Foreigners: Events in Bratislava

Tips for performances and other events in the capital between August 5 and 14, including classical music, concerts, outdoor, workshop, party, training and more.

Training under the trees in the Medical Garden from previous yearsTraining under the trees in the Medical Garden from previous years (Source: Gabriel Kuchta)

Music & Dance
CONCERT: Fresh Out Of The Bus; Starts: Aug 9, 19:00
CONCERT: Ruthenian Čendreš Orchestra; Starts: Aug 10, 18:00
CONCERT: Preßburger Klezmer Band; Starts: Aug 12, 18:00
PARTY: Duplo; Starts: Aug 12 - 14
CONCERT: Erik Rothenstein band; Starts: Aug 13, 18:00
Theatre & Clasical Music
CLASSICAL MUSIC: PaGAGnini: crazy parody of the classics; Starts: Aug 5, 20:00
CLASSICAL MUSIC: European Union Youth Orchestra; Starts: Aug 7, 19:00
CLASSICAL MUSIC: Richard Galliano Sextet; Starts: Aug 12, 20:00
OUTDOOR: Fencing Tuesdays at the Old Town Hall; Starts: every Tuesday until Aug 30, 18:30, 19:15
OUTDOOR: Bratislava - inline 2016; Starts: Aug 5, 20:00
OUTDOOR: Crazy Colours Bratislava; Starts: Aug 6, 15:00
GUIDED TOUR: Sunday Rest: Stano Filko: Poetry in Space - Cosmos; Starts: Aug 7, 16:00
OUTDOOR: Knights at Devín Castle; Starts: Jul 7, 10:00
WORKSHOP: Course of painting and modeling for those interested in design; Starts: Aug 8 - 14
TRAINING: Training under the trees in the Medical Garden; Starts: Aug 11, 17:00 (Chi Kung, 18 Movements), Aug 8, 17:00 (Yoga), Aug 9 and 11, 10:00 (Basics of Self-Defense)
WORKSHOP: Course of  motion development and expressive dancing; Starts: Aug 8 - 11
Highlights of the year
STAND-UP COMEDY: Bill Bailey (Black Books) - Limboland; Starts: Sep 28, 20:00
CONCERT: Mireille Mathieu; Starts: Oct 14, 20:00
CONCERT: Jean-Michel Jarre - Electronica Tour 2016; Starts: Nov 9, 20:00
CONCERT: José Carreras; Starts: December 8, 19:30
BALLET: Romeo and Julliet; Starts: Dec 18, 19:00


Music & Dance

CONCERT: Fresh Out Of The Bus - A three-member group originating from Nitra started in 2013 and they have played in various festivals such as Pohoda, GRAPE, Rock for People(CZ), Waves Bratislava, FLAAM festival, and Žákovic Open. The eponymous debut of Tom Lobb, Michal Eichler and Martin Zaujec, Fresh Out Of The Bus, was released in 2015 and it is considered one of the most outstanding debuts of recent years. Starts: Aug 9, 19:00; San Marten, Panská 172/33. Admission: free. More info:

CONCERT: Rusín Čendeš Orchestra / Ruthenian Čendreš Orchestra – This group from Banská Bystrica in central Slovakia is strongly influenced by various genres from Ruthenian, Slovak and Gypsy culture, Balkan folklore, classical music, Argentine tango, pop, jazz and others. Members are Andrej Turčin (violin, singing), René Bošeľa (violin, guitar, singing), Jakub Stračina (bass), Róbert Bošeľa (drums, percussion), Peter Šipula (violin, singing) and Zuzana Holíková (cimbal, singing). Starts: Aug 10, 18:00; Hviezdoslavovo Square. More info:

CONCERT: Preßburger Klezmer Band - This is one of the leading representatives of the genre ethno or world music and also the first klezmer band in Slovakia, started in 1995. They have performed at various events including Slovak and European concerts of classical music and also music festivals. Starts: Aug 12, 18:00; Hviezdoslavovo Square. More info:

PARTY: Duplo - Two days of music with an international cast combines experimental and dance music into a colourful unit. Program includes performers such as Graal (FR), Sacrifice Seul (FR), Eugene The Oceanographer /UK, Errant Monks /UK, Bolka (SK) and resident DJs. Starts: Aug 12 - 14; Fuga, Square SNP 24. More info:

CONCERT: Erik Rothenstein band - A group with baritone saxophonist Erik Rothenstein performs in the square near Eurovea in the framework of Culture Summer. Their music feels fresh, sometimes with dance sequences that are also replaced by expressive solos. Members are Erik Rothenstein (baritone saxophone) Michal Motýľ (bass trombone), Pavol Bereza (guitar), Marián Ševčík (drums). Starts: Aug 13, 18:00; Square M. R. Štefánika, Eurovea Shopping Centre, Pribinova 8. More info:

Theatre & Clasical Music

CLASSICAL MUSIC: PaGAGnini: bláznivá paródia na klasiku/ PaGAGini: crazy parody of the classics - A music show accompanied by four world virtuosos comes to Bratislava for the first time. The Spanish String Quartet combines the quality of its interpretation and their crazy humour. The four members of PaGAGini are: Thomas Potiron, Fernando Clemente, Eduardo Ortega (violins) and  Gueorgui Fourdnajev (cello). Starts: Aug 5, 20:00; Atelier Babylon, Kolárska 3. Admission: €20. More info:

CLASSICAL MUSIC: European Union Youth Orchestra - A youth orchestra of the European Union - European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO) celebrates its 40th birthday with a concert tour. The orchestra will perform over the coming months in all major cities of European Union Member States led by principal conductor Vasily Petrenko. Starts: Aug 7, 19:00; Concert Hall of the Slovak Radio, Mýtna 1. Admission: €15. More info:

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CLASSICAL MUSIC: Richard Galliano Sextet - Richard Galliano is a famous accordionist, a star of classical, jazz and world music and he will perform within the Viva Musica! festival with works by Antonio Vivaldi and his own compositions. Like Mischa Maisky, Galliano has made more than fifty albums. Starts: Aug 12, 20:00; Great Evangelical Church, Panenská street. Admission: €9 - €29. More info:


OUTDOOR: Šermiarske utorky v Starej radnici/  Fencing Tuesdays at the Old Town Hall - Entertaining fencing and theatre performances, scenes, martial arts from the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque times, presentation of fencing techniques, show of old weapons and firearms. Performers are Crovus Arma - Havrani/ Ravens - an historic fencing grou[. Before the show will be a short march of musketeers through the city streets. The programme is changing during the season. Starts: every Tuesday until Aug 30, 18:30, 19:15; the Old Town Hall, Radničná street 1. More info:

OUTDOOR: Bratislava - inline 2016 - This is the thirteenth summer inline skating event, which has been taking place every Friday during the summer holidays since 2004. The skating is organised along  predetermined routes accompanied by police, a 40-member inline team, medical services, ambulance and music. The event offers also skate rental and it is suitable for everyone regardless of age. Starts: Aug 5, 20:00 (meeting), 21:00 (start); place behind the shopping center Aupark. Admission: free. More info:

OUTDOOR: Crazy Colours Bratislava - Supporters of colours and running can join the most colourful run, which takes place for the first time in Slovakia. Visitors can await a 5-km course with four colored zones. Every competitor will get a starter kit full of white gifts, original shirt or colour package. The event includes an accompanying programme and after-party with Slovak radio Europa 2. Starts: Aug 6, 15:00; Racecourse Petržalka, Starohájska 29. More info:

GUIDED TOUR: Sunday Rest: Stano Filko: Poetry in Space - Cosmos - Sunday Rest features an exhibition of Stano Filko, a member of the strong generation of Slovak conceptual artists. Filko has created his own artistic and theoretical system on the boundaries of several media in which he combines the universe, everyday reality, spirituality and many other motifs. This lecture provides everybody with a peek into his philosophy and several layers of his work. Starts: Aug 7, 16:00. Esterházy Palace, 3rd floor, Ľudovíta Štúra Square 4. Admission: free. More info:

OUTDOOR: Rytieri na Devíne/ Knights at Devín Castle – All-day event for children and also adults will transfer its visitors into the ancient period of knights, ladies and troubadours. The programme includes medieval games, historical fencing, historical dance or jousting tournament, but also other various experiences such as ancient shooting, a wooden horse, stalls selling souvenirs, refreshments and an oriental teahouse. Starts: Jul 7, 10:00, Devín Castle. Admission: €8. More info:

WORKSHOP: Kurz kresby a modelovania pre záujemcov o dizajn / Course of painting and modeling for those interested in design - This course aims familiarize people interested in the study of design with basic art and craft skills. The course is oriented to quality interpretation of objects in space and interpretation of one’s own ideas in the form of drawings, clay and paper models. Starts: Aug 8 - 14; Faculty of Architecture STU, Square architektúry STU, Námestie Slobody/ Freedom Square 19. Admission: €210 (7-day course). More info:

TRAINING: Cvičenie pod stromami v Medickej záhrade/ Training under the trees in the Medical Garden – Bratislava Old Town district has offered for several years regular trainings with instructors of Yoga, Chi Kung, and Pilates. A limited number of mattresses are available and in case of bad weather the training is not held. Starts: Aug 11, 17:00 (Chi Kung, 18 Movements), Aug 8, 17:00 (Yoga), Aug 9 and 11, 10:00 (Basics of Self-Defense), Medical Garden, 29. Augusta 12. Admission: free. More info:

WORKSHOP: Kurz pohybového rozvoja a výrazového tancovania / Course of  motion development and expressive dancing – This course is suitable for everyone and all parts directly or indirectly connected with dance are dedicated to personal development and inner potential. The program includes four days titled: Back to Self; Creativity; Esprit; and Contact. Starts: Aug 8 - 11, SD Nivy, Súťažná 18. Admission: €40. More info:

Highlights of the year

STAND-UP COMEDY: Bill Bailey (Black Books) - Limboland - The actor and stand-up comedian, important representative of the legendary sitcom Black Books, Bill Bailey will come to Bratislava after a tour in the UK, sold-out performances in Singapore and Hong Kong and a tour in Australia and New Zealand with his new live show Limboland. This time his stand-up comedy will include deep existential themes of modern man. Bill Bailey is described by critics as one of the best and most outstanding comedians today. The performance is held in English language. Starts: Sep 28, 20:00, Department House Istropolis, Trnavské mýto 1, Admission: €29 - €49. More info:

CONCERT: Mireille Mathieu - French chanson singer, an elegant lady who celebrates her 70 anniversary this year, Mireille Mathieu will perform together with her orchestra and she will presents her best songs such as Mon credo, Qu`elle est belle či Mon bel amour d`été. Starts: Oct 14, 20:00. Incheba Incheba Expo Aréna, Viedenská cesta 3. Admission: €39 - €199. More info:

CONCERT: Jean-Michel Jarre - Electronica Tour 2016 - Jean-Michel Jarre will return to the road after six years with the show titled Electronica. First he will play chosen European summer festivals and then he will visit large halls from October. Jean-Michel Jarre holds a number of records listed in the Guinness Book of Records including, for example, his performance for 3.5 million fans in Moscow. Starts: Nov 9, 20:00,Winter Arena of Ondrej Nepela, Odbojárov 9. Admission: from €49. More info:

CONCERT: A Life in Music Tour – Legendary tenor José Carreras stops also in Slovakia during his final world tour. Starts: December 8, 19:30. Ondrej Nepela Ice Stadium, (Slovnaft Arena), Odbojárov 9. Admission: €139-€99. More info:

BALLET: Romeo and Julliet - A romantic story composed by Sergey Prokofiev, inspired by the famous theatre play by Williama Shakespeare will be performed by the world renowned Royal Russian Ballet. The topic of forbidden love has been performed many times as a drama or the ballet, but a musical concept by Prokofiev belongs to the highlights of the ballet creation. This time it is accompanied by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. Starts: Dec 18, 19:00; Incheba Expo Arena, Viedenská street 3-7. Admission: from €23. More info:

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