Foreigners: Events in Bratislava

Tips for performances, exhibitions and other events in the capital between July 15 and 24, including classical music, concerts, festival, outdoor, gastronomy, workshop, parties, exhibitions and more.

We are scientistsWe are scientists (Source: Michal Očovan)

Music & Dance
CONCERT: Visegrad Gypsy Fest; Starts: Jul 22, 20:00
PARTY: Nu Spirit_FM Night feat. Mad Mats (SWE); Starts: Jul 23, 22:00
CONCERTS: Music in the Park - Music Everywhere; Starts: Jul 23 - Aug 27, 17:00
CONCERT: We Are Scientists + Juraj Hnilica; Starts: Jul 25, 20:00
CONCERT: Queer Jane; Starts: Jul 28, 20:00
PARTY: Electro Swing Night; Starts: Jul 29, 21:00
CONCERT: Wasabi Circus; Starts: Jul 31, 20:00
Theatre & Clasical Music
CLASSICAL MUSIC: Edita Gruberová - Recital; Starts: Jul 22, 19:00
CLASSICAL MUSIC: Cappella Istropolitana; Starts: Jul 24, 20:00
CLASSICAL MUSIC: Jean Rondeau: Harpsichord goes modern; Starts: Jul 29, 20:00
FESTIVAL: World Roma Festival – Gypsy Fest; Jul 21-23
GASTRONOMY: Beneficiary BBQ Vegan Feast; Starts: Jul 23, 15:00
FESTIVAL: BeeFree; Starts: Jul 23
FESTIVAL: International Youth Music Festival & Slovakia Folk 2016; Second part starts: Jul 24 - 27
OUTDOOR: Fencing Tuesdays at the Old Town Hall; Starts: every Tuesday Jul 26 - Aug 30, 18:30, 19:15
WORKSHOP: Hacking Furniture; Starts: Jul 28, 10:00
BAZAAR: Bazaar at the Devín Castle; Starts: Jul 31, 10:00
Highlights of the year
STAND-UP COMEDY: Bill Bailey (Black Books) - Limboland; Starts: Sep 28, 20:00.
CONCERT: Mireille Mathieu; Starts: Oct 14, 20:00
CONCERT: Jean-Michel Jarre - Electronica Tour 2016; Starts: Nov 9, 20:00
CONCERT: José Carreras: Starts: Dec 8, 19:30
BALLET: Romeo and Julliet; Starts: Dec 18, 19:00


Music & Dance

CONCERT: Visegrad Gypsy Fest - This concert seeks to draw attention to the long-term cooperation of the governments of the V4 countries. Their good relations are reflected also in the case of organisations and minority artists. The event will be performed by Roma musicians and dancers from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. Special guests will be Roma musicians from Lithuana. Starts: Jul 22, 20:00; Main Square. Admission: free. More info:

PARTY: Nu Spirit_FM Night feat. Mad Mats (SWE) - Nu Spirit_FM brings a Sunday radio selection of authentic electro and jazz music. Its speakers DJ Magálová and Kinet prepared also in summer the second club night. Visitors can await also their Swedish guest DJ Mad Mats. He is famous among the world’s clubs for his feeling with a sense of all flavors of black dance music, flawless technique or underground dance electronic. Starts: Jul 23, 22:00; Nu Spirit Club, Štúrova 3. More info:

CONCERTS: Hudba v sade - Hudba všade/ Music in the Park - Music Everywhere - A series of open-air concerts of classical music in the oldest city park in central Europe. Visitors can await Slovak musicians who will perform every Saturday in various areas of the park. The Music in the Park is a musical project which aims to create a pleasant place outdoors for Bratislava inhabitants or tourists. The project is a part of the Cultural Summer and Castle Festival 2016.  In case of bad weather, the concerts will not take place.  Starts: Jul 23 - Aug 27, 17:00; Sad Janka Kráľa/ Park of Janko Kráľ. Admission: free. More info:

CONCERT: We Are Scientists + Juraj Hnilica -  The New York-based indie rock group will perform in Bratislava for the first time as part of their European tour. Two-member band is composed of Keith Murray (singing, guitar) and Chris Cain (bass guitar). The group was created in 1999 and they released an album named Helter Seltzer in April this year. We Are Scientists has played live with many famous groups such as REM, Arctic Monkeys, Editors, Maximo Park or Kings of Leon. A special guest of thier Bratislava concert will be Slovak bass guitarist and composer Juraj Hnilica. Starts: Jul 25, 20:00; KC Dunaj, Nedbalova 3. Admission: €13. More info:

CONCERT: Queer Jane - The group was originally created as a solo project of songwriter, guitarist and singer Vlado Nosáľ, who in his childhood bedroom, under the posters of Beatles and Elton John, was recording his own songs. Now there are two more members of the group: Adam Jánoš (drums) and Lukáš Valter (bass quitar). Music of the group includes indie-pop, punk, psychedelic, country and other various genres. They will play also at the biggest Central European festival Sziget this August. Starts: Jul 28, 20:00; The Peach. More info:

PARTY: Electro Swing Night - Swing dance hall of the thirties with the energy of the current club scene. The summer evening will include swing, jazz and electro. Visitors can await DJ DayD and DJ Caterpillar. Starts: Jul 29, 21:00; Dunaj, Nedbalova 3. Admission: €3. More info:

CONCERT: Wasabi Circus - This is a new rock project, which is forming now and is gaining momentum. Members include: frontman Rado Tiňo (singing), Samael Black and Palo Šalík(guitars), Robo Trunkvalter (bass guitar), Dorien Black (piano and electronics) and Milan Hlinka (drums). The music is an unusual combination of electro, pop and classical music. Starts: Jul 31, 20:00. Main Square. Admission: free. More info:

Theatre & Clasical Music

CLASSICAL MUSIC: Edita Gruberová - Recitál/ Recital - World renowned sopranist Edita Gruberová will perform as part of an opera recital at the festival Viva Musica! 2016 accompanied by Slovak conductor and pianist Peter Valentovič. She has been hosted at the most prestigious opera stages around the world and from the beginning of her career she has dazzled audiences not only with her voice but also because of her personality. Starts: Jul 22, 19:00; New SND building, Pribinova street. Admission: from €29. More info:

CLASSICAL MUSIC: Cappella Istropolitana - A young,  international music festival brings a concert of the Bratislava Chamber Orchestra, which is one of the prominent European Chamber Orchestras especially because of instrumental virtuosity of its members and its musical culture. They have played for example in all European countries, USA, Canada, Israel, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Turkey, China and many others. The concert is led by Robert Mareček with guest Michal Červienka (accordion). Starts: Jul 24, 20:00; Main Square. Admission: free. More info:

CLASSICAL MUSIC: Jean Rondeau: Čembalo goes modern/ Harpsichord goes modern - French harpsichordist will join Slovakia for the first time. He will perform as part of the music festival Viva Musica! 2016 accompanied by a 5-member ensemble. The musician in his appearance personifies the motto of the festival “classic goes modern“. His aim is to bring the Baroque harpsichord, shaded by fortepiano, to the attention of the contemporary world. Starts: Jul 29, 20:00. St. Martin Cathedral, Rudnayovo Square 1. Admission: 20. More info:


GASTRONOMY: Benefičná grilovačka Vegánskych hodov/ Beneficiary BBQ Vegan Feast  - Summer warm-up party for everyone who cant wait for the event Vegánske Hody Bratislava 2016/ Vegan Feast Bratislava 2016, which will take place in September. The proceeds from this beneficiary event will go towards its realization. The Beneficiary BBQ Vegan Feast will welcome also performers such as Hank – The DJ, Tana Deformed and Nina Skellington. Visitors can await various genres of music - indie, post-rock or 80's and everyone should come hungry. Starts: Jul 23, 15:00; Fuga, Square SNP 24. Admission: free. More info:

FESTIVAL: BeeFree - This is a summer event which will take place already for the eighteenth time  in Slovakia. Visitors can await trance music presented by Slovak artists, in addition to drumnbass or techno. The programme will be performed on the three stages. The main stage will be in Incheba, while one of the stages will be situated on The Beach under the UFO. Starts: Jul 23; Incheba Expo Arena, Viedenská street 3-7, The Beach under the UFO. Admission: free. More info:

FESTIVAL: Medzinárodný mládežnícky hudobný festival & Slovakia Folk 2016/ International Youth Music Festival & Slovakia Folk 2016 – This time the festival is a connection of choir, orchestra and all kinds of dance art not excluding folklore. Ensembles from all around the world will help create the good atmosphere of the Bratislava Cultural Summer and Castle Festival by their songs, dance, traditional culture and spontaneous performances. The programme includes Imago Tijl (Belgium), Young Adelaide Voices (Australia), East Rand Youth Choir (South Afrika), Pre-orchestra of the Schyren Gymnasium (Germany), Orchestra of the Schyren Gymnasium (Germany), Choir of the Schyren Gymnasium (Germany), Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College Chamber Orchestra (Hong Kong) and others. Second part starts: Jul 24 - 27; various places. Admission: free. More info:

OUTDOOR: Šermiarske utorky v Starej radnici/  Fencing Tuesdays at the Old Town Hall - Entertaining fencing and theatre performances, scenes, martial arts from the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque times, presentation of fencing techniques, show of old weapons and firearms. Performers are Crovus Arma - Havrani/ Ravens - an historic fencing grou[. Before the show will be a short march of musketeers through the city streets. The programme is changing during the season. Starts: every Tuesday Jul 26 - Aug 30, 18:30, 19:15; the Old Town Hall, Radničná street 1. More info:

WORKSHOP: Hackni nábytok - Hacking Furniture - The widely-known hacking of furniture comes to Bratislava as an all-day workshop. The streets of Bratislava are full of unnecessary furniture which are in need of repair. Enough similar furniture will be prepared for everyone also at the workshop or it is possible to bring your own piece. A well-known Slovak designer Petra Šištíková will help to uprade the furniture in a stylish way. Starts: Jul 28, 10:00; Lab. Admission: €49, €19 (students). More info:

BAZAAR: Bazár na hrade Devín/ Bazaar at the Devín Castle - The bazaar is dedicated to antiques, vintage and craft production. The programme will include a performance bychildren, workshops and lectures or products from the group of mothers, potter's wheel and visitors can also await gastronomy. Starts: Jul 31, 10:00; Devín Castle. Admission: €4, €2 (seniors, children.). More info:

Highlights of the year

STAND-UP COMEDY: Bill Bailey (Black Books) - Limboland - The actor and stand-up comedian, important representative of the legendary sitcom Black Books, Bill Bailey will come to Bratislava after a tour in the UK, sold-out performances in Singapore and Hong Kong and a tour in Australia and New Zealand with his new live show Limboland. This time his stand-up comedy will include deep existential themes of modern man. Bill Bailey is described by critics as one of the best and most outstanding comedians today. The performance is held in English language. Starts: Sep 28, 20:00, Department House Istropolis, Trnavské mýto 1, Admission: €29 - €49. More info:

CONCERT: Mireille Mathieu - French chanson singer, an elegant lady who celebrates her 70 anniversary this year, Mireille Mathieu will perform together with her orchestra and she will presents her best songs such as Mon credo, Qu`elle est belle či Mon bel amour d`été. Starts: Oct 14, 20:00. Incheba Incheba Expo Aréna, Viedenská cesta 3. Admission: €39 - €199. More info:

CONCERT: Jean-Michel Jarre - Electronica Tour 2016 - Jean-Michel Jarre will return to the road after six years with the show titled Electronica. First he will play chosen European summer festivals and then he will visit large halls from October. Jean-Michel Jarre holds a number of records listed in the Guinness Book of Records including, for example, his performance for 3.5 million fans in Moscow. Starts: Nov 9, 20:00,Winter Arena of Ondrej Nepela, Odbojárov 9. Admission: from €49. More info:

CONCERT: A Life in Music Tour – Legendary tenor José Carreras stops also in Slovakia during his final world tour. Starts: December 8, 19:30. Ondrej Nepela Ice Stadium, (Slovnaft Arena), Odbojárov 9. Admission: €139-€99. More info:

BALLET: Romeo and Julliet - A romantic story composed by Sergey Prokofiev, inspired by the famous theatre play by Williama Shakespeare will be performed by the world renowned Royal Russian Ballet. The topic of forbidden love has been performed many times as a drama or the ballet, but a musical concept by Prokofiev belongs to the highlights of the ballet creation. This time it is accompanied by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. Starts: Dec 18, 19:00; Incheba Expo Arena, Viedenská street 3-7. Admission: from €23. More info:


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