Foreigners: Events around Slovakia

Tips for performances, exhibitions and other events in the Slovak regions between June 10 and 19, including festivals, classical and jazz music, outdoor events, dance, ballet and opera, party, competitions and more.

Art Film Fest Košice 2016 (A Bigger Splash)Art Film Fest Košice 2016 (A Bigger Splash) (Source: Adriána Čahojová)

FESTIVAL: Víkend otvorených parkov a záhrad/ Weekend of open parks and gardens–This event gives people the opportunity to get to know favourite places of garden art in Slovakia in a new way or insight into commonly accessible parks and gardens. The aim of this cultural and educational event is to present the value, particularly of historic parks and gardens to the public by the attractive process and lead them to active protection. It will be possible to visit Lizstová Garden, The former Palffy Garden, Park and Mansion Great Biel, Olejárska street, and many others. Starts: Jun 10-12; Various places. Admission: free. More info:

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FESTIVAL: Dolce Vitaj/  Sweet life or Dolce Welcome –Slovakia will welcome the ninth year of the event Dolce Vitaj this month, bringing the greatest attractions from Italian culture and gastronomy. Original architecture and design, concerts, theatres, movies and also traditional Italian delicacies come to Bratislava, Martin, Poprad and Banská Bystrica. In this multigenres festival it will be possible to see and listen to music of various genres, fine Arts and much more. Starts: throughout June; Various places. Admission: Depends of the performance. More info:

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Western Slovakia

Hamuliakovo, Komárno

OUTDOOR: Slnovrat na Dunaji/ The Solstice on the Danube - More than forty events from Devín to Štúrovo, including on the Little Danube, will be part of The Solstice on the Danube. Organisers have prepared boating, rafting, sports competitions, children's programs and cultural and environmental events. The programme of the first year of the event has already started in early June and will continue until the first weekend in July. For example on June 18th will be third round of Slovak Championship of tourist boats on the left bank of the Danube in the village Hamuliakovo. Starts: throughout June; various places. Admission: Depends on the performance. More info:

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SUMMER FESTIVAL: Senecké leto 2016/ Senec Summer 2016 - Traditional social and cultural event which since 1990 opens the summer tourist season on the South side of the Sunny Lakes. The festival is not dedicated to a particular age or interest group, but it has a societal dimension. It takes place in one of the most famous tourist resorts in Slovakia, which is visited by a million tourists annually according to statistics. Starts: Jun 11, Sunny Lakes Senec. Admission: €5 (in advance), €8 (on place). More info:

Červený Kameň

CLASSICAL MUSIC: Čarovná harfa/ The Magic harp - Lovers of classical music can enjoy an unconventional chamber concert performed by harpist Michal Matejčík. During the evening it will be possible to hear zaznejú songs from the Renaissance to the present. Musical art will be performed by successful harpist Michal Matejčík, who has collaborated with world-renowned stars such as George Michael or Depeche Mode. Starts: Jun 11, 19:00; Knight's Hall of the castle Červený Kameň. Admission: €5 (tickets can be reserved by mail to: More info:


PARTY: Moonlight EDM - Well-known Slovak DJs and a foreign guest will host a party in Prievidza. Visitors can experience light and sound shows on two stages. The programme includes DJs such as Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman, EKG, Dave & Emty (ministryofhouse), Milan Lieskovský (getfun), Emtydee (emtydeeinthehouse), Elsy, Jordy Ray and others. Starts: Jun 11, 19:00; Winter Stadium of Prievidza. Admission: first 300 entries €9,90 (not including service charge) - €19,00 (on-site), VIP from €19,00 (the first wave) - €29,00 (on-site), VIP GOLD €70,00. More info:


CLASSICAL MUSIC: Janáčkov komorný orchester (CZ)/ Janáček Chamber Orchestra - The event will take place in the context of Musica Sacra  - The 26th year of this international musical festival of sacred music -  Musica Sacra will also present world premieres and it will last until July 3. The next concert on June the 16th will feature young musical ensemble Kodály String Trio in cast of Imrich Farkaš, Emil Hasala and Erik Hasala, who will bring oeuvres by J. Corigliani, J. S. Bach, T. Albinoni and A. Vivaldi. Spirituals and gospel music lovers can look forward to Sunday June 19th when, under the artistic direction of Iveta Weiss Viskupová, a performance of the ensemble The Hope Gospel Singers will be held. The concert will include traditional, spiritual and other works by T. W. Aas, I. Hougthon, M. W. Smith, L. v. Beethoven, A. Lindsey, R. Kenoly and others. Starts: Jun 16, 19, 19:00; Piaristický church of Saint Ladislav, Piaristická street. Admission: free.  More info:

Central Slovakia

Banská Bystrica

OPERA: Nabucco - Opera in three acts in Italian language by Guiseppe Verdi. Nabucco is directed by Michal Babiak, choreographed by Michal Majer, music is rehearsed by Marián Vach and choirmaster is Iveta Popovičová. Performers are also with a star cast: Ivan Marino, Michal Hýrošš, Ivan Zvarík, Jolana Fogašová and others. Starts: Jun 11, 18:30; State opera, Národná 11. Admission: €10. More info:


COMPETITION: Petangový turnaj/   - Petanque Tournament - The traditional June petanque tournament is organised by FRASK (French-Slovak Association). The competition will be in two-person teams, and it is necessaryto sign up in advance. It will be also possible to taste French cuisine and hear a music selection by one of the organisers, Aldrick B. Starts: Jun 12, 11:00; Station Žilina-Záriečie, Závodská cesta 3.  Admission: €1. Information and applying: More info:

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Žilina, Banská Štiavnica

JAZZ FESTIVAL: One Day Jazz Festival 2016 - The event returns with its Spring-Summer edition. For the first time in its history it will be held as an open-air festival. One of the performers is a world-renowned bass player, singer and songwriter Avishai Cohen from Israel. He will present also his new trio accompanied by the symphony orchestra of the Brno Philharmonic led by Bastien Still from France. Another part of the programme includes musicians from USA such as John Shannon (guitar), Dan Brantigan (trumpet) and also Slovakia: Oskar Rózsa (bass), Martin Valihora (drums). Visitors to the festival can also enjoy the music of David Bowie tribute band with Donny McCaslin Group.  Members of the group are: Donny McCaslin (sax), Jason Lindner (keys), Nate Wood (bass), Mark Giuliana (drums). Starts: Jun 15, 16, 19:00; City Theatre Žilina; Jun 18, 19:00; Banská Štiavnica, Amphitheater.  Admission: €16 - €30. More info:

Banská Bystrica

CONTEMPORARY DANCE: Očista/ Purgation - The dance topic concerns human decisions, external and internal influences and actions which determine our way of life, thinking and feelings. It is choreographed by Zuzana Ďuricová Hájková with the music used by Claude Debussy and Matej Háasz. Starts: Jun 15, 19:00; Divadlo Štúdio tanca theatre, Komenského 12 (na Kačici). Admission: €3 - €6. More info:

Eastern Slovakia


JAZZ FESTIVAL: One Day Jazz Festival 2016 - The event returns with a Spring-Summer edition. For the first time in its history it will be held as an open air festival. The programme includes musicians from USA such as John Shannon (guitar), Dan Brantigan (trumpet) and also Slovakia: Oskar Rózsa (bass), Martin Valihora (drums). Starts: Jun 14, 20:00; Košice, Tabačka. Admission: €15. More info:


BALLET: Swan Lake - Ballet in three acts and four scenes. An oeuvre from P.I. Tchaikovsky is certainly the most famous title of the ballet repertoire. The romantic story of prince Siegfried and beautiful princess Odetta utterly changed into a swan is the basis of the Classical Russian Ballet School. This time, the ballet is choreographed by Marilena and Andrej Halász, directed by Ondrej Šoth. Ballet masters are Lyudmyla Zhytnykova and Oleksandr Khablo. Performers are: Inessa Yagolnik, Sergii Iegorov, Kostiantyn Brandler and others. Starts: Jun 16, 19:00; Košice State Theatre (SDKE), Hlavná 58. Admission: €4 - €10. Tel: 055/2452-269 (daytime), 055/2452-260 (evenings);

Červený Kláštor

FOLK FESTIVAL: Zamagurské folklórne slávnosti/ Zamagura Folk Celebrations - Jubilee 40th year of Zamagura Folk Celebrations (ZFS) in Červený Kláštor will bring a lot of news this year including a change of location of the festival, professional artists, craftsmen from all over Slovakia and traditional home cooking and folk music ľudovou hudbou in every corner of the festival. During the three-day-festival visitors can wait a rich cultural programme. For example on June 18th a craft market will take place and from 14:00 will start the opening programme of the jubilee year of ZFS. During the concert folk ensembles not only from Slovakia will perform, but also from Poland or Czech Republic. Starts: Jun 17; Spa - Červený Kláštor - Smerdžonka. More info:


FILM FESTIVAL: Art Film Fest Košice 2016 - The 24th year of International film festival Art Film Fest 2016 will take place for the first time in Košice. To the Metropole of Eastern Slovakia it will bring new films awarded at international festivals, archival movies of world and domestic cinematography and also premieres. An eye-catching novelty can be costumes prepared for the festival members by fashion designer Ida Sandor. Starts: Jun 17 Košice Amphitheater, Festival Square. Admission: €3,30 (one movie - or a season ticket Cinepass from €15 - €33. More info:


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COMPETITION: Viva Italia 2016 -  Four-day Italian marathon called Viva Italia 2016 starts in Poprad. At first day it will be possible to see the first Slovakia Championship in the production of pizza, a conference about Mediterranean gastronomy. Additionally visitors can experience the Italian atmosphere in many other cultural events. For example on June 16th a concert of famous duo Ricchi e Poveri will take place and on June 18th younger participants can enjoy an Italian Open-house party. Starts: Jun 15 - 19, various places. Admission: Depend on the performance. More info:

Spišská Nová Ves

EXHIBITION: Femme Fatale - The exhibition Femme Fatale curated by Peter Markovič presents a motif of a woman in the Eastern fine arts from the early 20th century until the present in the creation of 49 artists. The thematic project is divided into five separate units, reflecting the development of topics which are related to the perception of women, culture or traditions. The basic objective of the exhibition is reflection and connection of the creations of older and younger generations of artists. Open: until Sep 4, Mon-Fri 09:00-16:00, Galéria umelcov Spiša/ Gallery of artists of Spiš (GUS), Zimná 46. Admission: €1. More info:


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