Foreigners: Events around Slovakia

Tips for performances, exhibitions and other events in the Slovak regions between June 17 and 26, including festivals, classical music, concerts, outdoor events, dance performance and more.

Tatras in Tatras - Emil MlynárčikTatras in Tatras - Emil Mlynárčik (Source: Courtesy of Angel's Gallery)

Western Slovakia
Nitra - CONCERT: Celeste Buckingham powered by fans; Starts: Jun 17, 19:30
Trnava - CONCERT: Brothers Rasputin (UK); Starts: Jun 21, 21:00
Nitra - CLASSICAL MUSIC: The Classical Music Maniacs; Starts: Jun 23, 19:00
Prašice - D&B FESTIVAL: Trident Festival; Starts: Jun 23 - 25
Central Slovakia
Martin - THEATRE FESTIVAL: Touches and Connections; Starts: Jun 20 - 25
Oravská Lesná - OUTDOOR: Midsummer ride on the Orava Forest Railway; Starts: Jun 24, 20:30
Heľpa - FOLKLORE: Horehron Days of Singing and Dancing; Starts: Jun 24 - 26
Banská Bystrica - FESTIVAL: New Fun Radio Agreement; Starts: Jun 25
Eastern Slovakia
CONCERTS: Accelerande: Eugen Prochác a Rajmund Kákoni (SK); Starts: Jun 20, 19:00
Červený Kláštor - FOLK FESTIVAL: Zamagura Folk Celebrations; Starts: Jun 17
Košice - CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL: Brave Kids; Starts: Jun 17 - Jul 1
Košice - FILM FESTIVAL: Art Film Fest Košice 2016; Starts: Jun 17 - 25
Košice - DANCE PERFORMANCE: Sándor Márai; Starts: Jun 23, 19
Skalnaté pleso - EXHIBITION: Tatras in Tatras; Exhibition opens: Jun 18, 13:00 until: Sep 22
Programme of events in Bratislava can be found here

Western Slovakia


CONCERT: Celeste Buckingham powered by fans - Slovak singer with American-Swiss origin Celeste Buckingham will perform at the concert because of her fans that united and showed their strength. People through the concert service Tootoot decided by votes where their favourite singer should perform. Starts: Jun 17, 19:30 (autograph session one hour before the show); Club Nájomná jednotka 210, Chrenovská 30. Admission: €12. More info:


CONCERT: Brothers Rasputin (UK) - After two years The British band Brothers Rasputin returns to Slovakia. Their music is innovative with a touch of English atmosphere and interesting theatre performed by the lead singer. Their debut album Breadcrumb Trail is full of songs which create other-worldly feelings. Starts: Jun 21, 21:00; ArtKlub, Hlavná 17. Admission: €3. More info:


CLASSICAL MUSIC: The Classical Music Maniacs - This event will take place in the context of Musica Sacra  - The 26th year of this international musical festival of sacred music -  Musica Sacra will also present world premieres and it will last until July 3. The ensemble which will perform consists of players of chamber orchestra The Classical Music Maniacs. In the vast majority they are the masters, soloists and first players of the highest symphonic orchestra in Slovakia and they spread the idea of street classical music, through which they are trying to reach also non-listeners of classical music. The Orchestra is led by violinist and soloist Jarolím Emmanuel Ružička. Starts: Jun 23, 19:00; Piaristický church of Saint Ladislav, Piaristická street. Admission: free. More info:


D&B FESTIVAL: Trident Festival - This is the sixth year of  the biggest Drum and Bass Festival in Slovakia and the first time it takes place over three days. Visitors can enjoy more than one hundred DJs on three stages such as Ed Rush (uk), DJ Marky (bra), The Prototypes (uk), State of Mind (nz), Maztek (it), Jade & Mindscape (hu), Technimatic (uk), Limewax (nl), Counterstrike (jar), Agressor Bunx (ua), Gydra (ru) and others. Starts: Jun 23 - 25; Duchonka, Prašice. Admission: €24,90 ( More info:

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Central Slovakia


THEATRE FESTIVAL: Dotyky a spojenia/ Touches and Connections - The twelfth biggest and the most representative tour of theatres which are in Slovakia. Touches and Connections creates a platform for finding and presenting the most interesting and most inspiring productions that arose in Slovakia last year. There are mainly drama theatres, but also for examples dance performances. The festival brings and makes available theatre to audiences of all ages. Additionally the theatre artists receive during the discussion titled "Critical platform" direct feedback from theatre critics. Starts: Jun 20 - 25; Slovak Chamber Theatre Martin, Divadelná 1. Admission: depends on the performance. More info:

Oravská Lesná

OUTDOOR: Svätojánska jazda na Oravskej lesnej železnici/ Midsummer ride on the Orava Forest Railway - Midsummer's Eve is connected with tricks and magic and it attracts the attention of people. Visitors can look forward to an interesting program such as collecting herbs or punishing witches for witchcraft. Starts: Jun 24, 20:30; the grounds of Orava Forest Railway. More info:


FOLKLORE: Horehronské dni spevu a tanca/ Horehron Days of Singing and Dancing - This is one of the oldest folklore festivals in Slovakia. The first year was in 1966. The festival is dedicated to preservation and presentation of traditional folk culture primarily of Slovak regions Horehronie, Pohronie, Podpoľanie and Gemer, but also Liptov, Hont, Malohont, Novohrad and also eastern, northern and western Slovakia. The festival programme includes folk ensembles with folk music, singers from Slovakia and abroad, traditional crafts, domestic cuisine, regional habits, performances, exhibitions and more. The festival annually presents about 1500 performers. Starts: Jun 24 - 26; various places. Admission: depends on the performance. More info:

Banská Bystrica

FESTIVAL: Nová Fun Rádio Dohoda/ New Fun Radio Agreement - Fun Radio brings also this year a summer festival which with a new form. This festival is known also as the biggest summer party and now it should have more locations, a bigger stage and new performers. The festival will be held in five Slovak towns: Banská Bystrica, Nitra, Malacky, Bojnice and Poprad. The programme in Banská Bystrica includes Slovak groups such as Komajota, Hex, Kmeťoband, IMT Smile and others. Starts: Jun 25; park under the SNP monument. Admission: €15 (,  €17 (on place). Children up to 130 cm for free. More info:

Eastern Slovakia

CONCERTS: Accelerande: Eugen Prochác a Rajmund Kákoni (SK) - Unusual sound partnership of cello and accordion has been valued by composers and performers for decades. The dramaturgy of project Accelerando of cellist Eugen Prochác and accordionist Rajmund Kákoni therefore offers immersion in a varied and contrasting world of character and also content-diverse works. The concert will take place in the context of Summer Music Festival Hevhetia 2016. Starts: Jun 20, 19:00; Alžbetina 20, Košice. Jun 21, 18:00; Námestie Slobody 1, Humenné. Jun 22, 17:00; Hviezdoslavova 12, Poprad. Jun 23, 19:00; Zimná 46, Spišská Nová Ves. Jun 24, 18:00; Námestie legionárov 3, Prešov. Jun 25, 19:00; Vyšné Ružbachy 48, Vyšné Ružbachy. Jun 26, 19:00; Hotel Astória, Bardejov. More info:

Červený Kláštor

FOLK FESTIVAL: Zamagurské folklórne slávnosti/ Zamagura Folk Celebrations - Jubilee 40th year of Zamagura Folk Celebrations (ZFS) in Červený Kláštor will bring a lot of news this year including a change of location of the festival, professional artists, craftsmen from all over Slovakia and traditional home cooking and folk music ľudovou hudbou in every corner of the festival. During the three-day-festival visitors can wait a rich cultural programme. For example on June 18th a craft market will take place and from 14:00 will start the opening programme of the jubilee year of ZFS. During the concert folk ensembles not only from Slovakia will perform, but also from Poland or Czech Republic. Starts: Jun 17; Spa - Červený Kláštor - Smerdžonka. More info:


CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL: Brave Kids - The meeting of children from Israel, Iran, Italy and Poland creates International Children's Festival Brave Kids. The children will meet to learn from each other and to teach all of us tolerance for diversity. Under the guidance of professional directors they will prepare a performance. The children will present it on June 1st in Košice and then they will depart to Polish Wroclaw - European Capital of Culture 2016. The group of children from Israel will play the ukulele, children from Iran attend classes of Iranian music, the Italian group acts in theatre, makes music and dance and the Polish group Hope 4 street is dedicated to hip hop and street dance. Starts: Jun 17 - Jul 1. Various places. Admission: depends on the performance. More info:


FILM FESTIVAL: Art Film Fest Košice 2016 - The 24th year of International film festival Art Film Fest 2016 will take place for the first time in Košice. To the Metropole of Eastern Slovakia it will bring new films awarded at international festivals, archival movies of world and domestic cinematography and also premieres. An eye-catching novelty can be costumes prepared for the festival members by fashion designer Ida Sandor. Starts: Jun 17 - 25; Košice Amphitheater, Festival Square. Admission: €3,30 (one movie - or a season ticket Cinepass from €15 - €33. More info:


DANCE PERFORMANCE: Sándor Márai - The experimental dance theatre is about the life and actions of the great writer and journalist from Košice. Memories of the old Sándor Márai in San Diego on his childhood in Košice, his relationship with his parents, the Jewish question and his love of literature. The dance theatre is directed and choreographed by Ondrej Šoth, music is prepared by Michal Kocáb and film by Vasyl Sevastyanov. Performers are P.Cibula, S.Iegorov, M.Sklyar, A.Sukhanov, E.Sklyarová, B.Kovalski and others. Starts: Jun 23, 19; Košice State Theatre (SDKE), Hlavná 58. Admission: €8. Tel: 055/2452-269 (daytime), 055/2452-260 (evenings);

Skalnaté pleso

EXHIBITION: Tatry v Tatrách/ Tatras in Tatras - Emil Mlynárčik, whose works are exhibited in the gallery, is a native landscape painter. He is a quiet and affectionate observer and paints motifs of Tatras with bated breath. Nature is for him a temple of harmony, beauty and peace. An attitude of the author, the same human and artistic is defined by humility and modesty. He lives and creates his works in Hôrka near Poprad and they are represented in private collections in Europe, America, South Africa and Australia. Exhibition opens: Jun 18, 13:00 until: Sep 22; Galéria Encian Skalnaté pleso. More info:



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