Foreigners: Events around Slovakia

Tips for performances, exhibitions and other events in the Slovak regions between May 27 and June 5, including food festival, classical music, outdoor events, dance, opera and concert, exchange and more.

15th year of exchange meeting of collectors of items with brewery motifs, illustrative stock photo. 15th year of exchange meeting of collectors of items with brewery motifs, illustrative stock photo. (Source: Jozef Jakubco)

Western Slovakia

Červený Kameň

OUTDOOR/HISTORICAL RE-ENACTMENT: Rotenstein - Rytiersky turnaj na koňoch/Knight´s tournament on Horses. The end of May brings medieaval times. A weekend full of fun, ation and knowledge. Horses, battles, fighting, sword-play, maids of honour and rich accessory  program. Starts: May 28-29, 10:00; Hrad Červený Kameň. More info:

EXHIBITION: Utajený dámsky svet/ Secret world of ladies –A glimpse at a woman´s bedroom from the 19th century with all things which belong to it. Except for furniture and accommodation visitors can look at many objects and details which are not easy to view on a regular basis. First short lived exhibition presents this issue for more attention for just the 5th season. Open: until September 30, 09:00-17:00; Slovenské národné múzeum-Múzeum Červený Kameň/Červený Kameň Museum. Admission: Admission: €7-€9. More info: or


FESTIVAL: Trnavská hudobná jar 2016 / The Trnava Musical Spring 2016. This event has become international and the 48th year brings 7 concerts, including chamber music, choir music and British Cathedral Choir from Sheffield. This concert brings Caline Malnoury (France) on organ and Jana Pastorková (Slovakia), vocals.  Starts: May 22, May 28, 20:00; St. Nicolas Basilica. More or

DANCE: Latino Night party - Marco Pillo & Band. The night of exotic dance brings traditional party with opening of the Colourful Energy exhibition – colourful images with positive energy by the artist Michaela Art. Starts: May 27, 20:30; Music a Cafe Trnava, Športová 1 (City Arena). Admission: €7-€9. More


HISTORICAL RE-ENACTMENT: Bytča Castle Day – A whole day inside the Bytča Chateau. In cooperation with the local Považie Museum, and other partners visitors can experience historical personalities like Juraj Thurzo, Alžbeta Báthory aka the Bloody Lady of Čachtice, or national hero Jánošík and listen to folklore bands, taste traditional food, watch craftsmen and historical fencing. Other events take place in Bytča synagogue and local churches. Starts: May 28, 10:00-20:00; Bytča Chateau and local national monuments. More info:


FESTIVAL: Festival chutí Nitrianskeho kraja/  Taste Festival of Nitra Region - Attractive gastronomy event takes place for the second time. It includes a Strawberry Nitra which includes gastronomic specialties with reference to cultivation of strawberries in the region. This year the festival will include not only regional specialities and growers but also more than ten restaurants which will ofer their specialities such as strawbery ricotta, chocolate-strawbery mouse, mead with champagne and strawberies and others, it will be able to see and try coffee roasters, chocolate factories, small breweries, distileries and winemakers awarded at international competitions. The festival will present various performances and also foreign cuisines from Hungary, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic and Serbia. Starts: June 4, 14:00; Svätopluk Square, pedestrian zone and Kupecká street. More info:

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Central Slovakia


CLASSICAL MUSIC: The Slovak Sinfonietta Žilina (ŠKO) will play outdoors at the Old-Town Fest in the Mariánske Square. Conducted by Maroš Potokár, with soprano Dominia Doniga, they will perform the works of Mozart, Beethoven, Pietro Mascagni, Puccini, Brahms, Jacques Offenbach, Frederic Loewe, Josef Strauss and Johann Strauss Jr. Starts: May 27, 17:15; Mariánske námestie /Marian Square. More info:

DANCE: Autorský divadelný dvojvečer: Androgén a Jadro/ Author;s theatrical double evening: Androgen and The core – Androgen is challenge for men if they can create a safety space for woman in their arms (choreographed by Tibor Trulik). The core, choreographed by Zuzana Ďuricová Hájková, is ment as the core of man that is a mystery hiding its true essence. Starts: Jun 2, 19:00; Divadlo Štúdio tanca theatre, Komenského 12 (na Kačici). Admission: €3-€6. More info:

Banská Bystrica

OPERA: Rigoletto - The opera in three acts composed by Giuseppe Verdi. Victor Hugo’s drama Le Roi s’Amuse was an ideal story for Verdi, full of great passions, critical view on the society and touching personal line. Starts: Jun 4, 20:30. Amphitheatre of Paľo Bielik, Road to the amphitheatre 494/2. Admission: €11. More info:

Banská Bystrica

COLLECTING: 15. výmenné stretnutie zberateľov predmetov s pivovarskou tématikou/ 15th year of exchange meeting of collectors of items with brewery motifs - The lovers of beer or passionate collectors can have a nice time with exchange of motifs from brewery. Food and quality beer will be provided. Starts: Jun 4, 08:00; Restaurant Espresso Kredit, 29. August street 34. Admission: €1 (entry), €1 (table). More info:

Eastern Slovakia


WORKSHOP: International Childrens day - Workshops for children. Starts: Jun 1, 10:00; pedestrian zone in front of Šariš Gallery. (group participation need to be ordered in advance). More info:, +421 (0) 51/7725 423.


CONCERT: Musica Medica - Harmonious Concert - The program of the concerts consists of artists: Rami Shaafi (UK) - aliquot and throaty vocals and harmonic instruments from around the world ( didgeridoo, drumble, Tibetan singing bowls, Indian flutes, symphonic gongs, Wind chimes and others) & Boris Čellár (SK) - guitar, singing and sound effects. Starts: Jun 1, 19:00; Tartra Gallery, Art Club, Hviezdoslavova 12. Admission: € 8. More info:


EXHIBITION: Farebný život/ Colorful life - The exhibition of pictures presents the painter Vasiľ Bobita who was born in Ukraine. The beauty of nature forced him to the artistic talent. He also lived in Prague and this city had also the great influence to his work. The author is an active participant in regional, national and international exhibitions. His current style is formed by combining and combining a number of art directions. The artist focuses on fine temperament rewriting impressions of nature, which follows in any season, in any weather (Winter Mosaic, Autumn Day, Summer, Dinner accents, Colorful evening, Day passes). The exhibition consists of 35 paintings which are describing the lyrical and at the same time deep connection to nature and the authors of life. Exhibition opening: May 27, 16:00. Open: until Jun 30, Tue-Fri 09:00-17:00, Sat, Sun 12:00-17:00. Slovak Technical Museum, Hlavná 88. More info:


Spišská Nová Ves

EXHIBITION: Bienále maľby V., Živá maľba/ V. Biennale painting, live painting - The exhibition curated by Gabriela Garlatyová is the only repeat of unique project which presents the creation of seven young artists, who are connected to each other with unconventional approach to the medium of painting: Juraj Florek, Martin Kochan, Patrícia Koyšová, Anna Krivanská, Filip Sabol, Rastislav Sedlačík and Juraj Toman. Live painting refers to quality related to the survival of the artist. Exhibition opening: Jun 1, 17:00. Open: until Sep 4, Mon-Fri 09:00-16:00, Galéria umelcov Spiša/ Gallery of artists of Spiš, Zimná 46. Admission: €1. More info:


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