936. Admission: €10. More info:

CLASSICAL MUSIC: Ensemble tourbillon – During the reign of Louis XIV, in Versailles, music was a very popular court leisure activity. Since the age of 10, Antoine Forquaeray with his violin game da gama impressed the monarch. With his older colleague Marin Marais, they supplied France with a lot of chamber music. Featuring Petr Wagner, Hana Fleková (both viola da gama) and Filip Dvořák (cembalo). Starts: May 17, 19:00; Slovak Philharmonic, Reduta building, Eugena Suchoňa Square 1. Tel: 02/2047-5218. Admission: €7. More info:

CONCERT: Public Image Limited – European tour brings P.I.L. to Bratislava. Best hits like the Rise or Public Image will be heard from P.I.L. This band’s last two albums are This is PiL (2012) and what the World NeedsNow (2015). Starts: May 17, 20:00; Majestic Music Club, Karpatská 2. Admission: €35-€50. More info:

OPERA: Nabucco - Opera in three acts in Italian language by Guiseppe Verdi. Nabucco is conducted by Jaroslav Kyzlink, directed by Zuzana Gilhuus. Choirmaster is Ladislav Kaprinay. Performers are Dalibor Jenis, Ľudovít Ludha, Jiří Sulženko, Anda Louise Bogza and others. Starts: May 18, 19:00; SND historical building, Hviezdoslavovo Square 1. Admission: €12-€39. Tel: 02/2049-4290;

MARKET: Eco Village 2016 –The 3 rd year of this ecological market takes place. The main purpose is to enhance the knowledge of environmental protection, show the importance of healthy lifestyle and ecological approach within the city. Organised by 1 st Green Certified Building Office in Bratislava, BBC 1 Plus. Starts: May 19, 10:00; BBC 1 Plus, Plynárenská 1. Tel: 0911/758-118. More info:

DRUMS: Bubnovačka Orchestra – If you have ever dreamed of playing unusual instruments or becoming a drummer, this event enables you to play djembe, cajon, congas, bongas, darbouka, cavasa, guirro, vibraslap, boomwhackers, jamblock, cowbell and many more percussion instruments. Starts: May 19, 18:30; DK Lúky House of Culture, Vígľašská 1. Tel: 02/6383-5404. Admission: €3-€5. More info:

CLASSICAL MUSIC: Gustáv Mahler – Aufestehung / Resurrection – The composer of this piece is a giant on one side but also weak deep in his soul. He followed in the footsteps of tragic creations of Franz Schubert. In the First Symphony, Mahler created an illusion of Titan, only to let him go through a tough test in purgatory in the Second Symphony. These two concerts represent the farewell of chief conductor of Slovak Philharmonics, Emmanuel Villaume, who will continue, though, to be guest conductor. Starts: May 19-20, 19:00; Slovak Philharmonic, Eugena Suchoňa Square 1. Admission: €13. Tel: 02/2047-5218;

CONCERT: Le Payaco and Swan Bride – The night of two well-established musical stars. Well-known Slovak bands playing indie-rock, indie-pop music joined forces to perform in the open air, in downtown Bratislava. Le Payaco started performing in 1996; in 2006 they broke up but members are trying to play as solo artists. Swan Bride celebrates its 10 th anniversary this year. Swan Bride have played concerts also with Marilyn Manson, The Horrors and Foals. Starts: May 20, 19:00; Hviezdoslavovo Square. Admission: free. More info:

SWING: Swingový majáles / The Swing Rag Day – A good deal of swing from 1930s and 1940s brings live music with the swing orchestra Fats Jazz Band led by Ladislav Fančovič. Seven musicians show the music from the “age of American prohibition” but they play also Slovak songs – compositions by František Krištof Veselý, or Inka Zemánková. Basic dance steps will be taught for free by the European champion Peter Kepič from the dance school Swing Wings. Starts: May 20, 19:00; V- klub, SNP Square 2. Tel: 0918 817 140. Admission: €1-€13. More info:

OUTDOOR/HISTORICAL RE-ENACTMENT: Obliehanie Bratislavy Napoleónom / The Siege of Bratislava by Napoleon – This popular event takes us 207 years back to a time when Bratislava was the capital city of the Hungarian Empire. French troops led by Napoleon tried to conquer the city during May and June of 1809. On the left side of the river Danube, a re-enactment of the battle between French and Austrian armies will take place. As usual, also artillery will be shown. Starts: May 20-22, 14:00; Sad Janka Kráľa park in Petržalka. Admission: free. More info: or

THEATRE FESTIVAL: – A the end of the theatre season, the Slovak National Theatre (SND) presents the 1 st musical and dance edition of the international festival, one of the biggest theatre festivals in Slovakia. It is the follow-up of successful festival Eurothalia. It will feature the Eifman Ballet, Antonio Gades troupe, Balletzo (Spain), the Prague National Theatre a pantomime group from Germany, and more. Starts: May 20-June 3, mostly 19:00; new SND building. Pribinova 17. Tel: 02/2047 2111. More info:

MUSEUM: Night of Museums and Galleries – Once a year, Bratislava opens it museums for a single, unified price, with the ticket being then valid for all venues. The event leads visitors also to the “hidden chambers” which will be opened, while also accompanying events try to lure locals and tourists. Starts: May 21. Admission: €2. Tel: 02/4826-4111; or

EXHIBITION: Inventions and Discoveries that Changed the World – Musem of Transport – Collections from the Slovak Technical Museum are presented in the Transport Museum in the capital, in professional presentations of curators’ collections. Visitors can see a set of 11 topics focused on watches, emergency lights, annular wheels and more. Open: Tues-Sun 10:00-17:00 until May 22; Museum of Transport, Šancová 1/A. Admission: €1,5-€3,5. Tel: 02/524 441 63;

EXHIBITION: Celebration of Painting / Oslava maľby - Rudolf Fila, recently deceased Slovak painter, lecturer and art organiser, has completed many of his characteristic works throughout his long and prolific life. A set of them is exhibited in the Bratislava City Gallery (GMB), as curated by Jan Kukal. The paintings stem from five Slovak galleries – Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava City Gallery, Orava Gallery of Dolný Kubín, Central-Slovakian Gallery of Banská Bystrica, Danubiana Museum of Modern Art and the 1 st Slovak Investment Group, a.s. Open: Tue-Sun 11:00-18:00 until June 5; GMB, Pálffy Palace, Panská 19. Admission: €4. More info:

EXHIBITION: The Netherlandish Painting – The exhibition of unique artworks – more than 200 Dutch and Flemish pieces of art between 1500 and 1800 – Is coming to an end. The biggest part of the paintings come from aristocracy and their collections. These painting were in favour with English, French and German collectors and connoisseurs. Open: Tues-Sun 10:00-18:00 until May 22; Slovak National Gallery, Ľ. Štúra Square 4. Admission: free. Tel: 02/2047-6111;

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